Monday, October 23, 2017

Obituary for Jack Payne

We much sadness we must report that the Whitevale Golf Club, Club Champion for the years, 1959, 1960 and 1961 and a member of our Wall of Fame passed away peacefully at Uxbridge Cottage Hospital on October 19th 2017 at the age of 96. Beloved husband and best friend of Eleanor Payne.

Jack will be fondly remembered and missed by his many friends and his golf family of friends in Canada and in the United States.

Visitation will be held at Barnes Memorial Funeral Home 5295 Thickson Rd. N. Whitby on Wednesday October 25th from 12:00-1:00 p.m. A memorial service honouring Jack’s life will follow in the Barnes Chapel Wednesday at 1:00pm.

If desired, memorial donations may be made to The Heart & Stroke Foundation or a Charity of Choice.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Whitevale Artisan Show and Sale

The Whitevale Artisan Show and Sale is quickly approaching. Invite your family and friends and plan on attending this wonderful event to be held on Saturday, October 28th from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  

We have some amazing vendors who will be set up in the dining room selling their hand-crafted items. You will find unique gifts for everyone on your holiday list! Then relax in the bar area or Grill Room and enjoy a beverage and a bite to eat. We will be having a Pancake Special as well, to pair up with our very own Andrew Jackson’s Maple Syrup which will be on sale at the show! Hope to see you there. For more information contact Kandice Brackenbury.

Here is a list of our Vendors:

Kandice Brackenbury – handknit hats, scarves, headbands; handmade greeting cards and Christmas tags; antique window frames upcycled into mirrors, noteboards etc. 

Facebook page: Kaprice’s Kreations 

Steve Flude – handcrafted wood items – cheese boards, jewellery boxes, wine glass and bottle holders 

Ruth Catterall – wreaths, pine cone creations 

Doug Bruce – handcrafted pepper mills and bowls 

Pat Fedosen – quilted items 

Suzi Snow-Liska – baked goods 

Teri Courchene – handmade dolls, wallets, passport holders and math kits 

Andrew Jackson – Jackson’s Maple Syrup 

Walt Lemon – “Fore! Nine! – A History of Whitevale Golf Club” – Have your book signed by Walt 

Chris Robinson – stained glass creations 

Nicole – My Best Furend – handcrafted items for your four-legged family members
Facebook page: My Best Furend 

Krista Goddard – Dragonfly Design Studio – unique jewellery

Fiona Mascarenhas – Dashes and Donuts – mugs with sayings

Dale Smith – Serenity Soaps – handmade soaps using pure essential oils

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Women's Closing Field Day

Today was our women's closing field day and what a day it was. Even with a frost delay todays weather was the best anyone could remember in the most recent years. With the sun shining and perfect temperature the team of Tina Robinet, Gail Pimm, Anne Hill & Elke Oley were the winners today for the step aside scramble format.

For complete results from todays event please click on the link below:

Congratulations also go out to a few special ladies who had personal bests this year:

First Hole In One - Lisa Brewer #4
Broke 100 - Sandi Milner-Docking (91)
Broke 90 - Diana Packer (89)
Most Improved Player - Diana Packer

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Men's Closing Field Day

It's hard to believe that 2017 is almost done in the terms of the golf season but the closing field day is always a great final event of the year. This year the team of Tony Iordanis, Dave Denysek, Howard Cooper and Steve Hewitt finished in top spot with a great score of 59.

1st - Tony Iordanis, Dave Denysek, Howard Cooper & Steve Hewitt (59.0)
2nd - Wade Brackenbury, Colin Dunne, Steve Pawson & Wes Brown (59.4)
3rd - Jody Bevan, Glenn Davis, John Thompson & Art Pingree (60.0)
4th - Chris Couch. Mike Harris, Ron Stoneburgh & Dave Whiting (61.0)
T-5th - Al Swartz, Alex Maggiacomo, Larry Aicken & Mike Cann (61.1)
T-5th - Paul Dobner, Doug Bruce, Pat Burrell & John Mikula (61.1)
T-5th - Steve Campbell, Ken Oley, Paul Thackeray & Craig Daigle (61.1)
8th - Bob Doyle, Will Harris, Glen Shaw & Wayne Carpenter (61.3)
9th - Chris O'Brien, Dave Convery, James Munroe & Kevin Ashe (61.5)
10th - Chris Cummins, Ian Vaudry, Joe Dotchin & Brian Sharp (61.9)
11th - Jim Glover, Doug McIntyre, Mike Doria & Tom Kelly (62.0)
T-12th - Dennis Matton, Mark Crerar, Mike Gritzan & Peter Wieser (62.1)
T-12th - Kevin Hughes, Steve Rodriguez, Dominic Burns & John Fleming (62.1)
T-12th - Dave Sutton, Brian Fee, Steve Major & Greg Haley (62.1)
15th - Andrew Jackson, David Bird & Don Pickthall (62.8)
T-16th - John Trimble, Clayton Spahn, Stan Lam & Bill Fox (62.9)
T-16th - Bernie Docking, Pat Lamanna, Dan McPherson & John Pullam (62.9)
18th - Michael Woolgar, Brandon Wieser, Aris Medeiros & Peter Brandt (63.0)
19th - Bob Nebel, Paul Dunphy, Brian Guenther & Nigel Rennie (63.1)
20th - Michael Harris, Jerry Kimber & Tom Budgen (63.3)
21st - Brad Haley, Joe Beninato, John McCormick & Tim Charlton (63.4)
22nd - Mark Doyle, Gerry Lawrence, Brian Morran & Pat Convery (64.0)
23rd - Craig Burrell, Stephen Flude, Stephen Stuart & Damian Leach (65.3)

Thank you to everyone for the support in all of our club events and enjoy the rest of the golfing season.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Men's Night Shot-Gun

