Sunday, August 28, 2016

Husband & Wife Results

We had to reschedule our Husband & Wife tournament this year due to rain and we crowned our winner for the 2016 event today. The team of Kandice & Wade Brackenbury played very well and ended the day with a net total of 66, two shots better then the team of Darlene & Bob Doyle who had a smooth 68. Congratulations to our winners and everyone who played in today's event.

1st - Kandice & Wade Brackenbury - 66 ($80/each)
2nd - Darlene & Bob Doyle - 68 ($65/each)
3rd - Dawna & Dennis Matton - 68.5 ($55/each)
4th - Kathy & Jim McGilton - 70 ($40/each)
5th - Margaret & Richard Hart - 71 ($30/each)
T6th - Debbie & Chris Couch - 72.5
T6th - Ann & Ed Griffin - 72.5
8th - Jane & Elmar Mosar - 73
9th - Joanne Kajganich & Stephen Flude - 74.5
T10th - Anne & John Trimble - 75
T10th - Jacquie & Colin Dunne - 75
12th - Sandi & Bernie Docking - 76
13th - Elke & Ken Oley - 77
14th - Yvette Fulton & Gerry Lawrence - 78.5
15th - Jodi & Mark Crerar - 81.5
16th - Lucy Blais & Peter Brandt - 82.5
17th - Susan & Mike Doria - 85.5
18th - Liane & Peter Garvey - 91

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Junior/Senior Recap

Every year we host the Junior/Senior Tournament, a great event which allows junior golfers out for a fun day of golf with a parent or relative. The format is alternate shot and I'm sure some of the kids found themselves in some pretty different parts of the course they didn't know existed. At the end of the day all of the 9 hole juniors walk away with a nice prize donated by some of the members at Whitevale. Below is a photo of our 9 hole players after their round of golf, we look forward to seeing them all next year.

There is also an 18 hole trophy event for the Junior/Senior as well. This year the team of Brendan & Paul Dunphy were able to find their way around the course posting the best score. Congratulations to all of the players is this year's event.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Steak & Corn / Mixed Haig

Yesterday we held the annual Steak & Corn / Mixed Haig tournament and this year we had a total of 44 players looking to walk away with the top prize of a juicy steak. Susanne & Brian Sambleson have been putting on this event for a number of year and again they did a great job. This year our winner's were Tom Kelly & Jane Moser who won by the slimmest of margins, below is a photo of our winner's with our tournament convenors.

The following groups all walked away with steak, congratulations on a job well done!
1st - Tom Kelly & Jane Moser (62.2)
2nd - Doug Bruce & Elke Oley (62.8)
3rd - Brian Sambleson & Norma Columbus (63.8)
4th - Tom Markakos & Sue Dickinson (65.4)
5th - Stephen Flude & Meri Calder (66.4)
6th - Don Hobb & Diana Packer (66.4)
7th - Les Pereira & Margaret Chew (66.6)
8th - Al VanDusen & Joan Store (66.8)
9th - Brian Murdock & Anne Hill (69.0)
10th - Tim Packer & Lucy Blais (69.8)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Huband & Wife - Rescheduled for Sunday August 28th

The Husband & Wife tournament was scheduled for this past Saturday August 13th but due to inclement weather the event was cancelled. The new date is scheduled for Sunday August 28th, please sign-up online if you plan on playing.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekday Men's Yellow Ball

Our weekday men took part in the yellow ball event this morning, this event has a yellow ball that rotates throughout the group in hopes of completing all 18 holes with it. For some groups that didn't last many holes but for other groups they conquered the course and finished the day strong. Congratulations to the team of Terry Calder, Gary Reeves, Neil Downs & Bob Didiuk who had a yellow ball score of 63.

The following are the top two teams from both the yellow ball & best ball format in today's event:

Yellow Ball
1st - Terry Calder, Gary Reeves, Neil Downs & Bob Didiuk (63)
2nd - Rick Johnston, Doug Bruce, Alex Maggiacomo & Heinz Ludwig (68)

Best Ball
1st - Al Kershaw, Craig Colquhoun, Tom Kelly & Frank Winter (53)
2nd - John Toman, Paul Lacour, Ron Snow & Tom Markakos (54)

Friday, August 12, 2016

Flower Power for Women's Member-Guest

The 70's took over Whitevale yesterday for this year's women's member-guest tournament and what a day it was for everyone who attended. We had 120 players in the field who were treated to great food, an excellent golf course and many different 70's themed activities which included a VW bus photo booth. A special thank you to Zona Pereira and Lori Sheffield for their efforts in making this event a great success every year. Congratulations to our winning team this year that consisted of Joanne Kajganich, Susan Fedorka, Heather Robinson and Vicki Smith. (Zona is standing in for the absent Susan Fedorka in the photo)

