Sunday, June 5, 2016

Phantom Tournament Results

Yesterday was the Phantom Tournament and is one of the more challenging formats on the calendar. With not knowing which holes each person counts on the pressure is on everyone to perform. Congratulations to our winning team and all of the other participants:

1st - Al Swartz, Steve Rodriguez, Andrew Jackson & Walt Lemon (93 points) $75/player
2nd - Kandice Brackenbury, Wade Brackenbury, Debbie Couch & Chris Couch (84 points) $45/player
3rd - Nello Mariani, Chris Dennis, Mike Berry & Padraig Darby (83 points)
4th - Art Pingree, Stephen Stuart, Brian Guenther & Peter Wieser (82 points)
5th - Dave Wallace, Wayne Carpenter, Jim McGilton & Will Harris (73 points)

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