As the end of the season approaches we held our final men's night shot-gun yesterday with a great turn out of 105 players. Congratulations to the team of Bill Grant, Stan Steinwall and John Carter who ended with a fabulous score of -23. For the complete results from yesterday's event please click on the link below:

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Match Play Update

This past Sunday we had our Champions Day for all of the final matches in each of the different categories. This year long event is a true test to any golfer as many matches are played to see who comes out on top. Congratulations to all participants who took part and a special tip of the hat to the winners in each section:

Men's Match Play - TBD
Women's Match Play - Norma Columbus
Women's 4-Ball Match Play - Jacquie Dunne & Darlene Doyle
Mixed Match Play - Lisa & Glenn Mackie
Men's Weekday Match Play - TBD
Weekday Men's 4-Ball Match Play - Gary Reeves & Frank Steinhausen
Weekday Women's Match Play - Margaret Chew

Friday, September 15, 2017

Club Trade In - Friday September 22nd

It's our final visit of the year for our trade in program and why not take advantage of a great opportunity. On Friday September 22nd from 1 - 3 pm Excel Golf will be at Whitevale accepting club trade-in's. The value of your trade-in will be returned in pro shop credit that can be spent as you please. It's a great way to get rid of unused equipment and put the proceeds towards that new driver or set of irons you've been thinking about. If you have any questions please get in touch with the golf shop.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Fall Derby - Day 2 and Final Results

Day 2 Results

1st - John Dimopoulos, Stephen Speirs, Anthony Stilo & Jef Vermeulen - 116.5 ($39/each)
T-2nd - Kevin Ashe, Larry Aicken, Glenn Davis & Dave Sutton - 120.5 ($24/each)
T-2nd - Mark Crerar, Jodi Crerar, Ron Bell & Josette Bell - 120.5 ($24/each)
4th - Ed Hogan, Suzi Snow-Liska, Heinz Dahn & John Eales - 121.5
5th - Norma Columbus, Bonnie Cartwright, Terry Hosford & Peter Brandt - 122
T-6th - Mike Harris, Paul Thackeray, Pat Convery & Geoff Wood - 124
T-6th - Rich Hart, Margaret Hart, Stephen Stuart & Barry Catterall - 124
8th - Bob Doyle, Darlene Doyle, Peter Wieser & Andrew Jackson - 125.5
9th - Paul Dunphy, Wayne Rossall, Dominic Burns & Don O'Brien - 126
10th - John Lyttle, Pat Lamanna, Steve Campbell & Michael Woolgar - 127
11th - Walt Lemon, Doug Bruce, Ken Fedosen & Mike Raptopulos - 127.5
12th - Wayne Carpenter, Jim McGilton, Dave Wallace & Steve Robinson - 128.5
13th - Brandon Wieser, Brad Haley, Sean McCullough & Craig Ferns - 129.5
T-14th - Art Pingree, Julie Pingree, Stam Lam & Lucy Blais - 130
T-14th - Steve Hewitt, Pat Burrell, Jerry Kimber & Tom Kelly - 130
T-16th - Kim Blake, Bob Nebel, Jim Glover & Claytn Spahn - 130.5
T-16th - Colin Dunne, Jacquie Dunne, Bernie Docking & Sandi Docking - 130.5
18th - Chris Couch, Debbie Couch, Kevin Duda & Nic Iordanis - 131
19th - John Alexiou, Cindy Alexiou, Dan McConnachie & Tom Bermingham - 131.5
20th - Doug McIntyre, John McCormick, Al Swartz & Steve Rodriguez - 134

Overall Standings                                                                     

1st - Rich Hart, Margaret Hart, Stephen Stuart & Barry Catterall - 31 pts ($97/each)
T-2nd - Walt Lemon, Doug Bruce, Ken Fedosen & Mike Raptopulos - 27 pts ($73/each)
T-2nd - Ed Hogan, Suzi Snow-Liska, Heinz Dahn & John Eales - 27 pts ($73/each)
T-4th - John Lyttle, Pat Lamanna, Steve Campbell & Michael Woolgar - 26 pts ($40/each)
T-4th - Bob Doyle, Darlene Doyle, Peter Wieser & Andrew Jackson - 26 pts ($40/each)
T-6th - Kevin Ashe, Larry Aicken, Glenn Davis & Dave Sutton - 25 pts
T-6th - Mark Crerar, Jodi Crerar, Ron Bell & Josette Bell - 25 pts
8th - Mike Harris, Paul Thackeray, Pat Convery & Geoff Wood - 24 pts
9th - Brandon Wieser, Brad Haley, Sean McCullough & Craig Ferns - 22 pts
10th - John Dimopoulos, Stephen Speirs, Anthony Stilo & Jef Vermeulen - 21 pts
11th - John Alexiou, Cindy Alexiou, Dan McConnachie & Tom Bermingham - 17 pts
12th - Norma Columbus, Bonnie Cartwright, Terry Hosford & Peter Brandt - 15 pts
T-13th - Steve Hewitt, Pat Burrell, Jerry Kimber & Tom Kelly - 13 pts
T-13th - Wayne Carpenter, Jim McGilton, Dave Wallace & Steve Robinson - 13 pts
15th - Paul Dunphy, Wayne Rossall, Dominic Burns & Don O'Brien - 12 pts
16th - Doug McIntyre, John McCormick, Al Swartz & Steve Rodriguez - 11 pts
17th - Art Pingree, Julie Pingree, Stam Lam & Lucy Blais - 10 pts
18th - Chris Couch, Debbie Couch, Kevin Duda & Nic Iordanis  - 9 pts
T-19th - Kim Blake, Bob Nebel, Jim Glover & Claytn Spahn - 5 pts
T-19th - Colin Dunne, Jacquie Dunne, Bernie Docking & Sandi Docking - 5 pts


