Sunday, May 28, 2017

Spring Derby - Day 2 & Overall Results

Day two of this years Spring Derby brought heavy fog, sunny skies and windy conditions affecting just about every team in the field. With only four points separating first and fifth you knew it was going to be a great ending to this years event. Congratulations to the team of John Trimble, Kim Blake, Dennis Matton and Bob Nebel who took home this years title. Click on the link below to see the Day 2 standings.

Day 1 Pay Outs
T-1st - Kandice Brackenbury, Wade Brackenbury, Ann Grffin & Ed Griffin. ($42.00/each)
T-1st - Brandon Wieser, Brad Haley, Jared Docking & Craig Ferns. ($42.00/each)
3rd - John Trimble, Kim Blake, Dennis Matton & Bob Nebel. ($21.00/each)

Day 2 Pay Outs
1st - John Trimble, Kim Blake, Dennis Matton & Bob Nebel. ($52.50/each)
2nd - Mike McGarragle, Peter Leaney, Grant Barrett & Donny O'Connell. ($31.50/each)
T-3rd - Bernie Docking, Sandra Docking, Colin Dunne & Jacquie Dunne. ($10.50/each)
T-3rd - Brandon Wieser, Brad Haley, Jared Docking & Craig Ferns. ($10.50/each)

Overall Pay Outs
1st - John Trimble, Kim Blake, Dennis Matton & Bob Nebel. ($94.50/each)
2nd - Brandon Wieser, Brad Haley, Jared Docking & Craig Ferns. ($78.75/each)
3rd - Kandice Brackenbury, Wade Brackenbury, Ann Griffin & Ed Griffin. ($63.00/each)
T-4th - Elke Oley, Ken Oley, Yvette Fulton & Gerry Lawrence. ($39.00/each)
T-4th - Mike McGarragle, Peter Leaney, Grant Leaney & Donny O'Connell. ($39.00/each)

Closest to the Pin
Day 1 - Jared Docking #3 & Bonnie Cartwright #13
Day 2 - Colin Dunne #3 & Mark Brewer #13

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Spring Derby - Day 1 Results

With the long weekend behind us and warmer weather ahead this weekends focus for many was on the Spring Derby. A total of 84 players participating in this years event came out in hopes of leading the pack after todays modified quota point format. Day 1 saw two teams a top the leaderboard after posting matching totals of 106. Only four points separate 1st to 5th so tomorrow should be a close race to the finish. For complete standings click on the link below:

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Men's Night Shot-Gun

Ever year our men's league draft night is kicked off by the men's night shot-gun. The event is a great start to getting everyone into the league spirit and todays event had 97 participants. A number of excellent scores were posted and in the end the team of Nigel Rennie, John Thompson & Tim Packer were crowned champions with a team total of -20.

Closest to the Pin #4 - Bill Getz
Closest to the Pin #14 - Larry Valianes
50/50 Draw Winner - Chris Cummins

For a complete listing of today's standings please click on the link below:

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Men's Inter-Club Qualifying - Extended

The Men's Inter-Club qualifying which was scheduled to wrap up on Monday May 22nd has been extended due to poor weather to start the season. Qualifying has been extended to Monday June 5th to allow for a few more days for participants looking to play. Please contact Walt Lemon or the professional staff with any further questions.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

What a difference a year makes.

After 2016 's record shattering heat and drought, we are now breaking records due to the polar opposite. Rain fall totals at Whitevale for the 48 hour this past Friday and Saturday measured 70mm, or almost 3 inches, fell onto an already saturated soil. Making the call to close the golf course and driving range was not done lightly. Severe and long lasting damage would have been done to many areas had any traffic been permitted. Most recent inspection of the golf course happened about 12:30 today.  While some neighbouring clubs are flooded out, we are lucky enough to have very little standing water anywhere at this point. While we have had excessive damage to different parts of the club during past storm events, very little damage has been seen due to this event. The only bunker washout that I found is this greenside bunker at 16.
This is not from rain flowing down the face of the bunker as is usually the case with washouts. This is from water percolating into the green. When the water gets below the roots zone that we have been able to impact with aerification by way of traditional coring, deep tine verti-drain and Dry-ject, the water hits a layer of compacted, poorly draining soil causing the water to move laterally along the top of this layer, finding its way to exit in these two spots 

All other bunkers held up very well. No trees came down and not other issues were identified other than soft ground that needs time to dry down, and firm up. Depending on where on the golf course we inspected, we found some areas that had already made significant progress toward drying and firming. Generally speaking everything along the south end of the club dries and firms up much better than everything along the north end due to much higher levels of sand in the soils. Holes 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12 and 13 are always able to handle rain events much better than 16, 17, 18, 9, 1, 2 and 3 which have higher amounts of clay and loam which tend to hold water.

As we get staff back out onto the course to continue getting all maintained areas dialed in, we will have areas that we wont be able to cut grass in because of areas that hold water and are far too soft to support mowers.
 Using heavy equipment to haul sand into bunkers that still need sand added will not be possible in a number of areas. Rest assured we are in great position for getting all areas finished up in the not too distance future.