Saturday, August 18, 2018

Husband & Wife Recap

It's sometimes known as the "divorce open" but the husband & wife tournament today sure didn't disappoint. It was Team Brackenbury who came out on top with a great score of 65.5, their second time winning in the last three years. Thank you to everyone who participated!

1st - Kandice & Wade Brackenbury - 65.5 ($90/each)
2nd - Yvette Fulton & Gerry Lawrence - 67 ($70/each)
T-3rd - Cindy & John Alexiou - 69 ($47.50/each)
T-3rd - Debbie & Chris Couch - 69 ($47.50/each)
5th - Anne & John Trimble - 72
6th - Josette & Ron Bell - 73
T-7th - Mary & Tim Charlton - 75.5
T-7th - Margaret & Rich Hart - 75.5
9th - Lucy Blais & Peter Brandt - 77
10th - Darlene & Bob Doyle - 77.5
11th - Jodi & Mark Crerar - 78
12th - Kathy & Jim McGilton - 78.5
13th - Maureen & Paul Cormier - 79.5
14th - Sandy & Bernie Docking - 80
15th - Susan & Angelo DiClemente - 82
16th - Michelle & Brad Miles - 84.5
17th - Elke & Ken Oley - 89.5

Monday, August 13, 2018

We have a champion!

Today was the final round for Kevin Duda and Alex Letros to determine the men's club champion for 2018. After 18 holes Kevin Duda's score was 77 and Alex Letros shot 76 to win by the narrowest of margins. Congratulations to Alex on his 2nd club championship at Whitevale, well done!

Friday, August 10, 2018

The Wild Wild West at The Vale

The western theme of this year's women's member-guest was in full swing with no shortage of cowboy hats, boots and spurs on the players in yesterday's event. With a field of 116 players a great time was had by all which added to the experience for our members and their guests. Our winning team this year was Sandra Milner-Docking, Carla Mann-O'Callahan, Kandice Brackenbury and Ann Griffin.

1st - Sandra Milner-Docking, Carla Mann-O'Callahan, Kandice Brackenbury & Ann Griffin. (62.3)
2nd - Jacquie Dunne, Bonnie Worboys, Chris Denysek & Kelly Hathway. (64.2)
3rd - Terri Toms, Cathy Lebel, Erin Moore & Patty Davis. (64.5)
4th - Josette Bell, Lily Yang, Meghan Bennett & Melissa Van VeldHuizen. (65.3)
5th - Barb Rogers, Jeanne Beath, Lynn Sage & Gloria Sinclair. (65.4)

Monday, August 6, 2018

Club Championship Recap

This year's club championship is one for the books, we had a few challenges during the final round but we've been able to finish most and provides the winners for each flight. Congratulations to all of the players who took part over the weekend and especially the winners, job well done!

Men's Club Championship
Champ Flight
1st - Alex Letros (224) $300
2nd - Kevin Duda (224) $200
3rd - Mark Brewer (230) $150
4th - Jared Docking (232) $100
5th - Pat Scanga (234) $75
A Flight
1st Gross - Jarrid Fife (205) $125
2nd Gross - Jim Glover (211) $75
1st Net - Brandon Wieser (180) $125
2nd Net - Don O'Brien (183) $75
B Flight
1st - Colin Dunne (57 points) $150
2nd - Gerry Dinneen (40 points) $100
T-3rd - Paul Thackeray (38 points) $75
T-3rd - Michael Cann (38 points) $50
C Flight
1st - Peter Cummins (49 points) $150
2nd - Tom Markakos (46 points) $100
3rd - Dave Leonard (42 points) $75
Weekday Men
1st - Tom O'Connor (89 points) $150
2nd - Ray Northey (88 points) $100
Junior Boys
Eamonn O'Neill $50
Bantam Boys
Vincent LaPointe $50

Women's Club Championship
Champ Flight
1st - Gail Pimm (189) $150
2nd - Lauren Bevan (205) $100
Stableford Flight
1st - Judi McIlroy (85 points) $125
2nd - Jodi Crerar (82 points) $75
3rd - Jill Fewster-Yan (81 points) $50

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Club Championship – Electronic Scoreboard

We will have the club championship scoring available on your computer through the link provided or you can download the app to your phone. Stay up to date with the year’s premier event!

