Monday, December 7, 2015

Paul Da Prato

It is with much sadness that we report on the sudden passing of Whitevale Golf Club member Paul Da Prato. A member for a short period of time, Paul embraced the Whitevale spirit immediately. A true gentleman, Paul will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Da Prato family at this time.

May 28, 1953 - November 24, 2015

Suddenly, on November 24, 2015 age 62 years. Loving husband to Virginia and lovingly remembered by his dear mother Eva and fondly remembered by his mother-in-law Carmen. Dear father to Stephanie and Andrea and cherished grandfather to Dominic. Paul will be truly missed by his sisters Carol (ken) and Antoinette (Paul) and his dear brother Joseph (Sheena) and all his loving nieces and nephews and cousins.

Visitation will be held at the McEACHNIE FUNERAL HOME, 28 Old Kingston Rd., Ajax (Pickering Village) 905-428-8488 on Monday, December 7, 2015 from 2-4 & 7-9 pm. 

Mass of Christian Burial will take place at St. Francis de Sales Roman Catholic Church 1001 Ravenscroft Rd., Ajax on Tuesday, December 8, 2015 at 12 noon. The Final Rite of Committal will be at Duffin Meadows Cemetery. Online condolences may be left in the Guest book above. (

Funeral Details
McEachnie Funeral Home
28 Old Kingston Rd, Ajax, ON, CANADA, L1T 2Z7
Monday, 7 Dec 2015 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Monday, 7 Dec 2015 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Mass of Christian Burial
St. Francis de Sales Roman Catholic Church
1001 Ravenscroft Rd., Ajax, ON, CANADA, L1T 4X1
Tuesday, 8 Dec 2015 12:00 PM

Duffin Meadows Cemetery
2505 Mowbry St., Pickering, ON, CANADA, L1V 2P8

Tuesday, 8 Dec 2015 1:15 PM

Monday, November 16, 2015

So You Think You're Tough

It's always a great way to bring the season to an end and the warm weather and beautiful sunshine made it that much better. Thank you to everyone who came out and congratulations to the following teams:

1st Place - Stephen Stuart, Ken Oley, Danny Francour & Bob Doyle. (score 162) $60/each
2nd Place - Josh Hewitt, Luke Tanfield, Paul Dunphy & Mike Lindsay. (score 166) $45/each
3rd Place - Bill Fox, Larry Valianes, Jeff Vermeulen & Wade Brackenbury. (score 167) $30/each
4th Place - John Lyttle, Howard Cooper, Peter Garvey & Mark Brewer. (score 170) $20/each

*Your winnings will be kept in the golf shop if you happen to stop by during the off season or you can pick them up in 2016!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Course Maintenance - November 9th & 10th

On Monday November 9th & Tuesday November 10th the club will have 9 holes CLOSED each day for winter preparation. The procedure that will be taking place is weather sensitive so last minute changes are possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Men's Match Play - Results

Well October is here which means that the men's match play has just wrapped up for the season. This year we had a total of 61 players participate looking to win the event. In the end Adam Hudson was the champion for 2015 after many great matches!

Champion - Adam Hudson ($300)
Runner-Up - Brian Jesty ($200)
Semi-Finalist - Mike Lindsay ($100)
Semi-Finalist - Dennis Matton ($100)
Quarter-Finalist - Robert Lapointe ($75)
Quarter-Finalist - Don O'Brien ($75)
Quarter-Finalist - Bryce Percy ($75)
Quarter-Finalist - Stephen Stuart ($75)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Closing 13 green...for all the right reasons

Members noticed that when we completed our September greens aerification, the 13th green was left untouched. This of course gave way to many fantastic stories throughout the membership as to why. Was I suffering from ADD? Were plans in place to move the green across the river? Was the green so good we didn't want to disturb it? Was it so weak we would kill it? Well, I finally have time to explain the why, and put an end to many incorrect rumors.
The 13th green has two water holding areas that are susceptible to ice buildup during the winter. A high spot along the collar at the front has been preventing surface water from draining off the green. This is not a big issue during the playing season, but after the ground freezes, it causes ice accumulation, which frequently results in dead Poa. In order to fix this issue the collar turf needed to be cut and lifted so we could remove soil on the high spot, bringing it to a consistent and gentle grade away from the green surface.
Sod is removed and grading is about to begin

Using a box scraper we quickly remove the problematic high spot

Fine tuning and sod is ready to be reinstalled

All of this work on the front of the green has now been completed and the sod is back in place. There will be an increase to the frequency of aerification and top dressing in the near future to help level this area out as it was before we began. Had we aerified the green we would not have been able to lift the sod and reinstall it. The aerification process just causes too much disturbance to be successful in this type of project.

Looking forward to next week, Oct 19th -23rd, we will be closing the 13th green and opening a temporary green on the approach to allow us to work phase II of the repair. There is a significant low spot in the center/right of the green that has had recurring problems with ice accumulation every winter. Next week we will work to alleviate this issue by striping the sod off this area and re-grading for positive surface flow. Had we aerified this green in September we would not be able to successful complete this high priority improvement.
This "bird bath" has caused us too much pain in the past, by the end of next week hopefully it will just be a memory of another successful improvement to the golf club. 

In past years we have done the same type of work to greens that had the same problem with great success. The one main difference this time around is that we are starting the work in the 3rd week of October, where every other year we have started on the first day after we closed the course for the season. There are pros and cons to each of these chosen dates. It’s clear both the staff and membership would like to work this sort of project when we are not having to work or play around one another; however, the bigger issue is the weather. Starting something like this in Mid-November means having to battle frost on the grass, in the ground and in the sod. Often we can’t get the day’s work started until 11am or noon when things thaw out. This frost issue also causes grief and a loss of productivity. In past years we have had to bring the sod inside the mechanics bay for the weekend to allow it to thaw out so it can be put back down. Starting the job in November also means no root growth or healing before the winter sets in, leaving the sod susceptible to the harsh winter conditions. The work we have just finished on the front of 13, and the work we will complete next week will have at least 4 full weeks to grow some roots before the grass goes dormant for the season. This will give the turf better survival chances through the winter and give us a great head start in the spring to getting the smoothness back for putting. This work on 13 is not the first green we have improved the surface drainage issue on and it won’t be the last, but it might just be the single largest area on any green we have had to tackle. Once the second phase is complete, which should be before the 23rd, the green will reopen and we will do our best to keep the pin locations away from the disturbed area as it recovers.
 Currently our winter preparation for the golf course is in full swing. You will notice green speeds slowing as we continue to bring the height of cut higher, which helps strengthen the turf for the long winter ahead. We have only had to put two mats out on par 3’s this fall as our divot filling and healing program is working very well.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Women's & Men's Closing Field Days