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Fall Derby - Day 1 Results

T-1st Rich Hart 106 18 $33/player
T-1st Walt Lemon 106 18 $33/player
T-3rd John Lyttle 105 16 $11/player
T-3rd John Alexiou 105 16 $11/player
5th Brandon Wieser 101 15
6th Bob Doyle 100 14
T-7th Ed Hogan 98 11
T-7th Mike Harris 98 11
T-7th Doug McIntyre 98 11
T-10th Kevin Ashe 94 8
T-10th Steve Hewitt 94 8
T-10th Mark Crerar 94 8
13th Chris Couch 92 7
T-14th Wayne Carpenter 90 5
T-14th Art Pingree 90 5
T-16th Kim Blake 88 2
T-16th Colin Dunne 88 2
T-16th John Dimopoulos 88 2
19th Paul Dunphy 86 1
20th Norma Columbus 80 0

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Money Ball Results

The Money Ball event was new to the calendar for 2017, with a straight forward format of the lowest net wins. With a great turnout of 60 players in the field congratulations goes out to Nigel Rennie who shot a blistering net 62 in the men's division. For the women it was Judi McIlroy who lit up the leaderboard with a stellar net 68. Thank you to all of the players for their support, below you can find the pay outs as well as the links for the complete standings:

1st - Judi McIlroy (68) $130
2nd - Diana Packer (70) $75
3rd - Norma Columbus (71) $55

1st - Nigel Rennie (62) $250
2nd - Stephen McDonald (63) $200
3rd - Wayne Carpenter (67) $130
T-4th - Fred Calvert (68) $95
T-4th - Michael Woolgar (68) $95
6th - John Lyttle (69) $80
T-7th - Bob Nebel (70) $36.50
T-7th - Tim Packer (70) $36.50
T-7th - Peter Wieser (70) $36.50

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Men’s Senior Ryder Cup (SRC)

Whitevale has been participating with 99 other clubs from Michigan, New York State and Ontario in a Senior Two-Man Gross Match Play competition. The 100 clubs are divided into 25 divisions, with Whitevale playing against Wolf Run, Baxter Creek and Barcovan Golf Clubs this season. In our four matches against these clubs, we scored 80 of a possible 96 points and gained entry directly into Championship Day, held at Highlands Golf Club in London, Ontario. Our 80 points saw us second only to Oshawa GC’s 82 points.

At Championship Day on Monday, August 28, the Whitevale team was: Dave Walker paired with Barry Catterall, John Trimble with Declan Dunn, Mike McGarragle with Bernie Docking, and Steve Hewitt with Ron Bell. The team met very tough competition but enjoyed the day immensely. The team was matched against the Winner, Cutten Fields,  the 2nd place team Lookout Point, and the two teams tied for 3rd, London Highland and North Halton. Congratulations to the entire Whitevale team.
Other team members who played in the division matches were: Larry Valianes, Steve Rodriguez Sr., Tim Rutherford, Pat Lamanna and Walt Lemon. Everyone played at least one match.

Please see if you wish to learn more about the competition.

Congratulations to the team for gaining entry directly to Championship Day.

Walt Lemon
Team Captain

Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Whitevale Classic

Only 3 years old, The Whitevale Classic is turning into one of the most anticipated events of the year. With 18 teams looking to take home this years prize it was a battle for a lot of teams to make birdies and post a solid number. In the end the team of Craig Burrell, Mark Crerar, Leon Lok and Wayne Carpenter finished in top spot with a -16. In 2nd place we had Bob Doyle, Steve Major, Doug Bruce & Elmar Moser at -14. Tied for 3rd at -13 were the teams of Craig Ferns, Terry Calder, John Thompson & Mike Fleming as well as Seam McCullough, Steve Rodriguez, Kim Blake & Tom Kelly. For complete results click on the link below:

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Junior/Senior Recap

The junior/senior tournament this year was filled with great weather, excitement and fun with family members and friends. The tournament had a total of 16 teams which is one of the better turn outs over the last few years. With some great scores the team of Lauren & Jody Bevan finished in top spot, congratulations to them and all of the participants. Thank you to everyone who came out, it was an excellent event that helps grow the game moving forward.

John Johnston MACKENZIE

Former Whitevale Member John Mackenzie has passed away.

MACKENZIE, John Johnston John passed away peacefully on Tuesday, August 15, 2017 in his 86th year. John, loving husband of 58 years to June. Amazing father to Cathy (Carlos) and Bill (Catherine). Adoring and immensely proud Boppy to Melanie and Rachel and Grumpy to Emma (Peter) and Molly. John was the brother to the late Mary Deak and David Mackenzie. John had many careers in sales and was successful in all of them. He was kind, genuine and possessed a great sense of humour and engaged all who encountered him. John was the eternal optimist and had a gift for seeking solutions and never focusing on the problem. This led to the odd misstep which included driving around Toronto in reverse (small problem with the transmission). John had an enquiring mind and led him to try many new ventures and hobbies from jewellry making to hydrogen fuel cell experimentation. John's family would like to thank the staff at Markhaven Home for Seniors and Markham Stouffville Hospital who helped him through his struggle with Alzheimer's in the last months of his life. We invite family and friends to join us in a celebration of John's life to be held on Sunday, September 10th from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. The celebration will be held at 4042 Vandorf Sideroad, Stouffville.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Husband & Wife / Guys & Dolls - Recap

Not only does this event test your golf skills but some would say your relationship as well. The husband & wife event is a favourite for many and this year didn't disappointment as we had 26 teams competing for the title. Congratulations to Mike Harris & Cathy Dorman who shot a wonderful round of 66.

