Thursday, July 7, 2016

Senior Ryder Cup

Senior Ryder Cup (SRC)

The Whitevale team has now played three matches in the 2016 Senior Ryder Cup. There are 76 clubs in SRC a team gross match play competition, from eastern Michigan through all of southern Ontario and into New York State. 

We are in a division with Oakville, Rattle Snake Point and Mill Run. Our team earned 18 of a possible 24 points yesterday at Rattle Snake. The next match is at Mill Run on July 25. 

The standings after three matches are:

Mill Run - 47
Rattle Snake - 43
Whitevale - 41
Oakville - 13

We will need to beat both Mill Run and Rattle Snake on the 25th to proceed to Championship Day at St. Catherine GC on September 19.

Walt Lemon - Team Captain

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