Monday, December 12, 2016

Titleist Pro V1/V1x - $49.95/dozen

While supplies last we are selling Titleist Pro V1/V1x for $49.95/dozen. It's a great gift for the holiday season so please contact the golf shop if you're interested.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 14, 2016

So You Think You're Tough - Results

What has been one of the best seasons I can remember in the last number of years came to a close yesterday with our final day. For the many years it has been happening we held our "So You Think You're Tough" event which had a number of players show up and enjoy the course, weather and each others company. Here are the top 4 teams which were chosen by a random draw, congratulations to this years winning team:

1st - Ken Oley, Tim Charlton, Bob Didiuk & Don Pickthall. (Score 160) $35/person
T 2nd - Gerry Lawrence, Tom Gallagher, Paul Dunphy & Chris Denysek. (Score 169) $25/person
T 2nd - Wade Brackenbury, Stephen Robinson, Jay Davis & John Fleming. (Score 169) $25/person
4th - Peter Lambrinos, Chris O'Brien, Pat Lamanna & Norma Columbus. (Score 172) $20/person

*Your winnings will be kept in the golf shop if you happen to stop by during the off season or you can pick them up in 2017!

This photo from yesterday is the perfect ending to 2016. John McCormick hit the first tee shot this year way back on April 20th and it's only fitting that he was here yesterday to enjoy the final day.

Thank you to each and every member who made the 2016 season so great. I wish everyone a happy and healthy off season and look forward to seeing each and every one of you in 2017!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

After yesterdays announcement we would be closing 9 holes to apply winter fungicide, an enormous amount of emails were sent in complaining about this plan. This application is the single most important application of the season. If we get it wrong, grass will die. In a worst case scenario all tees green and fairways will be dead in the spring. We cannot apply in wind, we cannot apply in rain. If the application is done too late in the season the product may not get into the plant making it unreliable. Leaves must be blown off, vacuumed up and hand picked off these surfaces as they would prevent the product from reaching the turf, a slow tedious job adding much more time required to spray than in the summer. In addition, the product must dry on the turf before allowing cart or foot traffic on the grass as this may remove the product from the target.

Here is a good example of what the course may look like if I miss the window of application. This was the spring of 2006. Sod installed late in 2005 did not get the product applied early enough and snow mould was not controlled. I am confident every member would say this is unacceptable.
Once again, this is short term pain for long term gain.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Upcoming Maintenance

On Tuesday November 8th the Back 9 will be closed and on Thursday November 10th the Front 9 will be closed for winter preparation. If you are planning on coming out for 18 holes you will have to play the same nine twice.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Year End Clear Out

This coming Sunday November 6th is when all golf bags and power kaddy units must be removed from the back shop storage area. This will also be the last day the range will be open for the 2016 season.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Men's Match Play - Review

Back in May we had over 64 players sign up to play in this years match play event. This event runs throughout the year and 2 weeks ago our final match was played crowning this years champion. Congratulations to Wade Brackenbury who won this year's event after his final match against Neil Downs.

Champion - Wade Brackenbury ($300)
Finalist - Neil Downs ($200)
Semi-Finalist - Ken Fedosen ($100)
Semi-Finalist - Richard Hart ($100)
Quarter-Finalist - Steve Campbell ($75)
Quarter-Finalist - Ophir Dzaldov ($75)
Quarter-Finalist - Steve Cooper ($75)
Quarter-Finalist - Rob Watt ($75)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Solheim Cup 2016

The 2016 Solheim Cup was contested on Sunday. 

 And Purple retained the Cup!

  Purple 11 points – Fuschia 10 points.  

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Most Improved

If there’s one thing we’d all like to do as golfers, it’s improve our handicap.

Golf is the only sport where a single number tells the world how good you are. It’s a sense of pride when the question is raised by your group at the first tee with the inevitable question

“What is your handicap?” 

It’s refreshing to see golfers who have shown their handicaps who’s boss. The golfers featured here started at different standards, took different approaches, and had different goals. The one thing they have in common is that they have all improved substantially during the last 12 months.

Airlie Brown, Anne Hill and Veronca Raos-Dunn are the three most improved golfer for the women at Whitevale for this season. Congratulations, this is a great accomplishment!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Closing Women's Field Day

We didn't get the weather that we thought we were going to so we were lucky to get in our final women's event this year. Today was the women's closing field day and although mother nature tried to cause trouble we were able to finish todays event. Congratulations to the winning team of Theresa Arbuthnot, Linda Briggs, Gail Pimm & Diana Packer.

1st - Theresa Arbuthnot, Linda Briggs, Gail Pimm & Diana Packer (62.0)
2nd - Josette Bell, Anne Trimble, Anne Hill & Terri Toms (66.2)
3rd - Jacqui Dunne, Darlene Doyle, Debbie Couch & Tina Robinet (66.3)
4th - Jan Pugh, Sue Dickinson & Chris Denysek (69.0)
5th - Ann Griffin, Barb Rogers & Anna Lindsay (69.1)
6th - Patty Davis, Judi McIlroy & Julie Pingree (73.0)
7th - Lisa Mackie, Veronica Raos-Dunn & Marianne Goss (74.2)
8th - Kandice Brackenbury, Elke Oley & Susanne Sambleson (74.6) 

Closing Men's Field Day

Well it's hard to believe that we are already at the end of the 2016 season. We have had such great weather which I'm sure has made time feel like is has passed us by even quicker then normal. I think it's only fitting that on our final day the forecast called for rain which we did see but all groups finished and we had a number of good scores. Congratulations to the winning team of Colin Dunne, Brad Haley, Anthony Sgovio, & Nigel Rennie.

1st - Brad Haley, Anthony Sgovio, Colin Dunne & Nigel Rennie (57.7)
2nd - Don Davis, Mike Raptopulos, Ron Stoneburgh & Gordon Lee (58.6)
3rd - Jared Docking, Mike Cann, Brandon Wieser & Art Belanger (58.8)
4th - Chris Couch, Ed Griffin & Stan Lam (59.5)
5th - John Trimble, Steve Major, Kim Blake & Tom Kelly (60.4)
6th - Mike Lindsay, Rob Connors, Brian Morran & Bill Getz (61.3)
7th - Steve Campbell, Peter Leaney, Geoff Mitchell & Don Pickthall (61.5)
8th - Glenn Davis, Dan McConnachie, John Thompson & Wayne Rossall (62.2)
9th - Bob Doyle, John McCormick, David Bird & Steve Wyzynski (62.5)
10th - Bob Nebel, Paul Cormier, Stephen Stuart & Patrick Convery (63.2)
11th - Mark Burrell, Walt Lemon, Steve Hewitt & Dave Whiting (63.7)
12th - Jim Glover, Mike Harris, Art Pingree & Dave Leonard (64.3)
13th - Dennis Matton, Brian Fee, Paul Thackery & Bill Fox (64.4)
14th - Kevin Hughes, Jerry Kimber, Gerry Lawrence & Brian King (64.6)
15th - Mark Brewer, Mark Crerar, Ken Oley & Wayne Carpenter (64.7)
16th - Al Swartz, Craig Ferns, Dave Convery & Bob Tennyson (67.3)
17th - Michael Woolgar, Darren Farmer, Darryl Cooper & Peter Wieser (67.4)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Final Men's Night Shot-Gun

Yesterday we held our final men's night shot-gun for the 2016 season and had a total of 83 players for the event. Callaway Golf was one of our main sponsors and congratulations to Mike Forman who was the lucky winner of a new XR driver. Congratulations also goes out to (L to R) Chris Cummins, Bryce Percy and Harry Cummins who won the event with a total score of 26 under par.

