Friday, December 5, 2014

Clubhouse Tour

It's been a few weeks since we posted some new pictures of the clubhouse. For those of you who follow us on Twitter @WhitevaleGC will know we have made some great progress. For those of you who don't follow us........What are you waiting for.

It was not an easy race but we beat the weather on some items.

The parking lot and the entrance drive have the first layer of asphalt down for winter. This was our goal and we got it done. The final or top coat will happen sometime next year, followed by parking lines and some soft plantings. 

The cart barn is moving along. The doors have been installed, you can tell we went for the classic barn look on this building. 

With the concrete floor in work continues with the interior electrical, plumbing and a dividing wall yet to be built. 

We are struggling with the interlock install. We even built a small tent and tried heating it to keep the frost out of the ground so we could finish this work before Christmas. Alas, Mother nature is not working with us. There is a very real chance this will need be completed next year. This was not the plan but after what we dealt with this past season, this is a drop in the bucket. 

Having said that, it does look great. 

 The front entrance.
Looking down the hallway to the Boardroom and Pro Shop on the right (out of picture). Notice the wall to the left, framed and waiting for the built in trophy display cases.
 Pro Shop ready for final ceiling drywall starting Monday.
 Main dinning hall has some very elaborate ceiling detail.

 The most anticipated spot of the clubhouse.....THE BAR.

 What a view from the grill room today.

Garden entrance stairs installed today. This is just the skeleton of the staircase, the finish detail happens much later.

Look at this view from your Garden entrance window. 

 Mens lockers install has started. And yes, you get the same locker number you had in the old building.