Last weekend was had our closing field days for both the men and women. The 2015 season has shown excellent participation and the closing field days continued with great attendance to finish off the year. Congratulations to the following teams:

Women's Closing Field Day
1st Place: Lisa Mackie, Zona Pereira, Michelle Miles & Anne Hill (Score: 63.6)
2nd Place: Josette Bell, Teri Courchene, Diana Packer & Janet Martinko (Score: 66.9)
3rd Place: Barb Wolfe, Susanne Sambleson & Chris Denysek (Score: 67.6)

Men's Closing Field Day
1st Place: Mark Brewer, Ron Stoneburgh, Darryl Cooper & Dave Whiting (Score: 56.4)
2nd Place: Bernie Docking, Paul Dunphy, Brendan Wieser & Art Pingree (Score: 58.1)
3rd Place: Kevin Hughes, James Munroe, Bob Adams & Tom Markakos (Score: 59.2)

Thank you to everyone who continues to support our events at the club and have a great off-season, we look forward to seeing you in 2016!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Weekday Men's Match Play Results

Congratulations to the following players of this years weekday men's match play events:
Weekday Doubles Match Play
Winner's - Tom O’Connor & Peter Cant ($100 each)
Finalists - Gary Reeves & Larry Valianes ($60 each)

 Weekday Singles Match Play
Winner - Tom O’Connor ($150)
Finalist - Brian Murdock ($100)
Semi-Finalist - Doug Bruce ($75)
Semi-Finalist - Ken Oley ($75)

Friday, October 2, 2015

Ladies Thursday Cup

As the season starts to slowly come to an end our closing events take place and yesterday the Thursday ladies played their final event, the Thursday Cup. This is the 5th year of it being played with a format that sees the participants play 6 holes better ball, 6 holes alternate shot & 6 holes of scramble. Here are the final standings from yesterdays event, congratulations to everyone who came out and played:

1st Place - Anna Lindsay & Janet Roblin
2nd Place - Joanne Kajganich & Susanne Sambleson
3rd Place - Barb Wolfe & Judy Calder

Monday, September 28, 2015

Women's Singles & Doubles Match Play Results

Both women's match plays have wrapped up and after many great matches we finally have champions for each event.

The final match needed a play-off and after 21 holes Josette Bell was victorious!

Women's Singles
Champion - Josette Bell ($100)
Runner-Up - Barb Rogers ($50)
Semi-Finalist - Lisa Mackie ($25)
Semi-Finalist - Ann Griffin ($25)

The doubles final came down to the last putt on the 18th, congratulations to Linda & Barb on their victory!

Women's Doubles
Champions - Linda Briggs & Barb Rogers ($60/each)
Runners-Up - Josette Bell & Lisa Mackie ($30/each)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fall Derby - Day 2 and Overall Results

Well the weather sure didn't get any better but every team stepped up and completed day 2 in some not so inviting conditions. Here are the results from day 2:

1st Place - Debbie Couch, Chris Couch, Kandice Brackenbury & Wade Brackenbury (score 211)
T-2nd Place - Sandy Docking, Bernie Docking, Jackie Dunne & Colin Dunne (score 214)
T-2nd Place - Suzi Snow-Liska, Heinz Dahn, Ed Hogan & John Eales (score 214)
4th Place - Kim Blake, Dennis Matton, Bob Nebel & John Trimble (score 217)
5th Place - Brian Fee, Tom Bermingham, Steve Rodriguez & Steve Pawson (score 218)
6th Place - Robert Braid, Kevin Hughes, Terry Calder & Al Kershaw (score 220)
T-7th Place - Bob Spahn, Clayton Spahn, Jim Glover & John McCormick (score 224)
T-7th Place - Paul Dunphy, Bill Getz, Wayne Rossall & Don O'Brien (score 224)
9th Place - Dave Sutton, Larry Aicken, Fred Calvert & Kevin Ashe (score 225)
10th Place - Pat Lamanna, John Lyttle, Micheal Woolgar & Leon Lok (score 226)
11th Place - Al Swartz, Norma Columbus, Ophir Dzaldov & Tom Markakos (score 238)

#3 - Closest to the Pin "In 2" - Kandice Brackenbury
#13 - Closest to the Pin "In 2" - Wade Brackenbury

Overall Results

1st Place - Suzi Snow-Liska, Heinz Dahn, Ed Hogan & John Eales (17 points) $70/each
2nd Place - Brian Fee, Tom Bermingham, Steve Rodriguez & Steve Pawson (14 points) $55/each
3rd Place - Kim Blake, Dennis Matton, Bob Nebel & John Trimble (13 points) $45/each
4th Place - Pat Lamanna, John Lyttle, Micheal Woolgar & Leon Lok (11 points) $30/each
T-5th Place - Bob Spahn, Clayton Spahn, Jim Glover & John McCormick (10 points)
T-5th Place - Debbie Couch, Chris Couch, Kandice Brackenbury & Wade Brackenbury (10 points)
T-7th Place - Paul Dunphy, Bill Getz, Wayne Rossall & Don O'Brien (8 points)
T-7th Place - Sandy Docking, Bernie Docking, Jackie Dunne & Colin Dunne (8 points)
9th Place - Robert Braid, Kevin Hughes, Terry Calder & Al Kershaw (7 points)
10th Place - Dave Sutton, Larry Aicken, Fred Calvert & Kevin Ashe (5 points)
11th Place - Al Swartz, Norma Columbus, Ophir Dzaldov & Tom Markakos (3 points)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fall Derby - Day 1 Results

The weather may not have been in our favour for most of the day but after day 1 here are the standings:

1st - Pat Lamanna, Leon Lok, John Lyttle & Michael Woolgar (105 quota points)
2nd - Suzi Liska, Ed Hogan, Heinz Dahn & John Eales (103 quota points)
3rd - Tom Bermingham, Steve Rodriguez, Steve Pawson & Brian Fee (99 quota points)
4th - Bob Spahn, Clayton Spahn, Jim Glover & John McCormick (95 quota points)
5th - Dennis Matton, John Trimble, Kim Blake & Bob Nebel (92 quota points)
6th - Wayne Rossall, Paul Dunphy, Don O'Brien & Al Billington (91 quota points)
T-7th - Larry Aicken, Fred Calvert, Dave Sutton & Kevin Ashe (90 quota points)
T-7th - Tom Markakos, Norma Columbus, Al Swartz & Ophir Dzaldov (90 quota points)
9th - Al Kershaw, Kevin Hughes, Robert Braid & Terry Calder (88 quota points)
T-10th - Chris Couch, Debbie Couch, Nic Iordanis & Kandice Brackenbury (85 quota points)
T-10th - Sandi Docking, Brian Sharp, Jackie Dunne & Colin Dunne (85 quota points)

#3 - Closest to the Pin "In 2" - Team Pink
#13 - Closest to the Pin "In 2" - Colin Dunne

Good luck to everyone on day 2!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Whitevale Team Advances to Senior Ryder Cup Championship Day

September 11, 2015

The Whitevale team advanced to the Championship Day of the Senior Ryder Cup (SRC) at Thornhill G&CC on August 31st. SRC is an eight-man team of six seniors and two super seniors playing different 2-man match play formats, all at gross. We won our division against Scarboro, Emerald Hills and Summit, and then won a playoff at Dundas Valley. Sixteen clubs geographically spread from Oshawa to Windsor to Owen Sound and upper NY State won their divisions, including Whitevale.