To follow on your computer or laptop simply click on the following link:

To follow on your phone or ipad:

Go to App Store and Download the following App:
Tournament Expert LLC.

Login: wvcc18


Saturday, July 28, 2018

Men's & Women's Haig Results

Men's Haig
1st Low Net - Tom Bermingham & Kevin Ashe (61.2) $175/each
2nd Low Net - Paul Dunphy & Al Billington (62.0) $125/each
3rd Low Net - Chris O'Brien & Glenn Mackie (63.0) $100/each
4th Low Net - Rich Hart & Chris Couch (63.2) $75/each
5th Low Net - Brian Guenther & Tim Charlton (64.8) $50/each
6th Low Net - Steve Flude & Tom Kelly (65.0) $40/each
T-7th Low Net - Doug Bruce & Ken Fedosen (65.8) $20/each
T-7th Low Net - Brad Haley & Luke Tanfield (65.8) $20/each

1st Low Gross - Mark Brewer & Cam Hreljac (68) $175/each

Women's Haig
1st - Cindy Alexiou & Lynda Vysoki (65.4) $60/each
2nd - Margaret Hart & Sandy Docking (67.6) $50/each
3rd - Gail Pimm & Judi McIlroy (67.8) $40/each
4th - Bonnie Cartwright & Terry Hosford (68.2) $25/each

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Congratulations Mark Brewer!

Congratulations to Mark Brewer on becoming the 2018 Ontario Senior Mens Champion!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Ontario Senior Men's Championship

Whitevale's Mark Brewer is tied for first at the Ontario Senior Men's Championship at Dalewood

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

In Loving Memory of Bill Moore

It is with great sadness that the family announces the passing of Bill Moore. He passed away peacefully at Centenary Hospital on Sunday, July 22, 2018. He is predeceased by his wife Agnes and is survived sons Stuart and Graham. “Papa” will be greatly missed by his grandchildren Tyler, Nicole, Natalie and Callum.

A funeral service will be held in the chapel of McDougall & Brown Funeral Home, 2900 Kingston Rd., 416-267-4656, July 28 at 4 pm with a visitation one hour prior from 3-4 pm.

Our most sincere sympathies to the family and friends

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Men's & Women's Sr. Club Championship Results

It was a rain soaked day 2 for our senior club championship but we eventually completed this year's event. Congratulations to the following winner's:
Men's 55 - 64
1st Low Gross - Mark Brewer (149) $125
2nd Low Gross - Cam Hreljac (156) $100
3rd Low Gross - Dave Walker (157) $75

1st Low Net - Mark Crerar (143) $125
2nd Low Net - Barry Catterall (144) $100
3rd Low Net - Peter Lambrinos (146) $75

Men's 65+
1st Low Gross - Kevin Hughes (158) $90
2nd Low Gross - Jim Glover (165) $60

1st Low Net - Kim Blake (139) $90
2nd Low Net - Jerry Kimber (146) $60

Overall 1st Low Net - Mary Charlton (149) $75
Overall 1st Low Gross - Gail Pimm (161) $50
Seniors Low Gross - Josette Bell (178) $50
Diamonds Low Net - Kandice Brackenbury (156) $50

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Weekday Ladies & Sr Weekday Men's Club Championships

Congratulations to Sue Dickinson who won this year's Weekday Ladies Club Championship with a 2 Day total of 75 quota points.

Congratulations also goes out to Tom O'Connor who won the Senior Weekday Men's Club Championship low gross and Frank Steinhausen who won the Senior Weekday Men's Club Championship low net.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Internet Service Is Down

Dear whitevale member.

Please note that as a result of yesterday’s storm, our Internet service has been down since 2 PM on Monday.

Our Internet provider is indicating that it may take up to a day to get us back and running.

If you need immediate assistance, please call the Club at 905-294-9600.

We appreciate your patience and please note that this message is being sent remotely.


