Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Men's Closing Field Day

It was hard to believe it was the Closing Field day
with the amazing weather we had for the Event!

The winning team Captained by Craig Burrell shot an outstanding score of 58.2. Jim Allen, Darryl Cooper and Pat Burrell rounded out the squad.
Second place was captured by Bob Nebel, Kevin Huestis, Al Kershaw and Dale Struthers. Their score of 58.1 narrowly edged out the team of Kevin Hughes, Tom Duckworth, Glen Shaw and Tim Charlton who posted a 58.125.

Congratulations to one of our Pro's - Kevan Goble. He had a Hole in One on Sunday afternoon on the 12th Hole. Fun for Kevan to do it with his son Aidan playing in the group! The other witnesses were Jamie and Dave Denysek.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Women's Closing 2011

Women's Closing Field Day

The weather was spectacular and so was the winning score! The team of Sybil Cullen, Linda Briggs, Joan Store and new member Gail Pimm shot a net 58.8. Congratulations!!
Second place went to Judy Calder, Michele Miles, Karen Parsons and Angela Colm with a 63.3.
The third place team of Betty Lemon, Sandra Milner Docking, Enid Stephenson and Melody Robinson finished with a 64.5.

We had 46 players who enjoyed a super lunch after the round prepared by Chef Andrew and his staff.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hole # 11 - New Markings!!

Hazard Markings on Hole # 11 have been added to.
The rough area around the edge of the gorge has now been marked as a Lateral Hazard.

The green topped stakes will remain and define the ESA (Enviromentally Sensitive Area).

Playing Procedures:
If your ball is now in the hazard and you find it you have the options of:
- Playing it as it lies. (may not ground your club)
- 2 club lengths and drop from where the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard.
(1 stroke penalty)
- play from where your original shot was played from (1 stroke penalty)

If your ball made it into the ESA:
- even if you find it - you cannot play or enter the ESA portion of this Hole!
- Ball must be dropped 2 club lengths from the point it last crossed the Hazard line.
(1 stroke penalty)
- or play from where your original shot was played from (1 stroke penalty)

REMINDER - You must not enter the gorge on Hole # 11 (see Section 1.8 of the Club Golfing Policies in the Reference Section of the Whitevale website!)