1st - Bryce Percy, Chris Cummins, Harry Cummins & Clayton Ricketts (-26)
2nd - Brad Hewitt, Steve Hewitt, Don MacDonald & Geoff Mitchell (-25)
3rd - Don O'Connell, Mike Karl, Dale Bartlett & Mike Forman (-21)
t-4th - Steve Kelleher, Gerry Lawrence, Ken Oley & Joe Beninato (-20)
t-4th - Tom Gallagher, Brad Haley, Ron Bondar & Steve Major (-20)
t-6th - Peter Lambrinos, Michael Woolgar & Bob Spahn (-19)
t-6th - Josh Hewitt, Forrest Todd, Aris Medeiros & Brent Wiens (-19)
8th - Wayne Rossall, Bill Getz, Don O'Brien & Paul Dunphy (-17)
9th - Kim Blake, Don Hobb, John Liska & Steve Campbell (-15)
10th - Bill Fox, Art Pingree, Ron Stoneburgh & John Thompson (-14)
11th - Pat Scanga, Barry Catterall, Dave Walker & Cam Hreljac (-13)
12th - Dave Leonard, Walt Lemon, Don Alexnader & Howard Kirke (-12)
13th - Greg Shea, Tom Bermingham, Mike Shea & Joe Macina (-11)
t-14th - Mike Harris, Keith Jasper, Pat Convery & Paul Thackeray (-10)
t-14th - Fred Calvert, Wade Brackenbury, Andrew Jackson & Alan McGlade (-10)
t-14th - Terry Calder, Doug Bruce, Stan Steinwall & Craig Colquhoun (-10)
t-17th - Kevin Ashe, Brian Sharp, John Higginson & Dan McConnachie (-9)
t-17th - Elmar Moser, Rod Roblin & Les Pereira (-9)
t-17th - Bernie Docking, Jared Docking, Rich Hart & Craig Ferns (-9)
20th - Glenn Mackie, Jody Bevan, Don Davis & Brian Fee (-9)

Closest to the Pin (white tee) - #4 Bill Fox
Closest to the Pin (blue tee) - #14 Tom Bermingham
Closest to the Pin (50/50 draw) - #12 John Thompson

Monday, September 19, 2016

Post aerification update

Monday September 19th 2016


Welcome members and guests. Last week’s greens aerification went extremely well. Weather and equipment cooperated perfectly. Golfers will find greens bumpy and painfully slow; this is unfortunately the short term pain we must endure before we reap the long term gain.  Today is the first day we will be mowing post aerification, and we will be doing so in the late morning/early afternoon. The reason for this day time mow is to mow when the turf is dry. Morning dew makes everything sticky and mowing early while we have dew on the turf, causes us grief in a couple of ways. First, sand is picked up as it sticks to the rollers. We have invested quite significantly in the sand and we don’t want to pick it up and throw it away. Mowing when dry nearly eliminates this concern. We also won’t dull the reel blades as quickly mowing when dry as the sand stays deep in the canopy of the turf, giving us a better finished product.  I’ll apologize now for the mowers and employees on the greens when play is happening. We will do our best to minimize disruption, and we thank you for your patience.   Ball roll will begin to improve starting today.

Blair Rennie

Greens Superintendent

Senior Ryder Cup Qualifying - Extended

The qualifying for the 2017 Senior Men's Ryder Cup team has been extended to Sunday October 2nd. Please visit the pro shop where you will find a full breakdown of qualifying rules or see any of the professional staff.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Gerald Lloyd JUNKIN March 5, 1925 - September 12, 2016

It is with great sadness we report the passing of long time member Gerry "The Jar" Junkin.
Gerry Junkin passed away peacefully on September 12, 2016 in Scarborough, Ontario, at the age of 91. Gerry will be greatly missed by his wife Marjorie whom he married in 1950, daughters Debbie (Steve MacKay) and Lori (Glen Sheffield), his grandchildren Ryan MacKay and Lindsey Della Mora (Michael Della Mora) and great-grandson Luke Della Mora. Gerry was born in Bobcaygeon, Ontario, but moved to Scarborough at just 16 years old to play hockey. Hockey would continue to dominate Gerry's life as he continued to play well into his later years after playing in the American Hockey League for professional teams such as the Hollywood Wolves and the Boston Olympics. Gerry was a regular at the monthly NHL old timers hockey lunch in Markham at Shopsy's, where he has a permanent chair in his honour engraved with his name. Gerry’s career included working as a Technical Engineer for Ontario Hydro until his retirement in 1983. Gerry then enjoyed a second part time career as a Toronto Court Clerk until he completely retired to focus on playing golf at Whitevale Golf Club. It was at Whitevale where Gerry earned his nickname "The Jar" for jarring the ball in the hole. Gerry was universally loved around Whitevale Golf Club where he played from 1973 until just recently where he continued to hold senior honorary membership. The family will be hosting a celebration of life gathering on Sunday, October 16th at Whitevale Golf Club (2985 Golf Club Rd., Whitevale, Ontario L0H 1M0), from 1 until 4 p.m., with some special memories being shared by the family starting at 2 p.m. If desired, memorial donations made out to Ontario Minor Hockey Foundation, 25 Brodie Drive, Unit 3, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3K7, would be appreciated by the family. More information is available at or by calling 905-780-6642. - See more at:

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Fall Derby - Day 2 and Overall Results

Day 2 Results

1st - Glenn Davis, Dave Sutton, Kevin Ashe & Fred Calvert  (score 119.5) $32.50/player
2nd -Debbie Couch, Chris Couch, Mark Brewer & Margaret Hart (score 123) $22.50/player
3rd - Ron Bell, Josette Bell, Jodi Crerar & Mark Crerar (score 123.5) $18.25/player
4th - Peter Wieser, Brandon Wieser, Art Pingree & Don Pickthall  (score 124.5)
5th - Brian Fee, Steve Pawson, Steve Rodriguez & Tom Bermingham  (score 125)
6th - Pat Burrell, Jerry Kimber, Tom Kelly & Tom Markakos  (score 125.5)
7th - Suzi Snow-Liska, Ed Hogan, John Eales & Heinz Dahn (score 128)
T-8th - Wayne Carpenter, Steve Robinson, Will Harris & Ian Vaudry (score 128.5)
T-8th - Elmar Moser, Art Belanger, Les Pereira & Rod Roblin  (score 128.5)
10th - Padraig Darby, Nello Mariani, Mark Doyle & Joe Dotchin  (score 129)
11th - Wade Brackenbury, Peter Lambrinos, Ann Griffin & Ed Griffin (score 129.5)
12th - Dennis Matton, Kim Blake, Bob Nebel & John Trimble (score 130)
T-13th - Pat Lamanna, John Lyttle, Al Swartz & Michael Woolgar (score 132)
T-13th - Kevin Hughes, Robert Braid, Terry Calder & Al Kershaw (score 132)
15th - Jacquie Dunne, Colin Dunne, Brian Sharp & Bernie Docking (score 133.5)
16th - Wayne Rossall, Paul Dunphy, Bill Getz & Al Billington (score 135)
17th - Stephen Flude, Peter Leaney, John McCormick & Doug McIntyre (score 141)

Overall Results

1st - Glenn Davis, Dave Sutton, Kevin Ashe & Fred Calvert  (31 total points) $87.50/player
2nd - Ron Bell, Josette Bell, Jodi Crerar & Mark Crerar (30 total points) $70.00/player
3rd - Chris Couch, Debbie Couch, Margaret Hart & Mark Brewer (23 total points) $50.00/player
4th - Wayne Carpenter, Steve Robinson, Will Harris & Ian Vaudry (22 total points) $37.50/player
5th - Suzi Snow-Liska, Ed Hogan, John Eales & Heinz Dahn  (20 total points) $33.75/player
6th - Pat Burrell, Jerry Kimber, Tom Kelly & Tom Markakos  (19 total points)
7th - Wade Brackenbury, Peter Lambrinos, Ann Griffin & Ed Griffin (18 total points)
8th - Peter Wieser, Brandon Wieser, Art Pingree & Don Pickthall (17 total points)
T-9th - Brian Fee, Tom Bermingham, Stephen Pawson & Steve Rodriguez (16 total points)
T-9th -Dennis Matton, Kim Blake, Bob Nebel & John Trimble (16 total points)
11th - Pat Lamanna, John Lyttle, Al Swartz & Michael Woolgar (15 total points)
12th - Padraig Darby, Nello Mariani, Joe Dotchin & Michael Berry (10 total points)
13th - Kevin Hughes, Robert Braid, Terry Calder & Al Kershaw (9 total points)
T-14th - Jacquie Dunne, Colin Dunne, Brian Sharp & Bernie Docking (8 total points)
T-14th - Elmar Moser, Art Belanger, Rod Roblin & Les Pereira (8 total points)
16th - Wayne Rossall, Paul Dunphy, Bill Getz & Al Billington (3 total points)
17th - Stephen Flude, Peter Leaney, John McCormick & Doug McIntyre (1 total point)