Captained by the writer, the team of Mike McGarragle, Barry Catterall, Jim Glover, Kevin Hughes, Al Swartz, John Trimble and  Bob Nebel had a difficult outing at Thornhill and finished well of the pace. It was still a successful first year in this event and the Club is looking forward to future success. Many thanks to team members Dec Dunn, John McCormick, Ron Bell and John Toman for substituting as required over the summer with great skill and determination. The participants have enjoyed the competition immensely.

Walt Lemon, Team Captain

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mixed Match Play Results

The mixed match play wrapped up this past Sunday with the final match being played between the Brackenbury's and the Mackie's. It was a great match and in the end the team of Kandice and Wade came out on top.

Winner's - Kandice & Wade Brackenbury ($100/each)
Finalists - Lisa & Glenn Mackie ($60/each)
Semi-Finalists - Josette & Ron Bell ($40/each)
Semi-Finalists - Norma Columbus & Nigel Rennie ($40/each)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Women's Weekday & Senior Men's Weekday Club Championships

Women's Weekday Club Championship

1st Low Gross - Sue Dickinson - 192 ($75)
2nd Low Gross - Susanne Sambleson - 221 ($50)
1st Low Net - Elke Oley - 174 ($75)

Senior Men's Weekday Club Championship
 55 - 64 Division
1st Low Gross - Larry Valianes - 171 ($75)
1st Low Net - Doug Bruce - 136 ($75)
65+ Division
Low Gross - Rick Johnston - 181
Low Gross - Ray Northey - 151

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Whitevale Classic

It was the new event on the schedule for 2015 and as the day got closer the excitement continued to grow. Yesterday we had 100 players competing and without the efforts of Doug Bruce, Kevin Ashe and Fred Calvert this event wouldn't have been such a success. Congratulations goes out to the following teams who finished in the top 5 in the 2 net best ball format:

1st Place - Tom Bermingham, Wayne Bourgeois, Steve Major & John Higginson (score 126)
2nd Place - Jared Docking, Pat Burrell, Ron McGarrie & Bill Grant (score 128)
3rd Place - Adam Hudson, Jerry Kimber, Nick Desimini & Stan Steinwall (score 129)
4th Place - Glenn Davis, Fred Calvert, Ron Bondar & Brian Murdock (score 130)
T-5th Place - Barry Cattarall, Glenn Mackie, Norm Woods & Kevin Ashe (score 131)
T-5th Place - Jim Glover, Larry Valianes, Ray Northey & Brad Hewitt (score 131)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Whitevale Wins

2015 Men InterClub Champions

On Tuesday, August 25th, the Whitevale team emerged victorious in the annual matches against Cedar Brae, Meadowbrook and Oshawa Golf Clubs. Over the four matches, the 14 man team from Whitevale amassed 286 points to best Oshawa’s 251.5, Meadowbrook’s 241.5 and Cedar Brae`s 229 points. The 2015 team was led by Coordinator Walt Lemon, and was comprised of a Pro for each match plus 12 man teams. The core team was Al Swartz, Paul Dobner, Terry Calder, Steve Flude, Ed Griffin, Jerry Kimber, Tom O`Connor, David Bird, Tom Markakos, Wayne Carpenter and Dan Clancy, with Doug McIntyre, Pat Lamanna, Peter Schuch, Fred Calvert, Ron Bell, Mike Raptopulos, John McCormick, John Mikula, Steve Cooper, David Bird, Padraig Darby and Kim Blake filling in as required over the summer. This is Whitevale`s 9th win since inception of the competition in 1990. Pros Ryan, Charlie, Ray and Kevan added skill and experience as they competed against Pros from the other clubs.

The winning team on August 25 from left to right in photo was Pat Lamanna, Charlie Doherty, Peter Schuch, Al Swartz, John Mikula, Walt Lemon, Fred Calvert, Wayne Carpenter, Terry Calder, Tom O`Connor, Tom Markakos, Steve Flude Ed Griffin and Doug McIntyre. Well played, gentlemen!

Submitted by:
Walt Lemon

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Junior/Senior Recap

The junior/senior event is one of those events that many golfers can remember playing in from an early age. The alternate shot format makes this event special and most of the time players end up seeing parts of the course they normally don't. This year the winner's were Kevin & Chris O'Brien who had a net score of 78.


9 Hole Participants

18 Hole Participants

Congratulations to everyone who participated and supported today's event!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Steak & Corn / Mixed Haig

The forecast didn't look promising going into yesterday's event but everyone who showed up played through some challenging conditions and finished. Our field had 34 dedicated player's and after the last card was handed in the team of Doug Bruce & Judy Calder were the winner's. This event is great fun because the prizes handed out are steaks for the top half of the field and corn for the bottom half of the field.

Steak Winner's
1st Place - Doug Bruce & Judy Calder (score - 61)
2nd Place - Tom Kelly & Eileen Fitzpatrick (score - 63)
3rd Place - Peter Brandt & Janet Roblin (score - 69)
4th Place - Colum McAuley & Sue Dickinson (score - 70)
5th Place - Brian Murdock & Suzi Snow-Liska (score - 70)
6th Place - Howard Cooper & Linda Briggs (score - 70)
7th Place - Wayne Carpenter & Pamela Cooper (score - 71)
8th Place - John Toman & Andrea Kerr (score - 71)
9th Place - Brian Sambleson & Zona Pereira (score - 72)
10th Place - Stephen Flude & Susanne Sambleson (score - 72)
Corn Winner's
11th Place - Tom O'Connor & Lucy Blais (score - 73)
12th Place - Paul Lacour & Peter Cant (score - 73)
13th Place - Rod Roblin & Barb Rogers (score - 73)
14th Place - Marc Charette & Anna Lindsay (score - 74)
15th Place - Tom Lindsay & Patty Davis (score - 82)
16th Place - Rick Johnston & Les Pereira
17th Place - Luiz de Carvalho & Joanne Kajganich

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Husband & Wife / Guys & Dolls

We had another great day yesterday hosting the husband & wife tournament, the temperatures were hot and so was the golf. In the always difficult alternate shot format the team of Lisa & Mark Brewer came out on top with a great score of 66.