We are all saddened by the passing of Molson. He will be missed by the greens staff and all of his Whitevale family. May your future days be filled with chasing squirrels and endless bones.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Congratulations Brendan Dunphy

Brendan participated in the Ontario Amateur and finished 22nd. Congratulations Brendan!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Men's Member Guest Champs

Congratulations Men’s Member Guest Champions Luke Tanfield and Cam McKee 

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Hole In One

Congratulations to Lauren Bevan who made a Hole In One on the 9th hole on July 1st. It was her last hole of the day and she dialed in a 6 iron from the white tee's, now she has her own parking spot.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Women's Flag Day & Men's Four Ball Results

Today brought lots of red & white to the course and many thanks for the great support of both events today. It may have been the hottest day of the year but that didn't deter some players from putting together outstanding results.

Women's Flag Day
1st Place - Jan Pugh ($90)
2nd Place - Josette Bell ($50)
3rd Place - Jodi Crerar ($40)

Men's Four Ball
1st Low Net - Tom Bermingham & Ophir Dzaldov - 60 ($110/each)
2nd Low Net - Ron Bell & Mark Crerar - 61 ($95/each)
3rd Low Net - Steve Flude & Tom Kelly - 62 ($75/each)
T-4th Low Net - Mike Harris & Paul Thackeray - 63 ($45/each)
T-4th Low Net - Paul Dunphy & Wayne Rossall - 63 ($45/each)
T-4th Low Net - Doug Bruce & Ken Fedosen - 63 ($45/each)
T-7th Low Net - Stan Lam & Art Pingree - 64 ($30/each)
T-7th Low Net - Doug McIntyre & Steve Rodriguez - 64 ($30/each)
T-7th Low Net - Kevin Hughes & Al Kershaw - 64 ($30/each)
10th Low Net - John Lyttle & Michael Woolgar - 65 ($20/each)

T-1st Low Gross - Mark Burrell & Jared Docking - 69 ($87.50/each)
T-1st Low Gross - Chris O'Brien & Glenn Mackie - 69 ($87.50/each)

Friday, June 29, 2018

Congratulations Gail Pimm - Ontario Senior Championship Finalist

Representing Whitevale, Gail Pimm played in the Ontario Senior Championship at Markland Woods Golf Club this week. The top thirty players in the field made the cut after two days of play. Gail finished the final round in 4th place. Well done, Gail!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Mixed Haig Results

It was another well attended event as the season rolls on and 26 teams tried to tale home this years Mixed Haig title. Congratulations to Julie & Art Pingree who finished 1st with a total score of 63.4. Not far behind were the team of Norma Columbus and Nigel Rennie who posted a great score as well of 64 and rounding out the top 3 was Cathy Dorman and Michael Harris who finished with 64.4.

1st - Julie & Art Pingree 63.4 ($100/each)
2nd - Norma Columbus & Nigel Rennie 64 ($80/each)
3rd - Cathy Dorman & Michael Harris 64.4 ($60/each)
T-4th - Kandice & Wade Brackenbury 66.4 ($45/each)
T-4th - Darlene Doyle & Jared Docking 66.4 ($45/each)
6th - Margaret & Rich Hart 66.6 ($35/each)
7th - Sandi & Bernie Docking 67 ($25/each)
T-8th - Debbie & Chris Couch 67.2
T-8th - Jacquie Dunne & Pat Burrell 67.2
10th - Yvette Fulton & Gerry Lawrence 67.4
T-11th - Zona Pereira & Dave Myrvold 68
T-11th - Lisa & Mark Brewer 68
13th - Josette & Ron Bell 68.4
14th - Cindy & John Alexiou 68.6
15th - Janet Martinko & Kevin Duda 69.2
16th - Elke & Ken Oley 70.6
17th - Jill Fewester-Yan & Larry Yan 71
18th - Pamela & Howard Cooper 71.2
T-19th - Lynda Lennon & Kevin Hughes 73
T-19th - Marianne Goss & Steve Stuart 73
21st - Jodi & Mark Crerar 74
22nd - Lisa & Glenn Mackie 74.4
23rd - Jan Pugh & Tom Kelly 75.2
24th - Mary & Tim Charlton 78.2
25th - Veronica Raos-Dunn & Dec Dunn

Raffle Results - Longest Day of Golf

Dear Whitevale Member,

On behalf of Kandice, the Social Committee and Whitevale Golf Club, we would like to thank all of you for your generous support and contribution. While we are still reconciling our raffle and auction items, it appears that we have raised close to $20,000 to date!

