Sunday, October 2, 2016

Closing Women's Field Day

We didn't get the weather that we thought we were going to so we were lucky to get in our final women's event this year. Today was the women's closing field day and although mother nature tried to cause trouble we were able to finish todays event. Congratulations to the winning team of Theresa Arbuthnot, Linda Briggs, Gail Pimm & Diana Packer.

1st - Theresa Arbuthnot, Linda Briggs, Gail Pimm & Diana Packer (62.0)
2nd - Josette Bell, Anne Trimble, Anne Hill & Terri Toms (66.2)
3rd - Jacqui Dunne, Darlene Doyle, Debbie Couch & Tina Robinet (66.3)
4th - Jan Pugh, Sue Dickinson & Chris Denysek (69.0)
5th - Ann Griffin, Barb Rogers & Anna Lindsay (69.1)
6th - Patty Davis, Judi McIlroy & Julie Pingree (73.0)
7th - Lisa Mackie, Veronica Raos-Dunn & Marianne Goss (74.2)
8th - Kandice Brackenbury, Elke Oley & Susanne Sambleson (74.6) 

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