1st Place - Lisa & Mark Brewer - 66 ($70/each)
2nd Place - Debbie & Chris Couch - 67 ($60/each)
3rd Place - Sharon & John Pullam - 67.5 ($50/each)
T-4th Place - Anne & John Trimble - 68 ($35/each)
T-4th Place - Lori & Glen Sheffield - 68 ($35/each)
6th Place - Susan & Mike Doria - 68.5 ($20/each)
7th Place - Josette & Ron Bell - 69
8th Place - Meri & Terry Calder - 70.5
9th Place - Jackie & Colin Dunne - 71.5
10th Place - Darlene & Bob Doyle - 72.5
11th Place - Lynda & Dave Lennon - 73
12th Place - Sandi & Bernie Docking - 74
13th Place - Kandice & Wade Brackenbury - 74.5
14th Place - Yvette Fulton & Gerry Lawrence - 75
15th Place - Janet & Rod Roblin - 75.5
16th Place - Chris & Dave Denysek - 76.5
17th Place - Barb Rogers & Peter Schuch - 79
18th Place - Cindy & John Alexiou - 84.5

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Men's Senior Ryder Cup

The Whitevale team has advanced to the Championship Day of the Senior Ryder Cup (SRC) at Thornhill G&CC on August 31st. SRC is an eight-man team of six seniors and two super seniors playing different 2-man match play formats, all at gross. Sixty-four clubs geographically spread from Oshawa to Windsor to Listowell and upper NY State have been competing in divisions of four clubs. The Whitevale team, Captained by the writer, emerged from competions at home, Summit, Emerald Hills and Scarboro with 59 points, out of a maximum of 96. The team then played in a playoff on August 13 at Dundas Valley GC to eliminate one club. This competition was against Kingsville GC, Highlands GC and Port Colbourne GC. Our pairs of Kevin Hughes and John McCormick, Ron Bell and Declan Dunn, John Trimble and Bob Nebel and Al Swartz with Walt Lemon captured 21 of a possible 24 points to ensure entry to the Championship Day.

The core team included Mike McGarragle, Barry Catterall and Jim Glover, who were unavailable for August 13th. Many thanks to team members Dec Dunn, John McCormick, Ron Bell and John Toman for substituting as required over the summer with great skill and determination. This is Whitevale’s first year in this competition and the participants have enjoyed it immensely.

Please wish the team well for the August 31st Championship Day.

Walt Lemon, Team Captain

Friday, August 14, 2015

Women's Member-Guest

This year's Women's Member-Guest was absolutely fantastic for so many reasons. Zona & Lori did a great job on making this event so special for the 124 women who participated. The weather always plays a big part and we received maybe the best day so far this summer with sunny skies and warm temperatures. The theme was white and the effort put in by numerous groups and their outfits made everything that much better. Not to be overshadowed were the winners of the event, congratulations to Barb Rogers, Gloria Sinclair, Jeanne Beaith and Pam Kilmer with a score of 64.

2nd Place: Jackie Dunne, Anne Trimble, Bonnie Worboys & Cindy Elliott (score: 69)
3rd Place: Susan Diclemente, Lina Fennell, Sheila Psek & Bernice Wainberg (score: 70)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Club Championship Wrap Up

This past weekend was the club championships and it was another fantastic event. Over the three day's we had over 160 players competing for numerous trophies. Congratulations to the following players:


Championship Flight
1st Place - Mark Brewer - 290 ($300)
2nd Place - Mark Burrell - 303 ($200)
3rd Place - Kevin Duda - 306 ($100)
T-4th Place - Brad Haley - 307 ($75)
T-4th Place - Wade Brackenbury - 307 ($75)

"A" Flight
1st Gross - Al Swartz - 241 ($125)
2nd Gross - Bob Nebel - 250 ($75)
1st Net - Jerry Kimber - 212 ($125)
2nd Net - Ophir Dzaldov - 222 ($75)

"B" Flight
1st Place - Nello Mariani - 108 ($125)
2nd Place - Michael Doria - 105 ($75)
T-3rd Place - David Bird - 104 ($50)
T-3rd Place - Gerry Dinneen - 104 ($50)

"C" Flight
1st Place - Bryan Ramsay - 114 ($125)
2nd Place - Tom Kelly - 109 ($75)
T-3rd Place - Ken Fedosen - 106 ($50)
T-3rd Place - Kevin Ashe - 106 ($50)


Championship Flight
1st Place - Gail Pimm - 241 ($175)
2nd Place - Angela Colm - 254 ($100)

"A" Flight
1st Gross - Josette Bell - 274 ($75)
1st Net - Lisa Mackie - 225 ($50)

"B" Flight
1st Place - Lucy Blais - 106 - ($75)
2nd Place - Judi McIlroy - 104 ($50)

"C" Flight
1st Place - Pamela Cooper - 108 ($75)
2nd Place - Julie Pingree - 105 ($50)

Weekday Men's

1st Gross - Sasha Mikijelj - 247 ($75)
1st Net - Nick Desimini - 210 ($75)


Juvenile Boys
1st Gross - Matt Billington - 274 ($50)
1st Net - Alex O'Brien - 216 ($50)

Junior Boys
1st Gross - Luke O'Neill - 265 ($50)

Junior Girls
1st Gross - Lauren Bevan - 254 ($50)

Please click on the following link to view complete tournament results:

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Club Championship 2015

Follow along all weekend with our live scoring:

*Please note that for the flights using stableford scoring that it shows up in reverse order on the leaderboard.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Traffic Light

The golf club has no jurisdiction over the traffic light on golf club rd. All complaints or concerns need to be address to the city of Pickering, customer care department.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Women's & Men's Haig Results

Women's Haig

1st - Darlene Doyle & Mary Charlton - 65 ($60/each)
2nd - Ann Griffin & Ann Trimble - 68 ($50/each)
T-3rd - Lucy Blais & Linda Briggs - 69 ($35/each)
T-3rd - Lisa Mackie & Kandice Brackenbury - 69 ($35/each)
5th - Josette Bell & Norma Columbus - 71 ($20/each)
6th - Lynda Lennon & Lori Sheffield - 72
T-7th - Debbie Couch & Sandi Docking - 73
T-7th - Joanne Kajganich & Theresa Arbothnot - 73
9th - Kelly Glass & Jodi Crerar - 79
10th - Liane Garvey & Anne Hill - 81
11th - Julie Pingree & Dawna Matton - 85