Please keep in mind that the raffle for the beautiful artwork created by Tim Packer and Brooke Cormier is open until July 1st. Please drop by the office if you would like to purchase tickets. 

There were a number of items donated as part of our raffle and the ticket numbers that have not been redeemed as of yet are as follows: 

2 Drawer – Tall Wooden Jewellery Box = Blue 9874128
4 Drawer – Short Wooden Jewellery Box = Green 0327110
3 Lime Green Golf Shirts 
Blue 8322496
Red 6984628
Green 0327206
2 Bottles of Jacksons Maple Syrup 
               Blue 8322373
               Green 0327270
Cheese Board, Wine Rack and Wine Glasses = Blue 9822041
Booze Basket = Blue 9959814
Beauty Products = Blue 8322436
His and Her Golf Shirts and Hat = Red 6707777
Lady Burner Golf Balls = Blue 9821870
Goodlife Bag and Gift Package = Blue 9874113
4 Ruth’s Chris Gift Cards 
               Blue 8322381
               Blue 9874199 (won but please pick up)
               Blue 8322521
               Yellow 6623323 (won but please pick up)
4 Black Dog Pub Gift Cards
               Blue 8322480
               Green 0327186
               Blue 9981574
               Red 6984642

For those of you who won silent auction items, you will be contacted early next week to redeem your prizes. 

Thanks so much for your generous support!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Longest Day of Golf - Friday, June 22nd

This Friday is the Longest Day of Golf! 

We've received so much support for our Silent Auction and Raffle Table and thank everyone who has donated items to such a great cause. We are still accepting donations up until Thursday at noon. Some of the big items include a signed framed Auston Matthews professional photograph from his very first game with the Toronto Maple Leafs. We also have some TFC tickets, Blue Jays tickets and a signed Kevin Pillar jerseygolf passes and a $250 Ki restaurant certificate - just to name a few! 

This year our Raffle Table is bigger and better than ever. You will be able to pick exactly which prize(s) you would like to win by dropping your raffle ticket(s) in the corresponding basket for each prize. Some of our raffle prizes include a booze basket (valued at $200!), which can be found in the Pro Shop. We also have awesome gift cards, some golf apparelgolf balls and accessories and much, much moreTickets may be purchased at the pledge table on Friday. 

We have some really exciting special raffle items this Friday. There is an opportunity to win Ryan & Sean's parking spots for the ENTIRE year. In the bar area Tim Packer & Brooke Cormier will be painting throughout the day. Their paintings will also be available as raffle prizes.

Chef has prepared an extravagant Street Food Fair! There will a BBQ station, a Taco station, Cold station and Burner station with plenty of sweet treats and vegetarian options! Check out the full menu as the LDOG Street Food Fair promo in the middle of the home website page! It will be 28pp++ 

Just a quick reminder that it is NOT too late to submit a Participation Donation to play in the final rounds on Friday. This is truly an amazing opportunity. Please see the Pro Shop if you are interested in participating!

If you would like to simply make a pledge (by chit, cash or cheque – and receive a tax receipt) a pledge table will be set up at first tee all day Friday and you will receive some "Whitevale-experienced balls" as a thank you for donating. You can also make a pledge online at our link here.

Bring out your friends and family to the day's festivities. The final round will surely be an event you won't want to miss. The candle-lit 18th green is a must-see!!  We can't wait to see you all there! 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Gail Pimm earns medallist honors.

Congratulations to Whitevale’s very own Gail Pimm for a outstanding performance over the weekend at the 69th Annual Cataraqui Women’s Field Day & Empire Life Eastern Provinces Championship.

Past champions of this historical event include Brooke Henderson, Augusta James and Marlene Streit.

The 3 day event includes a stroke play qualifier followed by 2 days of Match Play.

Gail won the qualifying event by shooting 73 on the par 74 venue. Well done Gail!

During the Match Play Event, Gail also won her quarter final match. She lost out in the final to Mary Ann Lapointe, who has won the Eastern Provinces title several times before.