Closest to the Pin "In 2" - #3 Terry Calder & #13 Jacquie Dunne

Congratulations to the winners of this year's Fall Derby!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fall Derby - Day 1 Results

After the 1st day of competition here are the results going into day 2:

1st - Josette Bell, Ron Bell, Jodi Crerar & Mark Crerar (110 points) $32.50/player
2nd - Glenn Davis, Dave Sutton, Larry Aicken & Fred Calvert (105 points) $22.50/player
3rd - Wayne Carpenter, Steve Robinson, Will Harris & Ian Vaudry (104 points) $18.25/player
T-4th - Pat Lamanna, John Lyttle, Michael Woolgar & Al Swartz (103 points)
T-4th - Ann Griffin, Ed Griffin, Peter Lambrinos & Don Davis (103 points)
6th - Dennis Matton, John Trimble, Kim Blake & Bob Nebel (102 points)
7th - Suzi Snow-Liska, Ed Hogan, John Eales & Heinz Dahn (100 points)
T-8th - Pat Burrell, Jerry Kimber, Tom Kelly & Tom Markakos (99 points)
T-8th - Debbie Couch, Chris Couch, Nick Iordanis & Margaret Hart (99 points)
T-10th - Kevin Hughes, Robert Braid, Terry Calder & Al Kershaw (98 points)
T-10th - Jacquie Dunne, Colin Dunne, Brian Sharp & Craig Burrell (98 points)
T-12th - Brian Fee, Steve Pawson, Steve Rodriguez & Tom Bermingham (96 points)
T-12th - Peter Wieser, Brandon Wieser, Art Pingree & Don Pickthall (96 points)
14th - Padraig Darby, Nello Mariani, Mark Doyle & Joe Dotchin (95 points)
15th - Wayne Rossall, Paul Dunphy, Bill Getz & Al Billington (93 points)
16th - Stephen Flude, Peter Leaney, John McCormick & Doug McIntyre (84 points)
17th - Elmar Moser, Art Belanger, Les Pereira & Rod Roblin (78 points)

Closest to the Pin "in 2" - #3 Robert Braid $75
Closest to the Pin "in 2" - #13 Bob Nebel $75

Congratulations to today's winners and good luck in tomorrow's format!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fall Derby - Format Change for 2016

Next weekend is the Fall Derby and for 2016 we have made a few adjustments to the format to continue to build on enjoyment and participation in the event:

Day 1 - Modified Quota Points: this is the same as in year's past but we have adjusted the scoring so that bogey or worse is worth 0 points, their will be no more regression.

Day 2 - Best Ball (6, 6, 6): Each segment of holes (1-6, 7-12, 13-18) will be played with a different partner. You will count the best gross per pair for each hole. All players receive 100% of their handicap and then 50% of the team's total will be deducted from the team's gross.

We look forward to seeing everyone next weekend!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Whitevale Classic

It was year two for The Whitevale Classic, an event on the calendar that many members were looking forward to. The event has teams randomly selected the night before and participate in a 2 net best ball. This year the team of Jared Docking, Paul Cormier, Doug Bruce & Kevin Ashe finished with a total score of -16, enough to win by one shot.

Congratulations to the winning team and click on the link below to see full results from today.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Husband & Wife Results

We had to reschedule our Husband & Wife tournament this year due to rain and we crowned our winner for the 2016 event today. The team of Kandice & Wade Brackenbury played very well and ended the day with a net total of 66, two shots better then the team of Darlene & Bob Doyle who had a smooth 68. Congratulations to our winners and everyone who played in today's event.

1st - Kandice & Wade Brackenbury - 66 ($80/each)
2nd - Darlene & Bob Doyle - 68 ($65/each)
3rd - Dawna & Dennis Matton - 68.5 ($55/each)
4th - Kathy & Jim McGilton - 70 ($40/each)
5th - Margaret & Richard Hart - 71 ($30/each)
T6th - Debbie & Chris Couch - 72.5
T6th - Ann & Ed Griffin - 72.5
8th - Jane & Elmar Mosar - 73
9th - Joanne Kajganich & Stephen Flude - 74.5
T10th - Anne & John Trimble - 75
T10th - Jacquie & Colin Dunne - 75
12th - Sandi & Bernie Docking - 76
13th - Elke & Ken Oley - 77
14th - Yvette Fulton & Gerry Lawrence - 78.5
15th - Jodi & Mark Crerar - 81.5
16th - Lucy Blais & Peter Brandt - 82.5
17th - Susan & Mike Doria - 85.5
18th - Liane & Peter Garvey - 91

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Junior/Senior Recap

Every year we host the Junior/Senior Tournament, a great event which allows junior golfers out for a fun day of golf with a parent or relative. The format is alternate shot and I'm sure some of the kids found themselves in some pretty different parts of the course they didn't know existed. At the end of the day all of the 9 hole juniors walk away with a nice prize donated by some of the members at Whitevale. Below is a photo of our 9 hole players after their round of golf, we look forward to seeing them all next year.

There is also an 18 hole trophy event for the Junior/Senior as well. This year the team of Brendan & Paul Dunphy were able to find their way around the course posting the best score. Congratulations to all of the players is this year's event.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Steak & Corn / Mixed Haig

Yesterday we held the annual Steak & Corn / Mixed Haig tournament and this year we had a total of 44 players looking to walk away with the top prize of a juicy steak. Susanne & Brian Sambleson have been putting on this event for a number of year and again they did a great job. This year our winner's were Tom Kelly & Jane Moser who won by the slimmest of margins, below is a photo of our winner's with our tournament convenors.

The following groups all walked away with steak, congratulations on a job well done!
1st - Tom Kelly & Jane Moser (62.2)
2nd - Doug Bruce & Elke Oley (62.8)
3rd - Brian Sambleson & Norma Columbus (63.8)
4th - Tom Markakos & Sue Dickinson (65.4)
5th - Stephen Flude & Meri Calder (66.4)
6th - Don Hobb & Diana Packer (66.4)
7th - Les Pereira & Margaret Chew (66.6)
8th - Al VanDusen & Joan Store (66.8)
9th - Brian Murdock & Anne Hill (69.0)
10th - Tim Packer & Lucy Blais (69.8)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Huband & Wife - Rescheduled for Sunday August 28th

The Husband & Wife tournament was scheduled for this past Saturday August 13th but due to inclement weather the event was cancelled. The new date is scheduled for Sunday August 28th, please sign-up online if you plan on playing.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekday Men's Yellow Ball

Our weekday men took part in the yellow ball event this morning, this event has a yellow ball that rotates throughout the group in hopes of completing all 18 holes with it. For some groups that didn't last many holes but for other groups they conquered the course and finished the day strong. Congratulations to the team of Terry Calder, Gary Reeves, Neil Downs & Bob Didiuk who had a yellow ball score of 63.

