Tuesday, November 8, 2016

After yesterdays announcement we would be closing 9 holes to apply winter fungicide, an enormous amount of emails were sent in complaining about this plan. This application is the single most important application of the season. If we get it wrong, grass will die. In a worst case scenario all tees green and fairways will be dead in the spring. We cannot apply in wind, we cannot apply in rain. If the application is done too late in the season the product may not get into the plant making it unreliable. Leaves must be blown off, vacuumed up and hand picked off these surfaces as they would prevent the product from reaching the turf, a slow tedious job adding much more time required to spray than in the summer. In addition, the product must dry on the turf before allowing cart or foot traffic on the grass as this may remove the product from the target.

Here is a good example of what the course may look like if I miss the window of application. This was the spring of 2006. Sod installed late in 2005 did not get the product applied early enough and snow mould was not controlled. I am confident every member would say this is unacceptable.
Once again, this is short term pain for long term gain.

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