Congratulations Gail!!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Phantom Results

Congratulations to our winning team from today's event. It was a very tight race at the top of the leaderboard with only 4 quota points separating first to fourth.

1st - Art Pingree, Peter Wieser, Stephen Stuart & Don Pickthall. (89) $96/each
2nd - Jared Docking, Mark Brewer, Steve Campbell & Mark Crerar. (87) $72/each
3rd - K. Brackenbury, W. Brackenbury, Dec Dunn & Cam Hreljac. (86) $48/each
4th - Bob Doyle, Bernie Docking, Dave Walker & Andrew Jackson. (85) $24/each
5th - Mark Burrell, Josh Hewitt, Mike Karl & Dave Sutton. (81)
T-6th - Steve Hewitt, Pat Burrell, Tom Kelly & Jerry Kimber. (80)
T-6th - Bob Nebel, Peter Lambrinos, Bob Spahn & Brian Sharp (80)
8th - W. Carpenter, Jim McGilton, Will Harris & Ian Vaudry (79)
9th - Mike Berry, Nello Mariani, Joe Dotchin & Chris Dennis (72)
T-10th - Pat Lamanna, Mike Woolgar, John McCormick & Kim Blake. (70)
T-10th - John Lyttle, Steve Rodriguez, Mike Raptopolus & Tom Bremingham (70)
12th - John Eales, Ed Hogan, Heinz Dahn & Suzi Snow-Liska. (67)

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Edward Manchul

We are sad to announce the passing of long time Member, Mr. Edward Manchul on Wednesday, May 30th. Mr. Manchul passed peacefully in his sleep, had many close friends at Whitevale and was very proud of his two holes in one. He will be missed by all of his Whitevale family.

A celebration of life reception will be held at the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery  on Sunday, June 3rd from 2-4pm. 375 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4T 2V8

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

George S. Lyon Team Championship

On Monday Whitevale hosted the George S. Lyon Team Championship. We are incredibly proud of this achievement and are elated with the results and feedback we received from members and guests. It was also great to see so many of you walking around our golf course with pride.

The wind and heat didn't stop the festivities! The tournament played without delay. It was great to see so many smiling faces enjoying the golf course, service and food and beverage details implemented by the Committee and executed by our staff. Many participants were blown away by the service and facilities here at Whitevale.

Congratulations to our team Mark Brewer, Sean McCullough, Wade Brackenbury and Jared Docking for coming in fifth!

We want to say a huge thank you to our members and staff for all the hard work, planning and execution of yesterday's event.


George S. Lyon Team Champions - Cataraqui

Low score of 69 by Sam Neek

Whitevale President, Michael Woolgar, accepts plaque

Spring Derby Results

With a total of 96 players in this year's event and perfect summer weather, it was time to crown another champion at Whitevale. After some impressive point totals after day 1 the real pressure came on Sunday. Congratulations to the team of Debbie Couch, Chris Couch, Margaret Hart & Kevin Duda who ended the weekend with a slim 1 point victory.

Overall Totals

1st - Debbie Couch, Chris Couch, Margaret Hart & Kevin Duda. 38 pts. ($125/each)
2nd - Kim Blake, Anne Trimble, John Trimble & Bob Nebel. 37 pts. ($85/each)
3rd - K. Brackenbury, W. Brackenbury, Dave Walker & Barry Catterall. 36 pts. ($50/each)
4th - Cindy Alexiou, John Alexiou, Diane Packer & Tim Packer. 35 pts. ($45/each)
5th - Norma Columbus, Don Davis, Linda Briggs & Nigel Rennie. 34 pts. ($37.50/each)
6th - Sean McCullough, Brad Haley, Craig Ferns & Marl Burrell. 33 pts. ($30/each)

Day 1 Totals

1st - Norma Columbus, Don Davis, Linda Briggs & Nigel Rennie. 23 pts. ($40/each)
2nd - Clayton Spahn, Bob Spahn, Peter Lambrinos & Tom Bermingham. 21 pts. ($27.50/each)
2nd - Peter Leaney, Rob Connors, Dave Jamieson & Mike McGarragle. 21 pts. ($27.50/each)
4th - Kim Blake, Anne Trimble, John Trimble & Bob Nebel. 20 pts. ($18.50/each)

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Congratulations Junior Member Brendan Dunphy!