The following are the top two teams from both the yellow ball & best ball format in today's event:

Yellow Ball
1st - Terry Calder, Gary Reeves, Neil Downs & Bob Didiuk (63)
2nd - Rick Johnston, Doug Bruce, Alex Maggiacomo & Heinz Ludwig (68)

Best Ball
1st - Al Kershaw, Craig Colquhoun, Tom Kelly & Frank Winter (53)
2nd - John Toman, Paul Lacour, Ron Snow & Tom Markakos (54)

Friday, August 12, 2016

Flower Power for Women's Member-Guest

The 70's took over Whitevale yesterday for this year's women's member-guest tournament and what a day it was for everyone who attended. We had 120 players in the field who were treated to great food, an excellent golf course and many different 70's themed activities which included a VW bus photo booth. A special thank you to Zona Pereira and Lori Sheffield for their efforts in making this event a great success every year. Congratulations to our winning team this year that consisted of Joanne Kajganich, Susan Fedorka, Heather Robinson and Vicki Smith. (Zona is standing in for the absent Susan Fedorka in the photo)

1st - Joanne Kajganich, Susan Fedorka, Heather Robinson & Vicki Smith. (68)
2nd - Barb Rogers, Jeanne Beaith, Pam Kilmer & Gloria Sinclair (69)
3rd - Meri Calder, Sue Baker, Helga Reffle & Katie Schwemlein (71)

Friday, August 5, 2016

T-4th for Lauren Bevan at (U15) Girls' Championship

August 3rd - August 4th (Shelburne, Ont.) - Earlier this week Lauren Bevan had a strong showing at Shelburne Golf Club in the Girls' U15 Championship. Lauren put together scores of 76 - 72 to finish in a tie for fourth place.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Senior Ryder Cup (SRC)

The season is over for the Whitevale team in the SRC, the two-man team gross match play tournament. In total, there are 76 clubs from Michigan, New York State and Ontario competing in 19 four-club divisions. We competed against Rattle Snake Point, Mill Run and Oakville golf clubs this year. Each team was comprised of 6 Seniors and 2 Super Seniors (65+) at each event. Mill Run won our Division with 64 points, while Rattle Snake Point was second with 57, Whitevale had 54 and Oakville earned 17 points. Mill Run will qualify for a playoff or potentially directly into Championship Day at St. Catherines GC in September.

I wish to thank all our participants this season: Fred Calvert, Mike McGarragle, Bob Nebel, Declan Dunn, Dave Walker, Barry Catterall, Kevin Hughes, Dennis Matton, Bob Spahn, Doug McIntyre, Ron Bell, Al Swartz and John Trimble.

As a reminder, Qualifying for 2017 Team will be as follows:
·         Between September 1 and 12, 2016, potential candidates will play 2 rounds at their schedule to establish their 2 qualifying scores.
·         Blue tees will be used.
·         Player must be at least 55 years of age on or before May 15, 2017.
·         Players must play their qualifying rounds with fellow qualifying competitors.
·          Players must inform the Pro Shop prior to teeing off that they are attempting to qualify, and return a signed card after the game.
·         There will be a $10 fee (cash) for each qualifier each game, to off-set costs of game at WGC.
The Club wishes to field the best possible team and up to 16 competitors will be registered with SRC for the 2017 competition.
Senior Ryder Cup Captain – Walt Lemon

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Champions - 2016

What a weekend it has been at Whitevale, after 3 spectacular days of weather and great golf congratulations to all of this year's winner's. Here is a list of the winner's from each flight from this year's club championship:

Men's Club Champion - Cam Hreljac
Men's A Flight - Dave Myrvold
Men's B Flight - Joe Beninato
Men's C Flight - Ken Fedosen
Men's Weekday Club Champion - Randy Chew

Women's Club Champion - Ann Griffin
Women's A Flight - Cindy Alexiou
Women's B Flight - Margaret Hart
Women's C Flight - Mary Charlton

Junior Boys Club Champion - Luke O'Neill
Juvenile Boys Club Champion - Eamonn O'Neill
Junior Girls Club Champion - Lauren Bevan

For a complete listing of the results please click on the link below:

Men's A, B & C and Women's Champ, A. B & C flights

Men's Championship Flight

Club Championship Pay Outs

Men's Championship Flight
1st - Cam Hreljac ($300)
2nd - Mark Brewer ($200)
3rd - Brendan Dunphy ($100)
t-4th - Niilo Schonfeld ($41)
t-4th - Sean McCullough ($41)
t-4th - Wade Brackenbury ($41)

Men's A Flight
1st - Dave Myrvold ($175)
2nd - Steve Cooper ($100)
3rd - Ed Griffin ($75)
4th - Jim Glover ($50)

Men's B Flight
1st - Joe Beninato ($125)
2nd - Gerry Dinneen ($100)
t-3rd - John Alexiou ($62.50)
t-3rd - Stephen Stuart ($62.50)

Men's C Flight
1st - Ken Fedosen ($125)
2nd - Peter Wieser ($100)
3rd - Kevin Ashe ($75)
4th - Bryan Ramsey ($50)

Women's Championship Flight
1st - Ann Griffin ($150)
2nd - Jackie Dunne ($100)

Women's A Flight
1st - Cindy Alexiou ($75)
2nd - Lynda Lennon ($50)

Women's B Flight
1st - Margaret Hart ($75)
2nd - Kandice Brackenbury ($50)

Women's C Flight
1st - Mary Charlton ($75)
2nd - Joan Store ($50)

Junior Club Champions
Junior Boys - Luke O'Neill ($50)
Juvenile Boys - Eamonn O'Neill ($50)
Junior Girls - Lauren Bevan ($50)

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Club Championship - Round 2 Results

Today was moving day, their were a number of great scores posted leading into the final day tomorrow. To view today's results please click on the link below, choose the net stableford scoring options and the desired flight:

Tee times have been posted and we look forward to seeing everyone at the club tomorrow!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Club Championship Results - Day 1

The 2016 club championships are under way and we had a number of great scores posted during the first day. Tee times for tomorrow have been assigned and you can view the results from Day1 using the link below:

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for round 2!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Women's & Men's Haig Results

Congratulations to the winner's of the women's & men's haig today, we had a solid turn out for both events and the sun was shining giving us glorious conditions. Here are the final results:

Women's Haig
1st - Linda Briggs & Lucy Blais (66.4) $70/each
2nd - Lisa Mackie & Kandice Brackenbury (66.6) $60/each
3rd - Gail Pimm & Judi McIlroy (68.0) $45/each
4th - Yvette Fulton & Susan Doria (68.2) $35/each
5th - Norma Columbus & Josette Bell (69.6) $25/each
6th - Joanne Kajganich & Theresa Arbuthnot (69.6) $15/each
T-7th - Ann Griffin & Anne Trimble (69.6)
T-7th - Darlene Doyle & Mary Charlton (69.6)
T-7th - Lynda Lennon & Zona Pereira (69.6)
10th - Michelle Miles & Lisa Brewer (72.0)
11th - Sandra Docking & Debbie Couch (74.6)
12th - Maureen Cormier & Veronica Raos-Dunn (75.0)
13th - Lori Sheffield & Chris Denysek (84.6)

Men's Haig
1st - Wade Brackenbury & Jared Docking (74) $100/each
1st - Gerry Dickie & Rob Connors (64.2) $150/each
2nd - Steve Flude & Tom Kelly (65.2) $100/each
3rd - Rob Watt & Ross Davidson (66.0) $75/each
4th - Dave Myrvold & Jerry Kimber (66.2) $65/each
5th - Pat Lamanna & John Lyttle (66.8) $40/each
6th - Dave Sutton & Craig Ferns (67.2)
T-7th - Chris Couch & Nic Iordanis (67.8)
T-7th - Paul Dobner & Paul Cormier (67.8)
9th - Peter Brandt & Glen Sheffield (69.2)
10th - Kim Blake & Bob Nebel (69.4)
T-11th - Stephen Stuart & Bob Doyle (69.8)
T-11th - Steve Rodriguez & Doug McIntyre (69.8)
T-13th - Mark Crerar & Ron Stoneburgh (70.0)
T-13th - Peter Lambrinos & Leon Lok (70.0)
T-13th - Fraser Cartwright & Mike Kearney (70.0)
16th - Steve Campbell & John Liska (70.4)
17th - Al Billington & Paul Dunphy (71.2)
18th - Bernie Docking & Kevin Duda (71.4)
19th - Kevin Ashe & Tom Bermingham (72.2)
T-20th - Pat Burrell & Craig Burrell (72.6)
T-20th - Peter Cross & John Doyle (72.6)
22nd - Ed Griffin & Michael Woolgar (73.4)
23rd - John Trimble & Dennis Matton (74.2)
24th - Wayne Carpenter & Fred Calvert (75.8)
25th - Dec Dunn & Derek Retter (76.4)
26th - Stephen Spiers & Wade Jamieson (78.2)

Monday, July 18, 2016

Senior Ryder Cup - Qualifying for 2017

The Senior Ryder Cup is a two-man team gross match play tournament with 76 clubs competing from Ontario, Michigan and Upstate New York. Whitevale has been apart of the competition since 2015 in which a team of 8 players including 6 seniors and 2 super seniors (65+) play in each event. With each event having 8 players total there are also alternates needed in case one of them is unable to play.

