Monday, April 29, 2013

Hart sinks his First!

Richard Hart made the first Hole in One of the season and the first of his golfing career with a great shot on hole # 9. It is the second time we have had a Hole in One during a Men's Opening Event and as you can imagine the Insurance didn't last long at the Bar!!
Richard Hart, Kim Blake, Dave Convery and Bob Williams
It is hard to believe but that is the first Hole in One at Whitevale since Tom O'Connor made his in July last summer.
Congratulations Richard!

What a Weekend!

Men's & Women's Opening Field Days

The weather was smiling on Whitevale this weekend with not a snowfalke in sight! This may the earliest date that the Events have been held due to the way the calendar lined up and the resulting effect it had on our greens schedule.

The Women's Opening Field Day took place on Saturday morning with 40 players participating.

The new format of using 3 drives each seemed to be well received. It certainly worked for the winning Team of Jan Pugh, Lisa Brewer, Anne Hill and Janet Martinko who fired a net 67.4.
Second Place went to the Team of Angela Colm, Mary Charlton, Norma Columbus and Teresa Arbuthnot who shot a net 70.4. The Team of Ann Griffin, Lynne Sage, Kandice Brackenbury and Betty Lemon finished in third place with a score of 71.0.
The Men's Opening Field  Day had a wonderful turnout of 140 players. The spectacular weather saw an equally impressive winning score!
The winning Team of Mike Lindsay, Birthday Boy - Pat Burrell (he didn't give us his age), Stan Lam and Heinz Ludwig shot a net 57.5 which was 2 shots clear of the field.
Second place went to the team of Pat Lamanna, Al Swartz, Alex Maggiacomo and Bob Tennyson fired a net 59.5 narrowly edging Ed Hanna's team of Walt Lemon, John Doyle and Elmar Moser who carded a net 60.3.

Bob Nebel splashes it close on # 18

The Famous McAuley Walk Through!


Friday, April 5, 2013

A SNEAK PEEK.........

Things are slowly starting to get going on the golf course. We got the greens mowers out for the first time today. As it turns out, only 6 greens on the entire property had any growth to mow off. All but one of them were tarped since November.
Below, Mickey puts the first cut on 12 green for the season.
As mentioned in an earlier Blog, we are much further behind getting the course prepared for opening than we have in the last bunch of years. Notice all the snow still on the left of both photos? We still have snow and ice along tree lines and in some bunkers. Clean up has only just begun this week and I hate to say, but next week has significant rain in the forecast, which, if we get, will stall the clean up causing us more grief. With less than two weeks to our opening date, it is becoming clear we will be no where near as prepared as we always strive to be. We will undoubtedly be continuing clean up around play in April. Lets just hope we get some spring like weather before July gets here.  

Monday, April 1, 2013

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