The Investors Group Junior Spring Classic was held over the Victoria Day long weekend at Wooden Sticks Golf Club. Although the weather was a little bit wet on the starting Saturday it was nothing but blue skies on Sunday and Monday. Perfect weather for our junior member Brendan Dunphy to shine. A big congratulations goes out to Brendan who tied for 2nd in the Investors Group Junior Spring Classic. Way to go Brendan!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Robert "Bob" Braun

It is with profound sadness that we report the passing of Robert "Bob" Braun, a member of Whitevale since 1987. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ingrid and her family during this difficult time.

BRAUN, Robert "Bob" July 26, 1928 - May 12, 2018 It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Bob. A wonderful and adored husband to wife, Ingrid for over 70 years. A beloved father to daughter, Elke and son, Robert. Granddaughters Elana and Ashley, great-grandfather to Phoenix. Bob will be missed by his family and friends. Bob and his young family came to Canada in 1954 where he started a construction company. His ardent devotion and love of golf took Bob and his wife to their house in Florida in the wintertime for 6 months of the year for over 25 years. They were also longstanding members at Whitevale Golf Club. Life was good! He will be missed. At Bob's request cremation has taken place with no service to follow. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Strong Showing by Whitevale Member's

As tournaments start up across the province in preparation for summer events a few Whitevale members have been busy this past week. In the Golf Ontario Tournament of Champions event held at Spring Lakes Golf Club, Gail Pimm finished 1st in the Senior Women's Division after a great score of 75. In the Men's Division Mark Brewer shot 77 to finish in a tie for 24th and in the Senior Men's Division Dave Walker carded a round of 82 finishing in a tie for 53rd.

Congratulations also goes out to Wade Brackenbury who qualified for the Ontario Men's Mid-Am after a score of 75 left him in a tie for 4th and moving on to the finals at Burlington G & CC.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Hole 15 & 16 - Rules Update

As the construction starts up again after a long winter, the characteristics of holes 15 & 16 have changed as most of you have seen. Prior to construction, the area surrounding the maintenance facility has been marked Out of Bounds. With the changes, that same rule will be in place moving forward for those two holes. The Out of Bounds markings are now in place and will be in place until the project has been completed. Over the next few weeks the left side of 15 & 16 will get shaped and start to look more like the final product. We appreciate you patience and look forward to seeing you on the course!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Sr. Ryder Cup Qualifying

Sr. Ryder Cup Qualifying

Times for 2  qualifying rounds have been set aside for the mornings of Sat May 12 and Sunday May 13. Sign-up is online and registration will be cut-off  Wed May 9 at 6 pm.

The team will consist of 6 low qualifiers in the 55 to 65 age group-must be age of 55 prior to say July 1, 2018 as there are 2 matches in June and 2 in July and 2 qualifiers from the 65 and up group-the only prequalified person is Dave Walker as Senior Club Champion so there are actually only 5 open  spots in the 55 to 65 -this is a gross score event only. There will also be spares-number to be determined but at least 1 in the over 65 and at least 3 in the 55 to 65. If you want to find out what the Ryder Cup is all about google Ontario Senior Ryder Cup-actually there are a few New York State teams as well. Entry fee to be chitted will be $10 for the weekend with the money going into a fund to subsidize team shirts-there are no prizes other than qualifying. Event is open to all A members and B and C members with a handicap of 10 or less

Qualifying was originally intended to be from last summer’s Senior Club Championship however there was a rule change concerning ages which are now based on day of the match as opposed to Dec 31 so some players did not have a chance to qualify who should have-participants in last year’s Senior Club Championship will have their scores count towards qualifying-the rounds on May 12 and 13 (you must play both) will count to improve your scores from last year’s Senior Championship or you can choose not to play if you are satisfied with last summer’s scores or  you can’t play May 12/13 or want to save $10.

