Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Grip Sale!

Fall Grip Sale
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Derby 2013 Final Results!

The Fall Derby had a mix bag of weather. Two great days booked ended a challenging Sunday which saw wet and cold conditions. This didn't hold back the winning team of Ann and Ed Griffin who were paired with Peter Schuch and Barb Rogers. They ended up with a three day total of 43 points.

Second place went to the team of Larry Aicken, Fred Calvert, Glenn Davis and Jim Glover who finished the weekend with 37 points. A surprising Third place finish was captured by the team of Peter Richardson, Fraser Cartwright, Peter Cross and John Doyle who had 34 points.

The  points are based upon the number of teams that you beat and are accumulated over the three days. The number of teams competing was up slightly from 2012.

The Day 3 results saw the team of Barry Catterall, Dave Walker, Jody Bevan and Cam Hreljac win the day with a score of 205. Congratulations to Cam on firing an amazing round of 67!
There was a tie for second place between the teams of Peter Richardson, Fraser Cartwright, Peter Cross and John Doyle and Peter Garvey, Dave Wallace, Jim McGilton and Steve Robinson. who both had scores of 206. (Peter's team didn't have much confidence in their ability as no one placed a parimutal wager on the team!!)
Closest to the Pin winners for the three days went to Suzi Snow Liska, John Lyttle and on day three - John Liska.

Congratulations to all the players on a fine weekend of golf.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 1 - Derby Results

The weather was outstanding and so were the scores.

The team of Ann and Ed Griffin plus Barb Rogers and Peter Schuch won the day with a score of 109 quota points. They were 2 shots ahead of Larry Aicken, Fred Calvert, Glenn Davis and John Higginson.
In third place was the team of Steve Hewitt, Pat Burrell, Jerry Kimber and Tom Kelly who had 106 quota points.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

That's a hole in the ground

Yesterday we got to the bottom of the pit. We have finally reached the edges of the contaminated soil.

Today they have started some back filling of the hole and trucking the contaminated soil off site. We don't have firm numbers on the amount but an eyeball estimate is it's over 1,000 tones. This has turned out to be an expensive hole.

On the positive side we have received some comments back from the city as it relates to the site plan. The comments are minor in nature and we are prepared to submit our working drawings this week. Cross your fingers that the process moves along quickly, we would really like to have a foundation permit in hand next week (although with the short week that may be a tad optimistic).

I'll update with some pictures on the range tomorrow but the seed will be going down this week.   

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

We Found Oil

But not the good kind.

15 years ago the club removed an old oil tanker that was buried outside the women's locker room. When they removed the tank it looked good, no cracks or leaks but still removed 95 tons of soil and replaced it with clean fill. What they couldn't do is remove the soil that was against the foundation of the building as this would have compromised the structure. As part of our environmental assessment, we had to sample this soil that was abutting the foundation to ensure it was not contaminated.

No problem we thought, a half day of work, we'll scope out a bucket see it's clean and we move on.


We already have 250 tons of contaminated material. What does a 250 tone hole look like?

 It's so deep, the the excavator had dig a platform 6 feet deep, just to get to the bottom of it. We are hopeful that the contamination stops before we hit the trailers to the east and the putting green to south but right now we don't know how much bigger this is going to get. Obviously we have no choice but to deal with the problem but it will be a significant expense that we didn't anticipate.
We had planned to take all the concrete from the old clubhouse and bury it in the range. We did have a budget for this but since we already have a huge hole that is outside the clubhouse footprint we should be able to just push all the concrete back into the hole. Mind you, we will need to test some more fill to top load this but at least we have small victory in all this.
 The range is almost ready for the seed, the view from the pitching and putting green is outstanding.
 The tee deck should be seeded next week.

Stay tuned who knows what will happen tomorrow.