Men's Haig

1st Low Net - Kevin Ashe & Tom Bermingham - 62 ($115/each)
1st Low Gross - Craig Burrell & Pat Burrell - 72 ($100/each)
2nd Low Net - Pat Lamanna & John Lyttle - 66 ($90/each)
T-3rd Net - Micheal Woolgar & Ed Griffin - 67 ($70/each)
T-3rd Net - Al Swartz & Peter Schuch - 67 ($70/each)
T-3rd Net - Fraser Cartwright & Peter Richardson - 67 ($70/each)
T-6th Net - Paul Stephenson & Glenn Mackie - 68 ($36.25/each)
T-6th Net - Ron Stoneburgh & Mark Crerar - 68 ($36.25/each)
T-6th Net - Mike McGarragle & Steve Rodriguez - 68 ($36.25/each)
T-6th Net - Steve Flude & Tom Kelly - 68 ($36.25/each)
T-10th Net - Art Pingree & Stan Lam - 69
T-10th Net - Steve Campbell & Don Hobb - 69
T-10th Net - Mike Lindsay & Chris Couch - 69
T-10th Net - Steve Pawson & Brian Fee - 69
T-10th Net - Rod Roblin & Elmar Mosar - 69
T-15th Net - Jim McGilton & Stephen Robinson - 70
T-15th Net - Bob Nebel & Kim Blake - 70
T-15th Net - Pat Scanga & Ken Fedosen - 70
T-18th Net - Paul DaPrato & Stan Steinwall - 71
T-18th Net - Wade Brackenbury & John McCormick - 71
T-18th Net - Dennis Matton & Glenn Hogg - 71
T-18th Net - Kevin Hughes & Dave Whiting - 71
T-18th Net - John Trimble & Ryan Trimble - 71
23rd Net - Bernie Docking & Wade Brackenbury - 72
T-24th Net - Walt Lemon & Bob Adams - 73
T-24th Net - Doug McIntyre & Peter Lambrinos - 73
T-24th Net - Dave Wallace & Peter Garvey - 73
T-24th Net - Adam Husdon & Al Billington - 73
28th Net - Ron Bell & Angelo Diclemente - 74
T-29th Net - Peter Brandt & Neil Downs - 75
T-29th Net - Jim Glover & Fred Calvert - 75
T-29th Net - Wade Jamieson & Stephen Spiers - 75
32nd Net - John Pullam & Jim Allen - 80
33rd Net - Don Pickthall & Tim Charlton - 87

Congratulations to today's winners and we look forward to seeing everyone at next weekend's club championships!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Club Championship - Volunteers Needed

From Saturday August 1st to Monday August 3rd the club championships will be played, one of the biggest events of the year. In an effort to make the three days as smooth as possible we have had members volunteer in the past to assist will duties like time keepers, spotters, etc. With the championship weekend just over a week away we are still looking for members to help out. We need people for all three days so if you're interested please sign-up on the website and indicate your availability.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tim Packer

On Friday July 24th Whitevale member Tim Packer will be setting up his easel at the clubhouse in the early morning hours to help raise funds for our Cancer Society Drive. Tim will start and finish a 24” by 36” painting in the one day.  The painting will be auctioned off at the club later this season with all of the proceeds going to the Canadian Cancer Society. Tim will be creating one of his trademark “Sun through the trees” paintings depicting the view looking up from the path on the way to the 12th green. The regular retail price for a painting of Tim’s of this size is $3,295.00.

Tim is an internationally recognized painter whose work can be found in private and corporate collections around the world. He is the former president of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour and a former senior signature member of the Canadian Institute of Portrait Artists.

Two giclee reproductions of Tim’s work are currently in the club house… one in the east Garden Entrance hall and one in the Lounge.

Tim participates in a similar fundraising initiative with the Toronto Police Service and the United Way each year by completing a painting in one day in the lobby of Toronto Police Headquarters. You can see a fast motion video of the 2013 painting being completed on youtube at the following link.

Drop by, say hello and watch the painting take shape throughout the day.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Men's & Women's Senior Club Championship Results

Senior Women's Club Championship

Overall Low Gross - Gail Pimm - 150 ($50)
2nd Low Gross - Ann Griffin - 168 ($50)
Overall Low Net - Norma Columbus - 143 ($75)
Diamonds Low Net - Joan Store - 144 ($50)

Senior Men's Club Championship

1st Low Gross - Barry Fairhurst - 157 ($125)
2nd Low Gross - Fred Calvert - 158 ($100)
3rd Low Gross - Mike McGarragle - 160 ($75)

1st Low Net - Bob Spahn - 139 ($125)
2nd Low Net - Pat Burrell - 141 ($100)
3rd Low Net - Walt Lemon - 143 ($75)

65+ Division

1st Low Gross - Jim Glover - 164 ($90)
2nd Low Gross - John Toman - 168 ($60)

1st Low Net - Peter Schuch - 141 ($90)
2nd Low Net - Grant Barrett - 143 ($60)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Men's Member-Guest

On Friday July 10th we hosted the Men's Member-Guest for the first time in two years. Along with excellent weather, fabulous course conditions and a great field we crowned the winning team. Congratulations to Brad Haley and his guest Brandon Skytta who had a winning score of 60!

Final Results
1st Overall - Brad Haley & Brandon Skytta (60)
2nd Net - Keith MacIsaac & Don Fox (64)
3rd Net - Cam Hreljac & Brad Sayers (64)
4th Net - Jared Docking & Patrick Jobb (64)
1st Gross - Mark Burrell & Todd Burrell (71)
2nd Gross - Adam Hudson & Lee Hummell (71)
Callaway - Jody Bevan & Paul Bevan

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Junior Mentoring Program

One of the new programs for 2015 is the junior mentoring program. It invites a few selected junior members to join a couple of morning groups on selected weekend days throughout the year. A special thank you to Steve Campbell, Mark Brewer, Anne Trimble, Ann Griffin and Marianne Goss who participated on Sunday July 5th. The junior members who joined them were Trent Cox, Mark Wodz and Lauren Bevan.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Senior Ryder Cup - Qualifying for 2016

Men’s Senior Ryder Cup

The Senior Men’s Ryder Cup was created to provide a forum for senior men in Southern Ontario who enjoy competitive match play. There are 60 clubs stretching from Oshawa and Wyndance in the east, to Listowell in the north, London in the east and down into Niagara, with four New York State clubs also involved in 2015. Whitevale is participating for the first time in 2015, in a division with Scarboro, Summit and Emerald Hills GCs. We hosted the initial 2015 event and took the most points. This is a gross match play event. Each team has two Super Seniors (65+) and six Seniors (55+). Thornhill GC will host the Division Winners in late August to name an overall champion.
The 2015 Senior Club Championship on July 18 and 19, 2015 is the Qualifying tournament for the 2016 Senior Ryder Cup team.
All Senior and Super Seniors members wishing to Qualify must play Blue tees.
Please refer to for additional information. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call Walt Lemon at 416 493-5521 if you wish more details.