Qualifying for the 2017 team will be as follows:

  • Between September 1st and 12th, 2016, potential candidates will play 2 rounds at their schedule to establish their 2 qualifying scores.
  • Player's MUST play from the blue tee's.
  • Player's must be at least 55 years of age on or before May 31, 2017.
  • Players must play their qualifying rounds with at least one fellow qualifying competitor.
  • Players must inform the pro shop prior to teeing off that they are attempting to qualify, and return a signed scorecard after the round.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Men's & Women's Senior Club Championship - Final Results

This year's senior club championship was one for the books, we had two play-off's needed to determine a winner in both the men's and women's division. Listed below are the complete standing from this weekends event:

Men's 55 - 64 (Gross)
1st - Mike McGarragle ($125)
2nd - Barry Fairhurst ($100)
3rd - Dec Dunn ($75)

Men's 55 - 64 (Net)
1st - Doug McIntyre ($125) - Play Off
2nd - Dave Walker ($100)
3rd - Dan McConnachie ($75)

Men's 55 - 64 Division (gross)
1st - Mike McGarragle (149)
2nd - Barry Fairhurst (152)
3rd - Dave Walker (153)
4th - Dec Dunn (157)
5th - John Trimble (158)
T-6th - Doug McIntyre (165)
T-6th - Dennis Matton (165)
8th - Barry Catterall (166)
9th - Tom Bermingham (167)
10th - Peter Lambrinos (168)
11th - Dan McConnachie (176)
T-12th - Steve Cooper (177)
T-12th - Ed Hogan (177)
T-12th - Steve Rodriguez (177)
T-15th - Howard Cooper (178)
T-15th - Jerry Kimber (178)
17th - Fred Calvert (179)
18th - Bob Spahn (180)
T-19th - John Liska (181)
T - 19th - John Black (181)
21st - Leon Lok (184)
22nd - Gerry Dickie (186)
23rd - Tom Kelly (192)
24th - Stephen Stuart (200)

Men's 65+ (Gross)
1st - Kevin Hughes ($90)
2nd - Jim Glover ($60)

Men's 65+ (Net)
1st - Ed Griffin ($90)
2nd - John Toman ($60)

Men's 65+ Division (gross)
1st - Kevin Hughes (149)
2nd - Jim Glover (150)
3rd - Bob Nebel (155)
4th - Ed Griffin (158)
5th - John Toman (161)
6th - Steve Hewitt (163)
7th - Al Swartz (165)
8th - Walt Lemon (168)
9th - Pat Burrell (171)
10th - Stephen Flude (175)
11th - Gabor Karl (176)
12th - Gerry Lawrence (178)
13th - Paul Lacour (180)
14th - Peter Leaney (185)

Women's Results
Overall Net - Anne Trimble ($75)
Overall Gross - Gail Pimm ($50)
Seniors Gross - Josette Bell ($50)
Diamonds - Barb Rogers ($50)

Women's Senior Division (gross)
1st - Gail Pimm (157)
2nd - Josette Bell (174)
3rd - Ann Griffin (179)
4th - Lisa Mackie (189)
5th - Norma Columbus (196)
6th - Kandice Brackenbury (205)
7th - Sandra Docking (209)

Women's Diamonds Division (gross)
1st - Anne Trimble (190)
2nd - Barb Rogers (191)
3rd - Judi McIlroy (201)
4th - Joan Store (208)
5th - Suzi Snow-Liska (218)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Weekday Women & Weekday Sr Men's Club Championship

Over the past two days we had both the women's & senior men's weekday club championships. There were some great scores posted and congratulations goes out to the following players:

Weekday Women's Club Championship

1st Place - Sue Dickinson (79 points)
2nd Place - Margaret Chew (75 points)
3rd Place - Diana Packer (67 points)
Weekday Sr. Men's Club Championship
Low Gross - Larry Valianes (score 151)
Low Net - Ted Addie (score 140)

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Men's Member-Guest

Over Thursday and Friday we hosted this years Men's Member-Guest and like always it was a huge success. We had a total of 126 players who competed in the shoot-out, par 3 scramble and main event. Thank you to all of the participants who made this event happen and congratulations to this year's winning team of Ken Fedosen & Adrian Vanelli.

1st Place - Ken Fedosen & Adrian Vanelli (59)
2nd Place - Kevin Ashe & Mark Dunsford (60)
3rd Place - Donny O'Connell & Donald O'Connell (61)
4th Place - Sean McCullough & Connor Doria (61)
1st Place - Brad Haley & Brandon Skytta (67)
2nd Place - Adam Hudson & Lee Hummell (69)
Callaway Division
1st Place - Derek Retter & Ryan Hazelton (60)

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Senior Ryder Cup

Senior Ryder Cup (SRC)

The Whitevale team has now played three matches in the 2016 Senior Ryder Cup. There are 76 clubs in SRC a team gross match play competition, from eastern Michigan through all of southern Ontario and into New York State. 

We are in a division with Oakville, Rattle Snake Point and Mill Run. Our team earned 18 of a possible 24 points yesterday at Rattle Snake. The next match is at Mill Run on July 25. 

The standings after three matches are:

Mill Run - 47
Rattle Snake - 43
Whitevale - 41
Oakville - 13

We will need to beat both Mill Run and Rattle Snake on the 25th to proceed to Championship Day at St. Catherine GC on September 19.

Walt Lemon - Team Captain

Friday, July 1, 2016

Women's Flag Day & Men's Four-Ball Results

It was great seeing everyone out in their white & red for Canada Day and supporting both of our events today. Congratulations to today's winner's in both the flag day & four ball:

Women's Flag Day

1st Place - Theresa Arbuthnot ($70)
2nd Place - Norma Columbus ($50)
T-3rd Place - Josette Bell ($40)
T-3rd Place - Margaret Hart ($40)
T-3rd Place - Ann Griffin ($40)

Men's Four-Ball

Low Net
T-1st Place - Joe McGillion & Steve Wyzynski - 61 ($95/each)
T-1st Place - Steve Flude & Tom Kelly - 61 ($95/each)
3rd Place - Dave Wallace & Peter Garvey - 62 ($80/each)
T-4th Place - Kevin Ashe & Mike O'Callaghan - 63 ($65/each)
T-4th Place - Mark Burrell & Colin Dunne - 63 ($65/each)
T-6th Place - John Trimble & Glenn Davis - 64 ($45/each)
T-6th Place - Peter Brandt & Glen Sheffield - 64 ($45/each)
8th Place - Padraig Darby & Howard Kirke - 65 ($30/each)
T-9th Place - Bernie Docking & Dave Sutton - 66 ($22.50/each)
T-9th Place - Rob Connors & Barry Fairhurst - 66 ($22.50/each)

Low Gross
1st Place - Mike Lindsay & Ryan Trimble - 69 ($100/each)
T-2nd Place - Mark Brewer & Rich Hart - 70 ($47.50/each)
T-2nd Place - Don Davis & Mark Doyle - 70 ($47.50/each)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Women's Shot-Gun

On Monday we held the women's shot-gun event and what an event it was, we had tremendous support from a number of sponsors which made the day extra special. We had 51 players which included a number of guests from various clubs around the GTA. A special thank you to Michelle Miles for all her efforts in making this day one to remember. We did hand out a few prizes and here are the results for the day:

