Monday, September 19, 2016

Post aerification update

Monday September 19th 2016


Welcome members and guests. Last week’s greens aerification went extremely well. Weather and equipment cooperated perfectly. Golfers will find greens bumpy and painfully slow; this is unfortunately the short term pain we must endure before we reap the long term gain.  Today is the first day we will be mowing post aerification, and we will be doing so in the late morning/early afternoon. The reason for this day time mow is to mow when the turf is dry. Morning dew makes everything sticky and mowing early while we have dew on the turf, causes us grief in a couple of ways. First, sand is picked up as it sticks to the rollers. We have invested quite significantly in the sand and we don’t want to pick it up and throw it away. Mowing when dry nearly eliminates this concern. We also won’t dull the reel blades as quickly mowing when dry as the sand stays deep in the canopy of the turf, giving us a better finished product.  I’ll apologize now for the mowers and employees on the greens when play is happening. We will do our best to minimize disruption, and we thank you for your patience.   Ball roll will begin to improve starting today.

Blair Rennie

Greens Superintendent

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