Men's Four-Ball

The beautiful weather brought out some great outfits and some even better golf. A strong field meant some tough competition and congratulations go out to the following teams:

Low Net

1st Place - Paul Dunphy & Wayne Rossall (58)
2nd Place - Stephen Wyzynski & Joe McGillion (60)
3rd Place - Dave Walker & Cam Hreljac (63)
4th Place - Pat Lamanna & John Lyttle (63)
5th Place - Wayne Carpenter & Fred Calvert (63)
6th Place - Bernie Docking & Mark Brewer (64)
7th Place - John McCormick & Ed Griffin (64)
8th Place - Kevin Ashe & Mike O'Callahan (64)
9th Place - Derek Boate & Brian Jesty (65)
10th Place - Steve Flude & Tom Kelly (65)
11th Place - Mike Mahon & Gerry Dinneen (65)

Low Gross

1st Place - Don O'Brien & Adam Hudson (72)
1st Place - Glenn Mackie & Don Davis (72)
1st Place - Steve Campbell & Clayton Spahn (72)

Women's Flag Day - Results

It was a sea of red & white today with many players showing their support of Canada Day and participating in Women's Flag Day. A big thank you to all of the participants and congratulations to the following players:

1st - Zona Periera (final shot on the 19th green, well done!)
2nd - Joanne Kajganich
3rd - Sandi Docking
4th - Lucy Blais
5th - Barb Rogers
6th - Patty Davis
7th - Kandice Brackenbury
8th - Angela Colm
9th - Lisa Brewer

Job well done!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mixed Haig Results

Thank you to everyone who came and participated in today's event, especially those who played in the afternoon rain and wind. Congratulations to the following teams who all tied for 1st place after posting scores of 66:

Ron & Josette Bell
Steve Campbell & Kandice Brackenbury
Mark & Jodi Crerar
Dennis & Dawna Matton

Friday, June 26, 2015

Tournament Eligibility
In 2011, the Captain’s Committee informed the membership that in order to play in any club competition a minimum of 85% of all rounds played at Whitevale needed to be posted to the Handicap System.
Because of problems with the Peer Reporting System, the lack of a club house and problems with our greens, this policy was not enforced.
All of those problems are now behind us and therefore, effective July 1st the 85% compliance mandate will be enforced. The 85% factor will be increased to 90% on August 1st and to its final target of 95% on September 1st.
The pro shop will have a list of all members that are not in compliance and can assist you in entering any missing scores.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Men's Night Shot-Gun - Wednesday June 24th

With 112 player's in today's event it sure is nice seeing the support from the membership. A big thank you to tonight's sponsors; All Turf, Adidas and Steam Whistle who contributed to making this event a success. Congratulations go out to the following players:

Winning Team - Luiz de Carvalho, Brian Murdock, Rick Johnston & Bill Grant.
Closest to the Pin - #4 Rick Johnston & #14 Bryce Percy

*Special mention goes out to Charles Miller who had a hole in one on #12 during today's event!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Men's League Update

Please note due to the Men's Night Shot-Gun this week and the July 1st holiday the following week there will be no men's league play. The next men's league date will be Wednesday July 8th.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Longest Day Raffle Winners

Thank you to all who supported our Longest Day of Golf.

Below are some winning tickets that need to be claimed.

Red Ticket #541-0421
Red Ticket #541-0403
Green Ticket # 016-9363
Red Ticket # 541-0506
Red Ticket #541-0300
Red Ticket #541-0297

And Mr. Mike Mahone - You are the winner of the box of Golf Balls.

Please pick up your prizes in the office,

Look at the Whitevale sky.

Crowd gathers to cheer on the team

10 rounds - 14 hours of golf and they are all smiles

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Longest Day of Golf

The Canadian Cancer Society needs your help. Please support our team for the Longest Day of Golf.

Longest day of Golf Donation Link

Friday, June 12, 2015

Lottery Information - Update

After some further review we have adjusted the lottery schedule so it reflects the correct process of when it's completed. Below is the information on when the lottery will be run and this schedule will begin on Thursday June 18th:

Day of Play                              Lottery Takes Place
Monday                                    Thursday morning
Tuesday                                    Friday morning
Wednesday                               Saturday morning
Thursday                                  Sunday morning
Friday                                       Monday morning
Saturday                                   Tuesday morning
Sunday                                      Wednesday morning

*On Thursday June 18th we will be running the lottery for both Sunday (current schedule) & Monday (new schedule).

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Men's Match Play - 2015

The matches have been set and the bracket has been posted in the locker room. The first round MUST be completed by Sunday July 5th, good luck to all participants. Below is a quick run down of the seeding's:

1. Mike Lindsay                                
2. Bryce Percy                                  
3. Mark Brewer
4. Bryan Ramsey
5. Fred Calvert
6. Wade Brackenbury
7. Steve Cooper
8. Padraig Darby
9. Mike Raptopolous
10. Peter Lambrinos
11. Dan Harnett
12. Brian Jesty
13. Billy Cranney
14. Stephen Stuart
15. Andrew Jackson
16. Mike Doria
17. John Black
18. Brian King
19. Kim Blake
20. Dec Dunn
21. Clayton Spahn
22. Barry Catterall
23. Paul Dobner
24. Dan Clancy
25. Steve Campbell
26. Adam Hudson
27. Dennis Matton
28. Bob Spahn
29. Jim Glover
30. Rob Watt
31. Glenn Mackie
32. Tim Rutherford
33. Al Swartz
34. Bob Doyle
35. Paul Dunphy
36. Pat Lamanna
37. Gerard Dineen
38. Ophir Dzaldov
39. Gabor Karl
40. Brian Sharp
41. Dave Cicchelli
42. Mike Mahon
43. Peter Wieser
44. Pat Scanga
45. Dave Sutton
46. Leon Lok
47. James Munroe
48. Ed Griffin
49. John Liska
50. Steve Rodriguez
51. Derek Boate
52. John Lyttle
53. Nigel Rennie
54. Doug McIntyre
55. Will Harris
56. Robert Lapointe
57. Michael Woolgar
58. Al Billington
59. Ryan Robillard
60. Ron McGarrie
61. Don O'Brien

Monday, June 8, 2015

Men's Interclub Qualifying

June 13, 2015 is the final day of qualifying for the Men's Interclub competition against Cedar Brae, Oshawa and Meadowbrook Golf Clubs.

Qualifying costs $20 for three chances. Tell Pro Shop staff you wish to qualify, and hand in your card to them after your game. Use blue tees if 14 handicap or lower, white tees if 15 and over.