1st - Chris Denysek, Meghan Bennett, Marianne Goss & Kelly Hathway (score 58.9)
2nd - Anne Trimble, Jodi Crerar, Lynne Crocker & Cindy Elliott (score 63.0)
3rd - Ann Griffin, Kandice Brackenbury, Josette Bell & Regina Wordtmann (score 64.6)
4th - Suzi Snow-Liska, Norma Columbus, Joanne Leier & Lauren Giles (score 65.7)
5th - Patty Davis, Terri Toms, Kathy Labelle (score 67.6)
6th - Michelle Miles, Lisa Brewer, Sandra Docking & Diana Packer (score 69.0)
7th - Margaret Chew, Joanne Kajganich, Anne Marie Fitzpatrick & Gloria Ryan (score 69.7)
8th - Linda Briggs, Lynne Sage, Melissa Van Vald Huizen & Rosemary Fisk (score 71.3)
9th - Susanne Sambleson, Anna Lindsay, Sue Dickinson & Marie Grant (score 71.6)
10th - Zona Pereira, Jane Moser, Barb Wolfe & Teri Courchene (score 73.5)
11th - Cindy Alexiou, Liz Holt, Jan Speers & Linda Vysoki (score 74.8)
12th - Kathy McGilton, Estella Prosser, Connie VanDusen & Aileen Davis (score 75.0)
13th - Maureen Cormier, Veronica Raos-Dunn, Donna Bremner & Carol Retter (score 76.1)

Weekday Yellow Ball Results

Yesterday was the weekday men's yellow ball and we had a total of 42 players for the event. Congratulations to the winner's of the better ball and yellow ball competition:

Yellow Ball
1st - Bill Harbaruk, John Toman, Al VanDusen & John Elia (score 68)
2nd - Mike Harris, Gary Reeves & Tom Kelly (score 76)

Better Ball
1st - Luiz de Carvalho, Ray Northey & Stan Steinwall (score 54)
2nd - Dan McConnachie, Doug Bruce, Dave Leonard & Frank Winter (score 57)

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mixed Haig Results

This year in the Mixed Haig the team of Ann & Ed Griffin came to play and did they ever shooting a 59 and winning by six shots over their closest competitors. We had a total of 26 teams this year, thank you for the support. Here are a list of the final standings:

1st - Ann & Ed Griffin - 59 ($80/each)
2nd - Sandy & Bernie Docking - 65 ($60/each)
2nd - Kandice & Wade Brackenbury - 65 ($60/each)
2nd - Lynda Lennon & Kevin Hughes - 65 ($60/each)
5th - Yvette Fulton & Gerry Lawrence - 66 ($32.50/each)
5th - Anne & John Trimble - 66 ($32.50/each)
5th - Susan & Mike Doria - 66 ($32.50/each)
5th - Bonnie Cartwright & Dave Wallace - 66 ($32.50/each)
10th - Veronica & Dec Dunn - 68
10th - Jacque & Pat Burrell - 68
10th - Lisa & Mark Brewer - 68
10th - Zona Pereira & Dave Myrvold - 68
13th - Julie & Art Pingree - 69
13th - Jodi & Mark Crerar - 69
15th - Lucy Blais & Peter Brandt - 70
16th - Norma Columbus & Nigel Rennie - 71
16th - Meri & Terry Calder - 71
16th - Kathy & Jim McGilton - 71
19th - Darlene & Bob Doyle - 73
19th - Jan Pugh & Stephen Robinson - 73
19th - Josette & Ron Bell - 73
19th - Debbie & Chris Couch - 73
23rd - Michelle & Brad Miles - 74
24th - Anna Lindsay & Mike Lindsay - 76
25th - Dawna & Dennis Matton - 78
26th - Lisa & Glenn Mackie - 81

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Men's Night Shot-Gun - June 22nd

It was a great day at Whitevale and another well attended men's night shot-gun, close to 100 players came out and enjoyed good weather, great course conditions and excellent food. A big thank you goes out to Nigel Rennie and his company AllTurf who sponsored today's event. Congratulations to the winner's and the support from our men's section:

1st Place - Brian Murdock, Luiz de Carvalho, Norm Woods & Rick Johnston (score 194)
2nd Place - Sean McCullough, Pat Scanga, Don O'Brien & Andrew Jackson (score 198)
3rd Place - John Trimble, Kim Blake, Dennis Matton & Bob Nebel (score 202)
4th Place - Charles Miller, Wayne Carpenter, James Munroe & Neil Downs (score 203)
5th Place - Walt Lemon, Russ Plawiuk, Dave Leonard & Emil Hanzelka (score 204)
6th Place - Peter Leaney, Grant Barrett, Nick Desimini & Kevin Hughes (score 205)
7th Place - Ryan Robillard, Steve Campbell, Ghost Player & Ghost Player (score 205)
8th Place - Harry Cummins, Chris Cummins, Clayton Ricketts, Ghost Player (score 206)
9th Place - Mike Harris, Will Harris, Tim Packer & Mike McGarragle (score 206)
10th Place - Brian Fee, Ed Griffin, Michael Woolgar & Al Kershaw (score 206)
11th Place - Dec Dunn, Derek Retter, Paul Cormier & Paul Dobner (score 207)
12th Place - Dan McConnachie, Wayne Bourgeois, Don Dwyer & Scott Baldwin (score 207)
13th Place - Joe Beninato, Sam Beninato, Ken Oley & Aris Medeiros (score 207)
14th Place - Nello Mariani, Joe Dotchin, Mike Berry & Dan Harnett (score 207)
15th Place - Pat Lamanna, Peter Lambrinos, Leon Lok & John Lyttle (score 208)
16th Place - Joe Macina, Tom Hart, Richard Hart & Tom Bermingham (score 208)
17th Place - Dave Whiting, Bill Grant, Gerry Lawrence & Steve Kelleher (score 211)
18th Place - Mike Shea, Greg Shea, Brian Sharp & Mike O'Callaghan (score 211)
19th Place - Ken Josling, Mark Doyle, Josh Hewitt & Craig Ferns (score 212)
20th Place - John Toman, Paul Lacour, Tom Markakos & Bob Tennyson (score 213)
21st Place - Howard Cooper, Larry Valianes, Frank Steinhausen & Randy Chew (score 213)
22nd Place - Nigel Rennie, John Alpaugh, Rich Butler & Jason Crawford (score 216)
23rd Place - Bryan Newth, Chris Ewart, David Gervais & Joe Svanda (score 217)
24th Place - Don Davis, Glenn Davis, John Higginson & Ron Bondar (score 222)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Winning Raffle Ticket Number's

If you purchased raffle tickets yesterday to support the Longest Day of Golf here are the ticket number's for the unclaimed prizes:

Small Bottle Jackson's Maple Syrup - 3792982
Small Bottle Jackson's Maple Syrup - 8283506
Large Bottle Jackson's Maple Syrup - 8406396
Boston Pizza Gift Card - 8406395
Moxie's Gift Card - 8406265
Fashion Gift Basket - 8406199
Body Shop Gift Basket - 8283652

To claim your prize please visit the main office with your matching ticket. Thank you to everyone who supported yesterday's event.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Matt Billington Qualifies at U17

On Wednesday June 15th Matt Billington shot 71 at Timber Ridge Golf Club and finished 2nd to qualify for the U17 Ontario Summer Games event. The tournament will take place between August 10th - 12th at BraeBen Golf Club in Mississauga.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Whitevale member's in GAO events

Last week two of our member's had excellent finishes in GAO events, both Gail Pimm and Brendan Dunphy did Whitevale proud.

Gail Pimm finished T-2 (78-77-77) at the Ontario Women's Senior Championship held at The Briars Golf Club, an event that she won last year.

Brendan Dunphy shot 68 to finish 1st at the GAO U19 Boys qualifying at Hidden Lake Golf Club. In the same week Brendan also won his first CJGA event with rounds of 72 & 78.

