Monday, October 24, 2016

Men's Match Play - Review

Back in May we had over 64 players sign up to play in this years match play event. This event runs throughout the year and 2 weeks ago our final match was played crowning this years champion. Congratulations to Wade Brackenbury who won this year's event after his final match against Neil Downs.

Champion - Wade Brackenbury ($300)
Finalist - Neil Downs ($200)
Semi-Finalist - Ken Fedosen ($100)
Semi-Finalist - Richard Hart ($100)
Quarter-Finalist - Steve Campbell ($75)
Quarter-Finalist - Ophir Dzaldov ($75)
Quarter-Finalist - Steve Cooper ($75)
Quarter-Finalist - Rob Watt ($75)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Solheim Cup 2016

The 2016 Solheim Cup was contested on Sunday. 

 And Purple retained the Cup!

  Purple 11 points – Fuschia 10 points.  

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Most Improved

If there’s one thing we’d all like to do as golfers, it’s improve our handicap.

Golf is the only sport where a single number tells the world how good you are. It’s a sense of pride when the question is raised by your group at the first tee with the inevitable question

“What is your handicap?” 

It’s refreshing to see golfers who have shown their handicaps who’s boss. The golfers featured here started at different standards, took different approaches, and had different goals. The one thing they have in common is that they have all improved substantially during the last 12 months.

Airlie Brown, Anne Hill and Veronca Raos-Dunn are the three most improved golfer for the women at Whitevale for this season. Congratulations, this is a great accomplishment!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Closing Women's Field Day

We didn't get the weather that we thought we were going to so we were lucky to get in our final women's event this year. Today was the women's closing field day and although mother nature tried to cause trouble we were able to finish todays event. Congratulations to the winning team of Theresa Arbuthnot, Linda Briggs, Gail Pimm & Diana Packer.

1st - Theresa Arbuthnot, Linda Briggs, Gail Pimm & Diana Packer (62.0)
2nd - Josette Bell, Anne Trimble, Anne Hill & Terri Toms (66.2)
3rd - Jacqui Dunne, Darlene Doyle, Debbie Couch & Tina Robinet (66.3)
4th - Jan Pugh, Sue Dickinson & Chris Denysek (69.0)
5th - Ann Griffin, Barb Rogers & Anna Lindsay (69.1)
6th - Patty Davis, Judi McIlroy & Julie Pingree (73.0)
7th - Lisa Mackie, Veronica Raos-Dunn & Marianne Goss (74.2)
8th - Kandice Brackenbury, Elke Oley & Susanne Sambleson (74.6) 

Closing Men's Field Day

Well it's hard to believe that we are already at the end of the 2016 season. We have had such great weather which I'm sure has made time feel like is has passed us by even quicker then normal. I think it's only fitting that on our final day the forecast called for rain which we did see but all groups finished and we had a number of good scores. Congratulations to the winning team of Colin Dunne, Brad Haley, Anthony Sgovio, & Nigel Rennie.

1st - Brad Haley, Anthony Sgovio, Colin Dunne & Nigel Rennie (57.7)
2nd - Don Davis, Mike Raptopulos, Ron Stoneburgh & Gordon Lee (58.6)
3rd - Jared Docking, Mike Cann, Brandon Wieser & Art Belanger (58.8)
4th - Chris Couch, Ed Griffin & Stan Lam (59.5)
5th - John Trimble, Steve Major, Kim Blake & Tom Kelly (60.4)
6th - Mike Lindsay, Rob Connors, Brian Morran & Bill Getz (61.3)
7th - Steve Campbell, Peter Leaney, Geoff Mitchell & Don Pickthall (61.5)
8th - Glenn Davis, Dan McConnachie, John Thompson & Wayne Rossall (62.2)
9th - Bob Doyle, John McCormick, David Bird & Steve Wyzynski (62.5)
10th - Bob Nebel, Paul Cormier, Stephen Stuart & Patrick Convery (63.2)
11th - Mark Burrell, Walt Lemon, Steve Hewitt & Dave Whiting (63.7)
12th - Jim Glover, Mike Harris, Art Pingree & Dave Leonard (64.3)
13th - Dennis Matton, Brian Fee, Paul Thackery & Bill Fox (64.4)
14th - Kevin Hughes, Jerry Kimber, Gerry Lawrence & Brian King (64.6)
15th - Mark Brewer, Mark Crerar, Ken Oley & Wayne Carpenter (64.7)
16th - Al Swartz, Craig Ferns, Dave Convery & Bob Tennyson (67.3)
17th - Michael Woolgar, Darren Farmer, Darryl Cooper & Peter Wieser (67.4)