1st - Mike Harris & Cathy Dorman - 66 ($120/each)
T-2nd - Mark & Lisa Brewer - 68.5 ($70/each)
T-2nd - Mark & Jodi Crerar - 68.5 ($70/each)
T-2nd - Les & Zona Pereira - 68.5 ($70/each)
5th - John & Cindy Alexiou - 69 ($40/each)
6th - Dec Dunn & Veronica Raos-Dunn - 69.5 ($20/each)

For full results of todays event please click on the link below:

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Women's Member-Guest

At this years Women's Member-Guest the participants were treated to a wonderful day of golf; all themed while celebrating Canada's 150th birthday. The day included poutine, Tim Bits and chocolate inukshuk's just to name a few things the ladies enjoyed. This years event was organized by Josette Bell, Lucy Blais and Margaret Chew who did a wonderful job with their attention to detail. Congratulations to the winning team of Chris Denysek, Jacquie Dunne, Bonnie Worboys and Kelly Hathaway who took home the trophy. I believe their team uniforms played a big part in the day, well done ladies!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Club Championships - Final Results

As another club championship comes to a close we would like to congratulate all of the winners. This year we had 161 participants which was one of our largest fields ever. The following are the 2017 flight champions:

Men's Club Champion - Mark Brewer
Men's "A" Flight - Steve Hewitt
Men's "B" Flight - Pat Burrell
Men's "C" Flight - Ken Fedosen

Weekday Men - Randy Chew

Women's Club Champion - Gail Pimm
Women's Stableford - Bonnie Cartwright

Jr. Boys - Eamonn O'Neill

The following link will provide the final standings for Men's Championship, A, B, C & Women's Championship flight:

The following link will provide the final standings for the Women's Stableford Flight:

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Club Championships - Final Qualifiers

Men's Championship Flight, "A" Flight, "B" Flight, "C' Flight & Women's Championship Flight:

Women's Stableford Flight
*When viewing the results please choose the correct scoring drop down for that flight.
Please also visit the silent auction currently happening outside of the golf shop. This auction is supporting the women's member-guest event and has some fabulous items like:
- Signed Auston Mathews Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey.
- Pair of Toronto Maple Leafs Tickets vs. Minnesota Wild.
- Pair of Toronto Raptors Tickets.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Men's & Women's Haig

Congratulations to everyone who participated in both of today's events. A special mention goes out to Don O'Brien and Wayne Rossall as well as Lori Sheffield and Zona Pereira for winning their respective divisions.

Men's Haig Results
1st Net - Don O'Brien & Wayne Rossall (61.2) $150/each
2nd Net - Stephen Spiers & Wade Jamieson (63.0) $125/each
3rd Net - Tom Kelly & Stephen Flude (63.4) $100/each
4th Net - Kevin Hughes & Al Kershaw (66.4) $75/each
5th Net - Bob Doyle & Stephen Stuart (66.8) $50/each
T-6th Net - Ross Davidson & Rob Watt (67.0) $20/each
T-6th Net - Don Davis & Jody Bevan (67.0) $20/each

1st Gross - Mark Brewer & Glenn Mackie (68) $150/each

Women's Haig Results
1st Net - Lori Sheffield & Zona Pereira (64.6) $60/each
2nd Net - Darlene Doyle & Mary Charlton (66.4) $50/each
3rd Net - Diana Packer & Barb Rogers (68.2) 40/each
T-4th Net - Meghan Bennett & Josette Bell (68.8) $25/each
T-4th Net - Yvette Fulton & Susan Doria (68.8) $25/each

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Senior Club Championship - Final Results

This weekend we held our Senior Club Championship which provided a very close finish in each of the divisions. Congratulations to Dave Walker, Gail Pimm & Anne Trimble who all took home 1st place honors.

Men's 55 - 64
1st Low Gross - Dave Walker (154) $125
2nd Low Gross - Dec Dunn (162) $100
3rd Low Gross - Bob Nebel (165) $75

1st Low Net - Tim Filer (141) $125
2nd Low Net - Kevin Ashe (141) $100
3rd Low Net - Ron Stoneburgh (142) $75

Men's 65+
1st Low Gross - Jim Glover (156) $90
2nd Low Gross - Kevin Hughes (157) $60

T-1st Low Net - Ron Bell (139) $75
T-1st Low Net - Al Swartz (139) $75

Overall Low Net - Anne Trimble (144) $75
Overall Low Gross - Gail Pimm (150) $50

Seniors 1st Gross - Lisa Mackie (179) $50
Diamonds 1st Net - Kandice Brackenbury (148) $50

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Senior Ryder Cup Qualifying - 2018 Team

Dec Dunn (Club Captain), Ryan La Rose and several of us on the 2017 team have had a number of discussions re how to field the best possible Whitevale team each year, and what alternatives we may have going forward. With 100 clubs from Ontario, New York State and Michigan in SRC now and growing by 20 or more clubs next year, this is becoming a prestige event and Whitevale should be represented by the best team possible.

 The revised plan is to use this 2017 Senior Club Championship as promoted to create the core team, and then complement it by a 2-day qualifier in May of 2018. There, those not eligible for this year's qualifying could attempt to qualify and those from 2017 Senior Club Championship who wish to improve their position could attempt to score better. As SRC is a gross match play event, gross scores will be the determining factor. Super Seniors (65 and older) may qualify from white tees if they choose. Super Seniors who play Blue tees may qualify for both Senior and Super Senior

 A team of 4-6 Super Seniors and 10-12 Seniors should be registered. 

 The note below was received from SRC Executive on July 9th.

 The Board of the SRC has discussed the age eligibility for players - now states May 15. We have determined that to include as many senior players who wish to participate the guideline will be as follows beginning in 2018:

"To be eligible to play an SRC match a player must be 55 years of age and must also meet the playing qualifications set out by his club. For example, a player who turns 55 in late June could play for his SRC team in the month of July. But to be eligible for SRC playoffs or Championship all players must have played at least one divisional match."