Congratulations to both of them and good luck with your upcoming events!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Club Trade In Event

On Wednesday June 15th we are having a club trade in day from 11 am - 3 pm. On that day member's can bring in clubs that they don't use or want anymore and receive the value of them in pro shop credit. The event is run by a company who deals with more then 60 clubs around the GTA giving people the chance to turn old clubs into pro shop credits. With the event only 1 week away now is a good time to go through the basement or garage and see what you have collected over the years.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Phantom Tournament Results

Yesterday was the Phantom Tournament and is one of the more challenging formats on the calendar. With not knowing which holes each person counts on the pressure is on everyone to perform. Congratulations to our winning team and all of the other participants:

1st - Al Swartz, Steve Rodriguez, Andrew Jackson & Walt Lemon (93 points) $75/player
2nd - Kandice Brackenbury, Wade Brackenbury, Debbie Couch & Chris Couch (84 points) $45/player
3rd - Nello Mariani, Chris Dennis, Mike Berry & Padraig Darby (83 points)
4th - Art Pingree, Stephen Stuart, Brian Guenther & Peter Wieser (82 points)
5th - Dave Wallace, Wayne Carpenter, Jim McGilton & Will Harris (73 points)

Monday, May 30, 2016

Whitevale Members Win Awards

On Friday May 27th the Oshawa Camera Club held its annual awards banquet at Whitevale GC. In its 78 year history OCC is one of the top competitive camera clubs in the GTA. The club has 130 members

At this years banquet OCC honoured, long time Whitevale members, Norm & Helene Ullock for their achievements in this season's club  competitions

Norm received the "Photographer of the Year" Award

Helene was the runner up for"Photographerof the Year" .

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Spring Derby - Day 2 and Overall Results

It was another glorious day with warm temperatures and clear skies and there were a few teams who took advantage of the best 3 of 4 net best ball format to chase down the day 1 leaders. Listed below are the day 2 standing from today's round:

1st - Jackie Dunne, Colin Dunne, Sandra Milner-Docking & Bernie Docking (score 193)
2nd - Adam Hudson, Al Billington, Pat Scanga & Paul Stephenson (score 196)
3rd - Barry Fairhurst, Mike McGarragle, Peter Leaney & Steve Flude (score 199)
4th - Pat Lamanna, Al Swartz, John Lyttle & Michael Woolgar (score 202)
5th - Larry Aicken, Glenn Davis, Steve Hewitt & Fred Calvert (score 207)
T-6th - Kandice Brackebury, Wade Brackenbury, Josette Bell & Ron Bell (score 208)
T-6th - Norma Columbus, Nigel Rennie, Barb Rogers & Peter Schuch (score 208)
T-6th - Dave Wallace, Jim McGilton, Stephen Robinson & Peter Garvey (score 208)
9th - Julie Pingree, Art Pingree, Lucy Blais & Stan Lam (score 211)
10th - Brad Haley, Nic Iordanis, Luke Tanfield & Seam McCullough (score 212)
T-11th - Lisa Brewer, Mark Brewer, Debbie Couch & Chris Couch (score 214)
T-11th - Tom Bermingham, Brian Fee, Steve Rodriguez & Steve Pawson (score 214)
13th - Craig Ferns, Mike O'Callaghan, Dan McConnachie & Donny O'Connell (score 215)
T-14th - Walt Lemon, Gabor Karl, Doug McIntyre & Bob Spahn (score 217)
T-14th - Heinz Dahn, John Eales, Lisa Mackie & Suzi Snow-Liska (score 217)
16th - Don O'Brien, Wayne Rossall, Paul Dunphy & Bill Getz (score 223)
T-17th - Dave Myrvold, Tom Markakos, Joan Store & Tom Kelly (score 227)
T-17th -Wayne Carpenter, John McCormick, Tom Fennell & Kim Blake (score 227)

Overall Standings
1st - Barry Fairhurst, Mike McGarragle, Peter Leaney & Steve Flude (29 points)
2nd - Adam Hudson, Al Billington, Pat Scanga & Paul Stephenson (28 points)
3rd - Kandice Brackebury, Wade Brackenbury, Josette Bell & Ron Bell (26 points)
T-4th - Pat Lamanna, Al Swartz, John Lyttle & Michael Woolgar (24 points)
T-4th - Norma Columbus, Nigel Rennie, Barb Rogers & Peter Schuch (24 points)
T-4th - Brad Haley, Nic Iordanis, Luke Tanfield & Seam McCullough (24 points)
7th -  Jackie Dunne, Colin Dunne, Sandra Milner-Docking & Bernie Docking (23 points)
8th - Dave Wallace, Jim McGilton, Stephen Robinson & Peter Garvey (18 points)
T-9th - Heinz Dahn, John Eales, Lisa Mackie & Suzi Snow-Liska (16 points)
T-9th -  Larry Aicken, Glenn Davis, Steve Hewitt & Fred Calvert (16 points)
11th - Tom Bermingham, Brian Fee, Steve Rodriguez & Steve Pawson (14 points)
12th - Lisa Brewer, Mark Brewer, Debbie Couch & Chris Couch (13 points)
13th - Wayne Carpenter, John McCormick, Tom Fennell & Kim Blake (11 points)
14th - Julie Pingree, Art Pingree, Lucy Blais & Stan Lam (10 points)
15th - Craig Ferns, Mike O'Callaghan, Dan McConnachie & Donny O'Connell (9 points)
16th - Walt Lemon, Gabor Karl, Doug McIntyre & Bob Spahn (5 points)
17th - Dave Myrvold, Tom Markakos, Joan Store & Tom Kelly (4 points)
18th - Don O'Brien, Wayne Rossall, Paul Dunphy & Bill Getz (2 points)

*The top 3 teams from each day and the top 5 overall teams will be contacted about their winnings from this event, congratulations to the winning team!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sprnig Derby - Day 1 Results

The Spring Derby is always a great event held at the beginning of the year and we had over 70 players today trying to win this years' event. The Day 1 format was a quota points based scoring system and after round 1 this is how the teams stand:

T-1st. Kandice Brackebury, Wade Brackenbury, Josette Bell & Ron Bell (score 109)
T-1st. Brad Haley, Nic Iordanis, Luke Tanfield & Seam McCullough (score 109)
T-3rd. Barry Fairhurst, Mike McGarragle, Peter Leaney & Steve Flude (score 105)
T-3rd. Norma Columbus, Nigel Rennie, Barb Rogers & Peter Schuch (score 105)
5th. Heinz Dahn, John Eales, Lisa Mackie & Suzi Snow-Liska (score 104)
6th. Adam Hudson, Al Billington, Pat Scanga & Paul Stephenson (score 102)
7th. Wayne Carpenter, John McCormick, Tom Fennell & Kim Blake (score 101)
8th. Pat Lamanna, Al Swartz, John Lyttle & Michael Woolgar (score 100)
T-9th. Tom Bermingham, Brian Fee, Steve Rodriguez & Steve Pawson (score 99)
T-9th. Dave Wallace, Jim McGilton, Stephen Robinson & Peter Garvey (score 99)
11th. Lisa Brewer, Mark Brewer, Debbie Couch & Chris Couch (score 97)
12th. Jackie Dunne, Colin Dunne, Sandra Milner-Docking & Bernie Docking (score 90)
T-13th. Dave Myrvold, Tom Markakos, Joan Store & Tom Kelly (score 88)
T-13th. Craig Ferns, Mike O'Callaghan, Dan McConnachie & Donny O'Connell (score 88)
15th. Don Davis, Glenn Davis, Steve Hewitt & Fred Calvert (score 87)
16th. Walt Lemon, Gabor Karl, Doug McIntyre & Bob Spahn (score 85)
17th. Julie Pingree, Art Pingree, Lucy Blais & Stan Lam (score 83)
18th. Don O'Brien, Wayne Rossall, Paul Dunphy & Bill Getz (score 78)

Closest to the Pin - #3 Walt Lemon
Closest to the Pin - #13 Nic Iordanis

Friday, May 27, 2016

Men's Night Shot-Gun

On Wednesday we held our first men's night shot-gun and had over 100 players in field. The weather worked out and our winning team had a final score of 30 under par, 111 total. Our winning team consisted of Peter Wieser, Andrew Jackson, Brian Guenther & Don Pickthall.
2nd Place - John Alexiou, Tim Packer, Joe Dotchin & Leon Lok (116) 
3rd Place - Brad Hewitt, Steve Hewitt, Geoff Mitchell & Don MacDonald (118)
4th Place - Luiz de Carvalho, Brian Murdock, Rick Johnston & Norm Woods (119)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Whitevale Juniors Update

As most of you know we have a number of junior members who compete locally and also provincially on tours and in provincial events. It's been a nice start to the season for a couple of juniors and we look forward to hearing about their continued success throughout the year.

Lauren Bevan - recently qualified for the U19 girls Spring Classic at Grey Silo Golf Club in Waterloo.