If questions, call Walt Lemon at 416 493-5521.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Scarborough District Foursomes

Scarborough District Foursomes is a great event, open to all lady golfers with a handicap of 40 or less. The format is Quota Points, which tends to favour the higher handicap golfers a little more than the lower handicappers, so having a high handicap should not be a deterrent.

For anyone interested in playing in any or all of these events, they must submit a scorecard, (signed by the Proshop prior to their round), and indicate on the card which SDF event they are submitting for. Hand the card into the Proshop after your round and tell them it is for the Scarborough District Foursomes and which event. After the cut-off date, the top four "quota point" scorecards will be selected as the team for that event. 

Everyone is encouraged to submit a card for each event date, as the team can, and does, change for each event. At the event, you will be put into a grouping with three other golfers – one from each of the other clubs – and will play your round with them.  Again, the round is based on quota points and at the end of the event each club adds up the quota points from their four players and the clubs are then ranked one through four and given points.  After all four events are held, the top team then goes on to a final event where they play against the winners of the other groupings in Scarborough District. 

The grouping that we are in this year is, Granite, Wyndance, and Sleepy Hollow. Each club will host a competition, and the schedule is as follows: 

Granite           -  Monday         June 22     -     cut off June 14
Whitevale       -  Monday          July 6       -     cut off June 30
Wyndance      -  Thursday        Aug 6       -     cut off  July 29
Sleepy Hollow -  Wednesday    Aug 26      -     cut off Aug 18

If anyone wants more information or has any questions, they are more than welcome to contact Margaret Chew at 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Misplaced Items

It has come to our attention that some items from the locker rooms have started to be "misplaced".

A Garmin watch and a pair of street shoes are the latest items to have been lost. If found, please return to the Pro Shop no questions asked.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


OTTO JOHN MÜLLER August 1, 1934 - May 14, 2015 

We are saddened by the news of former Whitevale Golf Club member Otto Muller has passed away this week. Otto will always be a part of Whitevale as many of the healthy trees you see on our course have been planted by Otto. Our thoughts and prayers are with Gabby and the rest of the family during this difficult time. A true gentleman in every sense, he will be greatly missed.

Full obituary below:

To plant a Tree is an act of faith in the earth An act of hope for the future An act of humanity towards coming generations who will enjoy its fruits after we shall be gone. L. Merrier Born on the first of August, 1934, Otto John Müller began his life in a tumultuous Western Europe reeling from the events of the Second World War. Son of Ferenc and Erzsébet, brother to György and Erzsébet, Otto emigrated from Hungary during the Revolution of 1956 in an attempt to carve out a better future in Canada. A gifted plantsman, Otto soon found work in the blossoming horticultural industry in Ottawa and was soon humbled by the beautiful and charming Gabrielle Laderoute; beginning a marriage that would last 54 years. It was not long before their love bore their eldest daughter Elizabeth, followed by Katherine and their son, John. The family moved to Pickering, where Otto found work with Leslie L. Solty & Sons Limited as a Landscape Construction Supervisor. Otto's pioneering spirit soon led to the opening of O.J. Müller Landscape Contractor Ltd. in 1980, a business which continues in operation under the ownership of John with the assistance of his two sons. Otto's tenaciousness and unbreakable work ethic are passed on to his grandchildren: Zachary, Madelaine and Isabelle of Elizabeth and Michael Snowden; Brian and Jeffrey of Katherine and Jim McGilton; and Christopher and Matthew of Karen (nee Larin) and John.

He is remembered by his colleagues as an honest and creative businessman who demanded the very best of people by offering only his best in return. A grower of men and other tender things, Otto reminds us that it is not we who take care of the plants, but the plants that take care of us. He died peacefully, in his sleep, on the morning of May 14, 2015. In an act of humanity towards coming generations, donations are welcome to both the promotion of the landscape industry and the further improvement of geriatric care.

Donations may be made to the Otto Müller Memorial Landscape Scholarship Fund, courtesy of the Ontario Horticultural Trades Foundation, 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8. Donations can be made in memory of Otto Müller to enhance geriatric care through the Research Program Fund at the Toronto Rehab Foundation, 550 University Avenue, Toronto, ON M5G 2A2. Online condolences can be left at A visitation will be held on May 21st at The Simple Alternative, 1057 Brock Road, Pickering, from 2-4 and 6-9 p.m. A memorial service will be held on May 22nd at 11 a.m. at The Simple Alternative.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Mowing of greens, post aerification, has commenced and putting will significantly improve starting now. In past years we had begun mowing greens the 3rd day after aerifying. This has always resulted in significant sand being picked up by the mowers. This causes damage to the cutting blades, resulting in damage to the grass plant which in turn, causes a decline in turf recovery and an increase in disease infection. The USGA now recommends not mowing for 5 to7 days to prevent these problems. We all know this resulted in very hairy, shaggy and slow greens over the last 7 days. I have, however seen a definite improvement in overall plant health and rooting. This short term pain for long term gain is conditioning the turf for the stresses of summer that lie just ahead. Thank you all for being patient with us during the week. You will have better greens this summer as a result. Recently I came across a video produced by the USGA that does an excellent job of explaining why all golf courses aerate. This 3 minute video is worth watching twice. Please click on the link to view, and then share it with your golfing friends.

Approaching mid-May, we are beginning to catch up on many jobs that have been neglected this spring due to the demands made by clubhouse and practice facility openings and the overall development project at hand. Over the next few weeks we will be getting all staff, whether they be veterans or rookies, into a routine on all jobs that meet the quality standards we strive for. It is common early in each season for members to feel some jobs are getting neglected. Training new staff is very labour intensive and the productivity while this is happening is usually low as it ties up experienced staff who are helping with the training, and who ultimately should be tackling other jobs. This spring I’ve also felt like my productivity has ground to a slow crawl. Projects like the cart barn demolition, clubhouse landscaping, entrance road rebuild, staff training, and maintaining a tight hand on inventory and budget keeps me challenged for enough hours in the day. Despite those challenges we will soon be installing irrigation to the clubhouse surrounds and new 1st tees. So it does not surprise me when members ask me when are we ever going to get to some jobs they see as high priority. One thing we all need to be clear on is we are budget driven and have limited man power. I am responsible for seeing to it we stay within the approved operating budget. I would love to call a few contractors to come in and get some of the many jobs we have on our list taken care of, but this would be expensive and drive us over budget. So this means some jobs must wait, while we complete staff training and the day to day regular jobs until we can get to those other tasks.