Walt Lemon

Team Captain

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Men's Member-Guest

For this years event the MMG had a new format in place that saw each team playing five 9 hole matches over the two days. The weather on Thursday played havoc but we were able to complete day 1 and look forward to what day 2 would bring. After each team played their final two matches on Friday each flight winner took part in an elimination shoot-out that would last four holes leaving the last two team standing to do battle. The team of Fred Calvert & Fred Nurnberger faced-off against Andrew Jackson & Stuart Vandersluis on the 18th to see who would be crowned this years champion. After the teams halved the 18th with 5's they went back to the tee for a sudden death extra hole. With the team of Calvert/Nurnberger lying 4; Andrew Jackson stepped up and knocked in a 25 footer for par giving him and his partner Stuart Vandersluis the trophy. Congratulations to Andrew and Stuart on their victory and thank you to everyone who participated and sponsored this years event!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Women's Flag Day & Men's 4 Ball Results

The talk of the year has been the weather and luckily today on Canada Day we didn't have to worry about rain for once. Every July 1st we celebrate our countries birthday but at Whitevale that also means Flag Day & 4 Ball. This year we had great participation for both events, the Women's Flag Day had 30 players and the Men's 4 Ball had 80. Congratulations goes out to the winners of each event, complete results are as follows:

Women's Flag Day
1st - Lynda Briggs ($90)
2nd - Sandi Milner-Docking ($70)
3rd - Anne Trimble ($50)
4th - Ann Griffin ($40)
5th - Kandice Brackenbury ($30)
6th - Gail Pimm ($20)

Men's 4 Ball
1st Low Net - Art Pingree & Stan Lam (60) $110.00/each
2nd Low Net - Michael Woolgar & John Lyttle (62) $100.00/each
T-3rd Low Net - Kevin Ashe & Tom Bermingham (63) $71.67/each
T-3rd Low Net - Peter Wieser & Steve Stuart (63) $71.67/each
T-3rd Low Net - Kevin Hughes & Al Kershaw (63) $71.67/each
6th Low Net - Ed Griffin & Pat Lamanna (64) $50.00/each
T-7th Low Net - Steve Wyzynski & Joe McGillion (65) $28.75/each
T-7th Low Net - Steve Flude & Tom Kelly (65) $28.75/each
T-7th Low Net - Chris Couch & Kevin Duda (65) $28.75/each
T-7th Low Net - Mark Crerar & Ron Stoneburgh (65) $28.75/each

1st Low Gross - Cam Hreljac & Pat Scanga (66) $110.00/each
T-2nd Low Gross - Wade Brackenbury & Barry Catterall (71) $50.00/each
T-2nd Low Gross - Bernie Docking & Jared Docking (71) $50.00/each

Complete Results

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Senior Ryder Cup Qualifying - 2018

Senior Ryder Cup (SRC) is a two-man team gross match play competition against 3 other clubs in a division format. There are 100 clubs from Michigan, NW New York State and Ontario participating, with 16 clubs earning the honour to play in a Championship Day. Each club fields a team of 8 seniors (55+ as of May 15, 2018), two of whom must be Super Seniors (65+ as of May 15, 2018). Whitevale is participating for the 3rd time in 2017, in a division with Barcovan, Wolf Run and Baxter Creek Golf Clubs.

To qualify for the 2018 SRC team, participate in the 2-day Senior Club Championship on July 22 and 23, 2017. Super Seniors may play the white tees if they do not want to compete for the overall Senior Championship.

"C" members with a handicap of 6 or less are eligible to participate.

A team of about 15 will be registered as part of the Whitevale team, to ensure coverage for each event. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Mixed Haig Results

Congratulations goes out to the team of Debbie & Chris Couch who won today's Mixed Haig tournament with a net score of  60.4. We had a total of 20 teams who participated and many good scores posted throughout the day. Here are the top six teams who finished in the money:

1st - Debbie & Chris Couch (60.4) $80.00/each
2nd - Yvette Fulton & Gerry Lawrence (61.8) $70.00.each
3rd - Margaret & Rich Hart (62.6) $60.00/each
4th - Jodi & Mark Crerar (65.8) $45.00/each
5th - Julie & Art Pingree (66.2) $25.00/each
6th - Zona Pereira & Dave Myrvold (67.0) $20.00/each

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Cooper, Steven

Cooper, Steven - on Tuesday, June 19th, 2017 after a courageous battle with cancer. Steve, better known as "Scoop" will be missed by his family and many friends at the club. The family will receive their friends at McEachnie Funeral home - 28 Old Kingston Road, Ajax. The visitation will be held Friday June 23rd, from 2 - 4 pm and 7 - 9 pm. Service will be held Saturday June 24th at 11 am, in the chapel at McEachnie funeral home in Pickering Village.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Longest Day of Golf - Raffle Winners

We have a few unclaimed raffle prize winners from the Longest Day Raffle.

1. The Booze Basket and everyone's newest bestie!
Blue Ticket #982-2328

2. Water Bottle & East Side Mario Gift Certificate
Blue Ticket #983-9062

3. Peter Fine Dining Gift Cert & Picture Frame
Blue Ticket #983-8844

4. Silver Coin
Yellow Ticket #495-1786

All available for pick up in the office.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Play with the Pro

In an effort to have the professional staff get out and enjoy golf with the membership we have started a new program called "Play with the Pro". How the program works is if you would like to play with one of the pro's you visit the golf shop and let one of the staff know you would like to sign up. At that time you let them know which pro you would like to play with and a couple of days and times that would work best for you. The professional staff will be checking the sign up sheets every other day and contact the members involved once a day and time has been agreed upon. The staff who will be taking part in this are Ryan La Rose, Ray McCourquodale, Kevan Goble, Charlie Doherty and Brendon Allman. We look forward to getting out with a number of you over the next few months!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Phantom Results

For an event that is based on quota points and nobody knows who counts on what hole it sure does make for an interesting format. This year we had 13 teams competing for the title and the winners at the end of the day was the team of Padraig Darby, Michael Berry, Chris O'Brien and Dan McPherson who finished with 100 points.