Brendan Dunphy - competed in the Ontario Cup at Grand Niagara Golf Club in April and finished 7th overall in the juvenile division and 5th overall in the boys overall. His GAO York Region team finished 1st in the event. Brendan also competed in the Confederation High School Spring Classic at Otter Creek and Fire Rock golf clubs where Brendan finished 2nd overall and his team also finished 2nd in the event as well.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Opening Field Days

Well I think we can say that the golf season has officially begun at Whitevale. Over the past three days we have hosted the Women's Opening Field Day, Men's Opening Field Day, Weekday Women's Opening Field Day and Weekday Men's Opening Field. We had a wonderful turn out for all four of the events despite the weather we endured on Sunday and Monday. For a few of the following members they have started their years off on the right foot, congratulations on your victory:

Women's Opening Field Day
1st Place - Sue Dickinson, Lisa Brewer & Elke Oley (63.9)
2nd Place - Margaret Hart, Norma Columbus, Andrea Kerr & Chris Denysek (64.9)
3rd Place - Cindy Alexiou, Anne Trimble, Diana Packer & Anne Hill (65.6)
4th Place - Jacquelyn Dunne, Pamela Cooper, Darlene Doyle & Theresa Arbuthnot (66.5)
5th Place - Bonnie Cartwright, Barb Wolfe, Jackie Leithwood & Maureen Cormier (66.9)
6th Place - Lisa Mackie, Jodi Crerar, Sandra Docking & Connie VanDusen (67.8)
7th Place - Terry Hosford, Kandice Brackenbury, Anna Lindsay & Susanne Sambleson (67.9)
8th Place - Josette Bell, Linda Briggs, Joanne Kajganich & Janet Martinko (69.0)
9th Place - Jan Pugh, Barb Rogers, Michelle Miles & Janet Roblin (69.9)
10th Place - Patty Davis, Lucy Blais, Joanne Leier (70.9)
11th Place - Kathy McGilton, Suzi Snow-Liska & Jane Moser (70.9)
12th Place - Ann Griffin, Julie Pingree, Lynne Sage & Judy Calder (72.4)

Men's Opening Field Day
1st Place - Mike Lindsay, Paul Cormier, Mike Gritzan & Greg Shea (60.1)
2nd Place - Wade Brackenbury, Steve Hewitt, Colin Dunne & Tom Budgen (60.8)
3rd Place - Steve Campbell, Ron Stoneburgh, Glen Shaw & Adrian Johnson (61.0
4th Place - Bob Doyle, Mark Crerar, Scott Bradley & Stan Lam (62.0)
5th Place - Clayton Spahn, Dan McConnachie, Bob Grandmaitre & Al Billington (62.2)
6th Place - Adam Hudson, John Lyttle, Alex Maggiacomo & Wayne Rossall (62.2)
7th Place - John Trimble, Dave Convery & Bill Getz (62.8)
8th Place - Mark Brewer, Mike Harris, Steve Major & Dave Martinko (63.0)
8th Place - Dennis Matton, Mark Doyle, Brian Sharp & Brian Morran (63.0)
10th Place - Dan Harnett, Darren Farmer, Al Kershaw & Don Pickthall (63.1)
11th Place - Chris O'Brien, David Bird, Steve Pawson & John Mikula (63.2)
12th Place - Craig Ferns, Michael Woolgar, Mike O'Callaghan & Pat Convery (64.0)
13th Place - Brad Haley, Geoff Wood, Ed Griffin & Kevin Thompson (64.1)
14th Place - Kevin Hughes, Josh Hewitt, Walt Lemon & Dave Whiting (64.2)
14th Place - Craig Burrell, Darren Friesen, Brian Fujioka & Nigel Rennie (64.2)
16th Place - Dec Dunn, Pat Lamanna & Brian King (65.0)
18th Place - Paul Stephenson, Jerry Kimber, Ron McGarrie & Neil Downs (65.1)
19th Place - Tim Filer, Gerry Lawrence, Darryl Cooper & Wayne Carpenter (66.1)
19th Place - Don O'Connell, Paul Dunphy, Pat Burrell & Don MacDonald (66.1)
21st Place - Glenn Davis, Ken Oley, Steve Kelleher & John Alexiou (66.9)
22nd Place - Chris Couch, Rob Connors, Doug Bruce & Art Pingree (67.0)
23rd Place - Jim Glover, Howard Cooper, Kim Blake & Tom Kelly (67.2)
24th Place - Bernie Docking, Steve Flude, Peter Schuch & Peter Brandt (67.8)
25th Place - Paul Dobner, Don O'Brien, Elmar Moser & Bill Fox (70.0)

Weekday Women's Opening Field Day
1st Place - Margaret Chew & Susanne Sambleson

Weekday Men's Opening Field Day
1st Place - Gerry Lawrence, Tom Kelly & Wayne Wellman (60.0)
2nd Place - John Toman, Paul Cryne, Walt Lemon & Frank Winter (61.2)
3rd Place - Larry Valianes, Daniel Connolly & Al Kershaw (62.2)
4th Place - Terry Calder, Peter Brandt, Craig Colquhoun & Bill Grant (62.2)
5th Place - Dennis Matton, Brian Sambleson, Doug Bruce & Stan Steinwall (62.4)
6th Place - Norm Woods, Greg Shea, Mike Raptopulos & Frank Steinhausen (63.1)
7th Place - John McCormick, Brian Murdock, Bill Harbaruk & Tom Lindsay (63.2)
8th Place - Paul Lacour, John Alexiou & Heinz Ludwig (65.1)
9th Place - Chris Cummins, Derek Phillips, Nick Desimini & Al VanDusen (65.2)
10th Place - Dan McConnachnie, Ian Bain, Ray Northey & Dave Whiting (66.2)
11th Place - Kevin Hughes, David Leonard, Tom O'Connor & John Carter (67.8)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Always Evolving Whitevale

         When we were going through the planning process for the new Clubhouse one of my major goals was to save as many of the mature trees as possible around the site. New trees are easily planted, but mature trees are highly desirable especially around such a beautiful club house. One tree many members who were here before demolition will remember is the beautiful Magnolia that stood to the right of the old pro shop door. I went to great lengths to protect, and preserve this tree. Unfortunately the harsh winter of 2014 caused its demise, and in the spring we had no choice but to remove it. I hope to replant a new magnolia near the same spot this spring, but it will take years for it to become as mature and beautiful as the one we lost.

         Unfortunately we have experienced the same issue with another mature tree we had saved during the development. An ash tree that stood approximately 40’ high in the island between the parking lot and the club house had succumbed to the emerald ash borer. The tree was in a state of decline and last fall I was hoping it would survive another year, but upon close inspection last week it was clear it was dead. I had no choice but to take it down.
To the untrained eye it may not be obvious a tree is dead until mid-May or June when all the leaves are out on most trees. But there are clear signs this early in the season to the health of all plants.

 Here are the healthy buds ready to explode out of a Maple tree.

More buds swelling as we get closer to spring weather. Now compare these two pictures with the next one below.
This is the ash tree. No swelling buds anywhere...........

.................and the bark is easily separated from the branch. The most obvious sign of the emerald ash borer has infected the tree is by looking at the trunk.

This damage is visible from a significant distance and tells us this tree, if it's still alive will be dead in the not too distant future. If you keep an eye out you will see this damage around town. If you live below highway 7 you may have a difficult time finding this as most trees have already died and been removed. There is plenty of this to see in my neighborhood in Stouffville.

           One of the high priority agenda items on the Greens Committee’s plate this season is getting a tree plan together for the entire property. A big part of this plan is selecting the best species for each location so we don’t negatively impact the course when the tree reaches maturity. Many trees have been lost to disease and insects over the last 5 years. Others had to be removed to allow sunlight onto the putting surfaces. And, unfortunately there are other trees currently standing that I can see are in a state of decline that we cannot save, and will have to be removed in the future.

It may be hard to believe but after the course restoration in 2004-2005 we planted over 150 new trees on the property over the following 4 years. (This does not include the new planting at the parking and entrance drive). New plantings around the course will begin this fall.

On a positive note, here is a look at the 4th green this morning, after the first mow of the season.