One of the biggest jobs we will be starting this week is re-sodding dead areas on collars and approaches. All these dead areas have a couple of things in common. They were all Poa annua areas that succumbed to the harsh elements over the winter. These areas were outside the regions covered by our tarps, and having tarps in place on all of our greens was very beneficial this winter. Most of the apron dead areas are on slopes. These areas had little or no snow cover resulting in wind desiccation.

This is the 5th green and collar/approach the day we removed the tarp. It is painfully clear how beat up the Poa is that did not have the insulating protection of the tarp.
Here is 9 green last week, and it is also clear where the tarp was in place on the right, but not covering the left. Some of the older tarps do not cover 100% of the green surfaces. As we move forward some of these tarps are at the end of their life expectancy and when replaced will be replaced with ones large enough to cover the entire putting surface. 
We did get a good start sodding the collar/approach down on 5, but did not have enough time to finish with all the other tasks at hand. The area has rooted well, is on the mend and we anticipate these other areas will soon follow. This is an issue that is not isolated to our golf club. Several clubs in the Golden Horseshoe have invested millions of dollars in their greens because of years of issues with dead Poa. St. Georges, Islington, Angus Glen, Deer Ridge, Lambton, and Donalda have all completely rebuilt greens from the drain tile up, to USGA specifications because of problems they experienced due to Poa year after year. We will continue to do what is feasible for us to reduce Poa areas and enhance our growing bent grass population. The preparation of these areas and the sod installation will most likely continue into next week.

In some low lying fairway spots Poa was again killed while the bent grass was un-scathed.
                   As dead as this area is, there is plenty of bent plants that were unaffected.
We are currently working on aerifying these spots and adding soil to level them out which will greatly decrease the likelihood of them holding water in the future. We will then seed them with strong, new bent grass.
These areas are obviously GUR and a free lift if you do hit into them. Bent grass takes 7 to10 days to germinate so it will be mid-June before these areas are grown in enough that we are able to pull the stakes and have them back in play.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2015 Men’s Inter-club

This is a team competition held annually competing against teams from Cedar Brae, Meadowbrook and Oshawa Golf Clubs. Each team is comprised of 14 players: one coordinator, one Professional, and twelve players ranked by handicap. The competition is match play, with each person in your foursome receiving strokes from the low handicap player in the group. You compete for three matches simultaneously, one point for a front-9 win, one for a back-9 win and one for an overall win.

Participation is open to any male member in good standing, whether A, B or C playing category. Each spring a qualifying process is run. For a fee of $20 (to be chatted), any male member can have three attempts to post scores. After signing up, and before playing, the Pro Shop must be notified that you are qualifying that day. Additional attempts to qualify may be purchased for an additional fee of $20.

The team will be comprised of the 12 best qualifying scores, with other qualifiers being retained on a ‘spare’ list. The ideal scenario would be to have 18-24 qualifiers, as that would allow everyone to be guaranteed two matches.

The dates for 2015 are:
·         Monday, June 29 – Oshawa
·         Monday, July 20 – Whitevale
·         Wednesday, August 5 – Meadowbrook
·         Tuesday, August 25 – Cedar Brae

The matches begin at approximately noon with a double tee start, and are followed by a light dinner. The funds from qualifying help cover the costs of meals and team shirts. There may be some charges laid off on a per rata basis at year end to compensate for all costs incurred. Traditionally, this has been less than $100 if a player participated in all four matches.

Please see the poster announcing the qualifying and sign up. Members who have played in past seasons all enjoy the opportunity. We are looking for more participation, it is a great chance to play three other fine courses and meet some interesting players from other clubs.

Walt Lemon
Inter-club Coordinator

416 493-5521

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Thursday Ladies

This is a friendly invitation to all the “Women of Whitevale” whether A, B or C members.  Some of our newer members may not be aware that there is a group of around 20 like-minded, golf-loving, social individuals who sign up to play together on a Thursday morning.  We tee off between 8:30 and 9:30 and we play a different “game” each week, using handicaps to keep a level playing field for all.  We each play our own games every week except for our opening scramble (teams of 4), and our closing Thursday Cup competition in September when we play with a partner.  However you do not need to commit to playing every week as sign up is done on a week by week basis.  We accommodate requests for early or later tee off times so that people can work around their shifts, appointments, etc., and we try to shuffle the groups around so you get to play with different players. 

To find out whether or not you would enjoy playing with the group, do come out to our Opening Day on Thursday, April 30 for a 9:00 am shotgun start.  We recognize that most players will be decidedly rusty at this stage of the season so we traditionally open with our Gamblers’ Scramble, in which we draw cards to see who will be in our foursome and then roll the dice to see whose tee shot will be used on each hole.  After that the format is that of a step-aside (aka drop out) scramble.  Lady Luck therefore has more input into the eventual winners than any golfing prowess we may possess.  (All will be explained on the big day.)

So, if you would like to join us for this fun event, please call the pro shop by Tuesday, April 28 to add your name to the list, and make sure you arrive before 8:00 am on Thursday, April 30, so that we can enjoy a coffee before we see what the cards foretell regarding the make up of each foursome.  After the game we’ll have a casual lunch in our new Whitevale “palace” and talk about the plans for the season.

We look forward to seeing lots of Thursday Ladies out this year - the more the merrier!

Sue Dickinson

If you would like to be included in the Thursday Ladies group email in the future, please let me know at

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Save the Date

Whitevale Golf Club Huge Demo Day

Every year companies release their new equipment for the upcoming season and let’s be honest; when it comes to new clubs everyone gets excited. Whether you’re in the market for a new driver, a set of irons or a new putter the golf shop will have you covered.

On Saturday May 9th from 10 am to 4 pm leading manufactures in golf will be on the range with the latest and greatest equipment for you to try. Some of the companies that will be in attendance included Callaway, Mizuno, Ping, Taylor Made and Titleist, having a set up like this will allow you to try different clubs all on the same day. These companies also bring with them fitting experience and technology that helps in getting you using the proper clubs.

So save the date, more information will follow as the date approaches.

There will be individual fitting days throughout the year for all of the brands listed but a demo day like this allows you access to most of the major all at once.

Friday, January 30, 2015

End of January Clubhouse Tour

Already at the end of January, soon the front doors of the new clubhouse will swing open welcoming the members back to a highly anticipated 2015 season.

Lets take a look at what was completed this month.

Front foyer fabulous stone work.

This type of lighting is prominent throughout the building.

Fireplace, a focal point as it should be. 

Chandeliers for the Grill room. 

Bar looking good.
Ceiling detail on the Garden entrance.
Men's Washroom off the main dining hall.
Women's washroom entrance off main dining hall.

Porter area between locker rooms complete. 

Women lockers are in (just the boxes, the doors not installed)

Locker room vanity

Significant upgrade in our showers

Lined up and ready for opening field day.