1st - Padraig Darby, Michael Berry, Chris O'Brien & Dan McPherson (100 pts.) $96.00/each
2nd - Mark Brewer, Steve Thompson, Barry Catterall & Dave Walker (95 pts.) $72.00/each
T-3rd - Wayne Carpenter, Will Harris, Jim McGilton & Ian Vaudry (91 pts.) $36.00/each
T-3rd - Donny O'Connell, Craig Ferns, Anthony Sgovio & Dan McConnachie (91 pts.) $36.00/each
T-5th - Art Pingree, Brian Guenther, Brandon Wieser & Peter Wieser (90 pts.)
T-5th - Ed Hogan, Heinz Dahn, Suzi Snow-Liska & John Eales (90 pts.)
7th - John Dimopoulos, Wade Jamieson, Jeff Maddeley & Stephen Speirs (87 pts.)
8th - Walt Lemon, Dave Leonard & Mike Raptopulos (85 pts.)
T-9th - Dave Myrvold, Pat Burrell, Jerry Kimber & Tom Kelly (84 pts.)
T-9th - Bryan Ramsey, Gerry Dineen, Bryce Percy & Derek Boate (84 pts.)
11th - Tim Charlton, Mary Charlton, Bill Fox & Don Pickthall (83 pts.)
T-12th - Elmar Moser, Art Belanger, Rod Roblin & Les Pereira (79 pts.)
T-12th - John Lyttle, Peter Lambrinos, Kim Blake & Dennis Matton (79 pts.)

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Spring Derby - Day 2 & Overall Results

Day two of this years Spring Derby brought heavy fog, sunny skies and windy conditions affecting just about every team in the field. With only four points separating first and fifth you knew it was going to be a great ending to this years event. Congratulations to the team of John Trimble, Kim Blake, Dennis Matton and Bob Nebel who took home this years title. Click on the link below to see the Day 2 standings.

Day 1 Pay Outs
T-1st - Kandice Brackenbury, Wade Brackenbury, Ann Grffin & Ed Griffin. ($42.00/each)
T-1st - Brandon Wieser, Brad Haley, Jared Docking & Craig Ferns. ($42.00/each)
3rd - John Trimble, Kim Blake, Dennis Matton & Bob Nebel. ($21.00/each)

Day 2 Pay Outs
1st - John Trimble, Kim Blake, Dennis Matton & Bob Nebel. ($52.50/each)
2nd - Mike McGarragle, Peter Leaney, Grant Barrett & Donny O'Connell. ($31.50/each)
T-3rd - Bernie Docking, Sandra Docking, Colin Dunne & Jacquie Dunne. ($10.50/each)
T-3rd - Brandon Wieser, Brad Haley, Jared Docking & Craig Ferns. ($10.50/each)

Overall Pay Outs
1st - John Trimble, Kim Blake, Dennis Matton & Bob Nebel. ($94.50/each)
2nd - Brandon Wieser, Brad Haley, Jared Docking & Craig Ferns. ($78.75/each)
3rd - Kandice Brackenbury, Wade Brackenbury, Ann Griffin & Ed Griffin. ($63.00/each)
T-4th - Elke Oley, Ken Oley, Yvette Fulton & Gerry Lawrence. ($39.00/each)
T-4th - Mike McGarragle, Peter Leaney, Grant Leaney & Donny O'Connell. ($39.00/each)

Closest to the Pin
Day 1 - Jared Docking #3 & Bonnie Cartwright #13
Day 2 - Colin Dunne #3 & Mark Brewer #13

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Spring Derby - Day 1 Results

With the long weekend behind us and warmer weather ahead this weekends focus for many was on the Spring Derby. A total of 84 players participating in this years event came out in hopes of leading the pack after todays modified quota point format. Day 1 saw two teams a top the leaderboard after posting matching totals of 106. Only four points separate 1st to 5th so tomorrow should be a close race to the finish. For complete standings click on the link below:

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Men's Night Shot-Gun

Ever year our men's league draft night is kicked off by the men's night shot-gun. The event is a great start to getting everyone into the league spirit and todays event had 97 participants. A number of excellent scores were posted and in the end the team of Nigel Rennie, John Thompson & Tim Packer were crowned champions with a team total of -20.

Closest to the Pin #4 - Bill Getz
Closest to the Pin #14 - Larry Valianes
50/50 Draw Winner - Chris Cummins

For a complete listing of today's standings please click on the link below:

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Men's Inter-Club Qualifying - Extended

The Men's Inter-Club qualifying which was scheduled to wrap up on Monday May 22nd has been extended due to poor weather to start the season. Qualifying has been extended to Monday June 5th to allow for a few more days for participants looking to play. Please contact Walt Lemon or the professional staff with any further questions.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

What a difference a year makes.