The 55 to 65 participants must play from the blue tees as that is the approximate yardage matches will be played at-participants over 65 can play from the whites as the matches move the over 65’s up somewhat-if you are over 65 you can still choose to play from the blues and qualify in either age group

For your information I have noted the cut off scores from last year’s club championship below:

55 to 65 blue tees 6th place was 168

Over 65 white tees 2nd place was 157

Costs for qualifiers are the cost of a shirt unknown but say $50 plus $60 per event which includes green fees, a cart and a meal (either lunch or light supper)-tournament dates are Jun 18 Whitevale; June 25 Wyndance; July 10 Summit and July 31 Oakdale. If Whitevale moves on there is a playoff round and a championship day. The championship day is no cost, not sure about the playoff round.


Bob Nebel, Senior Ryder Cup representative

Weekday Men's Opening Field Day

It was time for the weekday men's opening field day and another great turn out for this year's event. With sunny skies and warm temps the gentlemen were treated to a perfect day to tame the course. In the end the team of Bob Tennyson, Ted Addie, John Carter & Dan McConnachie came out on top.

1st Place - Dan McConnachie, Bob Tennyson, Ted Addie & John Carter (57.5)
2nd Place - Kevin Hughes, Dave Whiting & James Byrne (58.1)
3rd Place - Chris Cummins, Tom O'Connor & Derek Phillips (58.4)
4th Place - Gerry Lawrence, Steve Kelleher, Bryndon Fry & Stan Steinwall (58.5)

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Men's Opening Field Day

Snow.....that's right snow is what was on the course this morning and welcomed us for today's men's opening field day. Even though the wind was brisk and the air was cold we had over 100 strong to kick off the season. Congratulations to the winning team of Colin Dunne, Brad Haley, Keith MacIsaac and Michael Cann.

1st Place - Brad Haley, Michael Cann, Colin Dunne & Keith MacIsaac (57.6)
2nd Place - Chris Couch, Ken Oley, Forrest Todd & Don Pickthall (59.0)
T-3rd Place - Mike Karl, Jim Glover, Tom Duckworth & Brian Sharp (60.2)
T-3rd Place - Chris Cummins, Bernie Docking, Steve Hastings & Art Pingree (60.2)
5th Place - Fred Calvert, Rob Connors, Mike Doria & Patrick Convery (60.9)

*full results will be posted Monday.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Women's Opening Field Day

Well another year has official begun and today was our Women's Opening Field Day. Although it wasn't ideal weather the spirits were high and a great day was had by all. We had 27 brave women take part in the first event of the year and below are the final standings. Congratulations to the winning team of Maureen Cormier, Janet Martinko, Terry Hosford & Jodi Crerar.

1st Place - Maureen Cormier, Janet Martinko, Terry Hosford & Jodi Crerar (67.8)
2nd Place - Lauren Giles, Norma Columbus, Barb Rogers & Marianne Goss (67.9)
3rd Place - Lisa Mackie, Diane Packer, Joanne Kajganich & Jill Fewster-Yan (69.4)
4th Place - Bonnie Cartwright, Sandra Milner-Docking, Yvette Fulton & Theresa Arbuthnot (70.3)
5th Place - Jacquie Dunne, Elke Oley & Linda Briggs (70.5)
6th Place - Sue Dickinson, Darlene Doyle, Veronica Raos-Dunn & Anne Hill (73.9)
7th Place - Kandice Brackenbury, Jennifer Byrne, Pamela Cooper & Julie Pingree (75.3)

Monday, April 23, 2018


Competition Dates:

Whitevale - Monday, June 11th
Oshawa – Monday, July 16th
Cedar Brae – Thursday, July 26th
Meadowbrook – Tuesday, August 21st

Qualifying Process:

Dates: Monday, May 7 – Monday, May 21
Cost: $20 for 3 x 18-hole attempts (Note: qualifying fee to be chitted by Business Office)
Categories: A: 0 - 9, B: 10 -15, C: 16+

- Must advise Pro Shop prior to playing and hand in score after playing
- Qualify from blue tees for A and white tees for B & C
- May re-qualify for an additional $20 for 3 tries
- Best net score represents your qualifying round

- 4 man teams for each category group
- There will be a cost for team shirts
- Everyone will play at least one game, would like to have 18-24 qualifiers
- There will be additional charges to fund the Whitevale hosted supper pro-rated to all participants
- Fees for carts will be chargeable at all clubs, approximately $20 each round
- For pace of play, all participants are encouraged to ride