1st - Joanne Kajganich, Susan Fedorka, Heather Robinson & Vicki Smith. (68)
2nd - Barb Rogers, Jeanne Beaith, Pam Kilmer & Gloria Sinclair (69)
3rd - Meri Calder, Sue Baker, Helga Reffle & Katie Schwemlein (71)

Friday, August 5, 2016

T-4th for Lauren Bevan at (U15) Girls' Championship

August 3rd - August 4th (Shelburne, Ont.) - Earlier this week Lauren Bevan had a strong showing at Shelburne Golf Club in the Girls' U15 Championship. Lauren put together scores of 76 - 72 to finish in a tie for fourth place.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Senior Ryder Cup (SRC)

The season is over for the Whitevale team in the SRC, the two-man team gross match play tournament. In total, there are 76 clubs from Michigan, New York State and Ontario competing in 19 four-club divisions. We competed against Rattle Snake Point, Mill Run and Oakville golf clubs this year. Each team was comprised of 6 Seniors and 2 Super Seniors (65+) at each event. Mill Run won our Division with 64 points, while Rattle Snake Point was second with 57, Whitevale had 54 and Oakville earned 17 points. Mill Run will qualify for a playoff or potentially directly into Championship Day at St. Catherines GC in September.

I wish to thank all our participants this season: Fred Calvert, Mike McGarragle, Bob Nebel, Declan Dunn, Dave Walker, Barry Catterall, Kevin Hughes, Dennis Matton, Bob Spahn, Doug McIntyre, Ron Bell, Al Swartz and John Trimble.

As a reminder, Qualifying for 2017 Team will be as follows:
·         Between September 1 and 12, 2016, potential candidates will play 2 rounds at their schedule to establish their 2 qualifying scores.
·         Blue tees will be used.
·         Player must be at least 55 years of age on or before May 15, 2017.
·         Players must play their qualifying rounds with fellow qualifying competitors.
·          Players must inform the Pro Shop prior to teeing off that they are attempting to qualify, and return a signed card after the game.
·         There will be a $10 fee (cash) for each qualifier each game, to off-set costs of game at WGC.
The Club wishes to field the best possible team and up to 16 competitors will be registered with SRC for the 2017 competition.
Senior Ryder Cup Captain – Walt Lemon

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Champions - 2016

What a weekend it has been at Whitevale, after 3 spectacular days of weather and great golf congratulations to all of this year's winner's. Here is a list of the winner's from each flight from this year's club championship:

Men's Club Champion - Cam Hreljac
Men's A Flight - Dave Myrvold
Men's B Flight - Joe Beninato
Men's C Flight - Ken Fedosen
Men's Weekday Club Champion - Randy Chew

Women's Club Champion - Ann Griffin
Women's A Flight - Cindy Alexiou
Women's B Flight - Margaret Hart
Women's C Flight - Mary Charlton

Junior Boys Club Champion - Luke O'Neill
Juvenile Boys Club Champion - Eamonn O'Neill
Junior Girls Club Champion - Lauren Bevan

For a complete listing of the results please click on the link below:

Men's A, B & C and Women's Champ, A. B & C flights

Men's Championship Flight

Club Championship Pay Outs

Men's Championship Flight
1st - Cam Hreljac ($300)
2nd - Mark Brewer ($200)
3rd - Brendan Dunphy ($100)
t-4th - Niilo Schonfeld ($41)
t-4th - Sean McCullough ($41)
t-4th - Wade Brackenbury ($41)

Men's A Flight
1st - Dave Myrvold ($175)
2nd - Steve Cooper ($100)
3rd - Ed Griffin ($75)
4th - Jim Glover ($50)

Men's B Flight
1st - Joe Beninato ($125)
2nd - Gerry Dinneen ($100)
t-3rd - John Alexiou ($62.50)
t-3rd - Stephen Stuart ($62.50)

Men's C Flight
1st - Ken Fedosen ($125)
2nd - Peter Wieser ($100)
3rd - Kevin Ashe ($75)
4th - Bryan Ramsey ($50)

Women's Championship Flight
1st - Ann Griffin ($150)
2nd - Jackie Dunne ($100)

Women's A Flight
1st - Cindy Alexiou ($75)
2nd - Lynda Lennon ($50)

Women's B Flight
1st - Margaret Hart ($75)
2nd - Kandice Brackenbury ($50)

Women's C Flight
1st - Mary Charlton ($75)
2nd - Joan Store ($50)

Junior Club Champions
Junior Boys - Luke O'Neill ($50)
Juvenile Boys - Eamonn O'Neill ($50)
Junior Girls - Lauren Bevan ($50)