After 2016 's record shattering heat and drought, we are now breaking records due to the polar opposite. Rain fall totals at Whitevale for the 48 hour this past Friday and Saturday measured 70mm, or almost 3 inches, fell onto an already saturated soil. Making the call to close the golf course and driving range was not done lightly. Severe and long lasting damage would have been done to many areas had any traffic been permitted. Most recent inspection of the golf course happened about 12:30 today.  While some neighbouring clubs are flooded out, we are lucky enough to have very little standing water anywhere at this point. While we have had excessive damage to different parts of the club during past storm events, very little damage has been seen due to this event. The only bunker washout that I found is this greenside bunker at 16.
This is not from rain flowing down the face of the bunker as is usually the case with washouts. This is from water percolating into the green. When the water gets below the roots zone that we have been able to impact with aerification by way of traditional coring, deep tine verti-drain and Dry-ject, the water hits a layer of compacted, poorly draining soil causing the water to move laterally along the top of this layer, finding its way to exit in these two spots 

All other bunkers held up very well. No trees came down and not other issues were identified other than soft ground that needs time to dry down, and firm up. Depending on where on the golf course we inspected, we found some areas that had already made significant progress toward drying and firming. Generally speaking everything along the south end of the club dries and firms up much better than everything along the north end due to much higher levels of sand in the soils. Holes 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12 and 13 are always able to handle rain events much better than 16, 17, 18, 9, 1, 2 and 3 which have higher amounts of clay and loam which tend to hold water.

As we get staff back out onto the course to continue getting all maintained areas dialed in, we will have areas that we wont be able to cut grass in because of areas that hold water and are far too soft to support mowers.
 Using heavy equipment to haul sand into bunkers that still need sand added will not be possible in a number of areas. Rest assured we are in great position for getting all areas finished up in the not too distance future.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Men's Opening Field Day

What a way to bring in the first event of the men's season then with blustery winds, cold temps and threatening rain. Even with all of those factors against us 66 brave men took on Whitevale in an attempt to become the champions on the Opening Field Day. The team of Brad Haley, Mark Crerar and Colin Dunne played extremely well considering their task and won with a final score of 55.5. A job well done gentlemen!

1st - Brad Haley, Colin Dunne & Mark Crerar (55.5)
2nd - Tim Filer, Tom Bermingham, John Liska & Wes Brown (56.0)
3rd - Peter Lambrinos, Dennis Matton & Stephen MacDonald (60.7)
4th - Dec Dunn, Brandon Wieser, Gabor Karl & Tom Kelly. (61.1)
5th - Wade Brackenbury, Jerry Kimber, Darryl Cooper & Wayne Carpenter (61.5)
T-6th - Mark Brewer, Doug Bruce, Walt Lemon & Tom Budgen (62.0)
T-6th - Michael Woolgar, Paul Dunphy, Art Pingree & Greg Haley (62.8)
8th - Bob Nebel, Mark Doyle & Kim Blake (62.8)
T-9th - Rob Connors, Ken Oley, Bob Grandmaitre & Tim Packer (63.8)
T-9th - John Trimble, Wayne Rossall & Bill Getz (63.8)
11th - Howard Cooper, Al Swartz & Brian King (64.1)
12th - Clayton Spahn, Don O'Brien & Peter Wieser (64.9)
13th - Steve Campbell, Gerry Lawrence, Brian Guenther & Gord Lee (65.3)
14th - Chris O'Brien, Michael Cann, Alex Maggiacomo & Dave Whiting (65.4)
15th - Fred Calvert, Bernie Docking, Al Billington & Don Hobb (65.8)
16th - Jim Glover, Paul Cormier, Dave Convery & Nigel Rennie (66.8)
17th - Bob Doyle, Peter Laeney, Stephen Stuart & Damian Leach (69.3)
18th - Brendon Allman, Brian Fee, Jay Petroff & Tony Iordanis (72.0)

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Women's Opening Field Day

With brisk winds and cool temperatures forty of Whitevale's bravest ladies took part in the Opening Field Day. This event is a great way to kick off the season with the step aside scramble format that challenges ever level of golfer. Congratulations to our winning team of Anne Hill, Cindy Alexiou, Pamela Cooper & Reg Wordtmann who finished with a score of 65.5.

1st - Anne Hill,Cindy Alexiou, Pamela Cooper & Reg Wordtmann. (65.5)
2nd - Jan Pugh, Jodi Crerar, Liane Garvey & Janet Martinko (66.8)
3rd - Kathy McGilton, Lisa Brewer, Elke Oley & Anna Lindsay (67.9)
4th - Lisa Mackie, Diana Packer, Veronica Raos-Dunn & Theresa Arbuthnot (68.0)
5th - Josette Bell, Michelle Miles, Lynne Sage & Dawna Matton (68.8)
6th - Norma Columbus, Joanne Kajganich, Jill Fewster-Yan & Maureen Cormier (71.1)
7th - Margaret Chew, Darlene Doyle, Marianne Goss & Terri Toms (71.5)
8th - Sue Dickinson, Linda Briggs, Chris Denysek & Janet Boychuk (73.7)
9th - Suzi Snow-Liska, Barb Wolfe, Yvette Fulton & Julie Pingree (74.0)
10th - Mary Charlton, Barb Rogers, Airlie Brown & Lynda Yvoski (75.2)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Men's Inter-Club Qualifying

Men's Inter-Club Qualifying 2017

Competition Dates

@ Meadowbrook (Tuesday June 27th)
@ Oshawa (Monday July 17th)
@ Whitevale (Monday July 24th)
@ Cedar Brae (Tuesday August 22nd)

Qualifying Process

Dates: Friday May 5th - Monday May 22nd
Cost: $20 for 3 x 18-hole attempts (Note: qualifying fee to be chitted by Business Office)

Categories: A: 0 - 9, B: 10 - 15, C: 16+

- Must advise pro shop prior to playing and hand in score after playing.
- Qualify from Blue Tee's A and White Tee's for B & C.
- May re-qualify for an additional $20.
- Best net score represents your qualifying round

- 4 man teams for each category group.
- There will be a cost for team shirts.
- Everyone will play at least one game, would like to have 18-24 qualifiers.
- There will be additional charges to fund the Whitevale hosted dinner pro-rated to all participants.
- Fees for golf carts will be chargeable at each club, approximately $20 each round.
- For pace of play, all participants are encouraged to ride.