Questions: - Please see Pro Shop staff or call Walt
Convenor: Walt Lemon 416 493-5521

Friday, April 20, 2018

Rules Seminar at Whitevale

On Tuesday May 8th, we will be welcoming Tom Forestell from Golf Ontario to host a rules seminar for Whitevale members. With the season nearly here, this is the perfect time to offer what will be an informative and interactive session about rules and scenarios about the game. The seminar will take place from 6:30 - 7:30 pm and include:

- Review of basic rules.
- Power Point presentation.
- Q & A session.

There is no charge to attend and if you wish to please e-mail Ryan La Rose ( to confirm your attendance.

Monday, February 19, 2018

James Francis (Arby) ARBUTHNOT Obituary

Very sad to report on the passing of Whitevale Member Arby, who joined Whitevale in 1979!

On behalf of the entire club, our thoughts and prayers are with Theresa and her family at this time.

ARBUTHNOT, James Francis (Arby) Peacefully at Markham Stouffville Hospital on February 16, 2018 in his 80th year. Beloved husband of the late Jean O'Hare for 51 years. Dear father of Theresa. Brother of Bill and the late Bob. Also remembered by his brothers and sisters-in-law, nieces and nephews. Longtime member of Whitevale Golf Club. Friends will be received at the Dixon-Garland Funeral Home, 166 Main Street North (Markham Road), Markham, on Thursday, February 22nd from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Funeral Mass will be held on Friday at 10 a.m. at the Church of St. Patrick, 5633 Highway 7, Markham. Reception to follow at Church. Donations may be made to Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Mid-Winter Update

Having temperatures, bouncing back and forth above, to below freezing, is one of the worst winter weather patterns for healthy Spring turf-grass. This winter we have experienced an abundance of these fluctuations, however, we have had one saving grace that has prevented any issues so far, this is the lack of snow.

So far this season, 99% of the greens surfaces are free of ice because the small amount of snow we had either melted off when we had mild weather or were helped off the surface with shovels and squeegees. As of February 2nd, the greens are healthy, and we have minimal ice in some low pockets on fairways and some tees. The tarps are really paying for themselves this year keeping the cold, drying north winds off the putting surfaces. We still have 6 or 8 weeks of winter left, and we know that weather patterns can do anything this time of year, so we still have the second half of winter to get through, but we are looking great as of today.

The new Turf Care Center build was put on hold just before Christmas as we ran into a small challenge. There is an area where the ground must come up about 10 feet, so that we have a large enough flat area to build on. The soil had a high moisture content and we couldn’t get adequate compaction to build. We researched buying aggregate from a quarry and pouring a 12 or 15-foot concrete wall in that corner to keep on schedule, but this would have driven costs up substantially; with no guarantee the material would have met our compaction requirements. After several on-site meetings, it was determined that prudent decision was to put the earthworks on hold until April or May when we have weather that will dry down the material allowing the 100% compaction we need to ensure success. 

As with most big projects, certainly the last few at Whitevale, we encounter unexpected challenges, delays and headaches. As a club we will prevail past these challenges with patience and understanding.

The week of February 5 through February 9 I will be at the Golf Industry Show (GIS) in Texas. The educational program is second to none and the networking and access to new technologies in turf management helps me keep moving Whitevale and its course conditioning forward to keep pace with our competition in the golf market place.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Obituary for Paul LaCour

LaCOUR, William Paul

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Paul on December 29, 2017 at the age of 69. Loving father of Jefferson (Sue), Robin (Siobhan) and Johanne (Melvin) and proud Papa of Saoirse and Andie. Paul is survived by his sister, Ellen Bozzo and her family. He will be missed by longtime friend, John Toman. Predeceased by his parents, William and Dorothy.

Paul retired from Ontario Power Generation and enjoyed spending the winter months in the Dominican Republic and his summers golfing at Whitevale Golf Club, where he will be missed by many.

The family will be hosting a Celebration of Life on January 20, 2018 from 1-4 p.m. at Whitevale Golf Club, located at 2985 Golf Club Road, Whitevale.