- Visit the professional staff or contact Walt Lemon 416.493.5521

Friday, April 21, 2017

Fore! Nine!....Is Back.

Back by popular demand is Fore! Nine! A book about the history of Whitevale Golf Club written by Walt Lemon. Last year the book sold out so don't wait to get yours while quantities last.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Titleist Loyalty Program

Each year Titleist runs a promo on their Pro V1 & Pro V1x golf balls. When you purchase 3 dozen your receive your 4th dozen FREE. Along with this promo you also have the option to personalize the balls and choose any number you wish. The Titleist Pro V1 continues to be the #1 ball in golf, why not play what the pro's play. To place you order contact the pro shop today!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Brett Steeves

On March 10th while traveling to Florida for March break, Whitevale Golf Club junior members Justin and Kai along with their parents Brett and Debbie were involved in a car accident that claimed the life of Brett Steeves. Debbie Steeves who is the daughter of Whitevale member Bob Myrvold and sister to Whitevale member Dave Myrvold and her sons will be holding a celebration of life.

The celebration of life for Brett Steeves will take place on Saturday, April 1st from 1-4 p.m.  
Tribute speeches will begin at approximately 1:30 p.m.  

The location will be:

Deer Creek Golf & Banquet Facility
2700 Audley Road, Ajax, Ontario
L1Z 1T7

Also, a trust account has been set up for Debbie and the boys through TD Canada Trust.   The account number is 38422 044 6059765. If you plan to support in this manner, please contact Katie Cowan at to advise of deposit. 

Our most sincere condolences are extended to the entire Steeves and Myrvold family, on behalf of the entire Whitevale Golf Club membership.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Gabrielle Dolores Müller (nee Ladéroute)

Gabrielle Dolores Müller (nee Ladéroute)
March 9, 1932-­‐ February 16, 2017

And when you speak, angels sing from above
Everyday words seem to turn into love songs

Give your heart and soul to me
And life will always be la vie en rose.
La Vie en Rose

Born on the ninth of March, 1932 in Hull, Quebec, Gabrielle Ladéroute was the daughter of Yvonne Kirouac and Rodrigue Ladéroute, and sister to Rolande, Jean-­‐Guy, and René.

Gaby’s twenties were an adventurous time with her girlfriends while she waited for a kind and providing man to cherish.

She found that flat-­‐footed man, Otto, at a dance in Hull, where both couldn’t speak a word of shared language together. But his charm and her spirit spoke a language known only to them. And in that spark of a moment, she knew Otto was going to take care of her for the rest of her life.

And over the next 54 years, they weaved a life together and it was not long before their love bore Elizabeth, Katherine, and John.

While Otto was out building the family business, she was the support at home. She drove the kids to practices, cooked meals, and eventually joined the business as the bookkeeper.

In this time she was an active member of the tennis club, the bowling league, the golf club, and enjoyed time with her friends.

Gaby’s spark for life can be seen in her grandchildren; Zachary, Madelaine, and Isabelle of Elizabeth and Michael Snowden; Brian and Jeffrey of Katherine and Jim McGilton; and Christopher and Matthew of Karen (nee Larin) and John.

Heartbroken, following the passing of her husband, she moved to Orchard Villa Retirement Home in Pickering – experiencing many wonderful moments at the facility with the loving and caring staff. In spite of her condition, her family, Susan (her wonderful caregiver), and the many doctors and medical staff helped keep her spark alive as long as they could.

Yet even through the uncertainty of her final days, she still sang the song she always sang to Otto.

For certainly she knew that her life, that magic spell she cast, could be seen in no other light -­‐

From the start and at the close; Our Gabrielle, la vie en rose.

Donations can be made to the Otto Müller Memorial Landscape Scholarship Fund, courtesy of the Ontario Horticultural Trades Foundation
– 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8.

Donations to enhance geriatric care can be made in memory of Gabrielle Müller to Toronto Rehab Foundation - Research Fund.
‐ 550 University Avenue, Toronto, ON, M5G 2A2.

Online condolences can be left at

A Visitation will be held on Wednesday, February 22 at The Simple Alternative, 1057 Brock Road, in Pickering between 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. An additional visitation will be held at 10:00 a.m on the 23rd.

A memorial service will be held on Thursday, February 23 at 11:00 am at The Simple Alternative. Reception immediately following the service.

Monday, February 13, 2017

VANDUSEN, Harold Allan

It is with much sadness that we report on the passing of long time member Al VanDusen. Al joined Whitevale Golf Club in 1980 and and with his wife Connie have been fixtures in many club events, both golf and social. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire family at this time. 

VANDUSEN, Harold Allan

Passed away suddenly yet peacefully in Naples, Florida, on Monday, January 30, 2017.  Beloved husband of Constance Jean (nee Foss) of 56 years.  Dear father of Catherine (Michael), Brenda (David), James (Kerry) and Michael (Marie).  Lovingly remembered by his thirteen grandchildren Meaghan, Brendan, Caitlin, Jack, Matthew, Daniel, Carolyn, Keirah, Tiffany, Ava, Owen, Jonah and Simon.  Brother of Glen (Julie) and Merle.  Brother-in-law of Ronald (Linda) Foss.  

A service will be held at the HUMPHREY FUNERAL HOME A.W. MILES – NEWBIGGING CHAPEL, 1403 Bayview Avenue (south of Davisville Avenue) on Friday, February 17th at 1:00 p.m.  For those who wish, donations may be made to the Ronald McDonald House Charities Toronto, 240 McCaul Street, Toronto, Ontario M5T 1W5.  Condolences, photographs and memories may be forwarded through

Humphrey Funeral Home

A.W. Miles – Newbigging Chapel


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Taylor Made Fitting & Demo Day - February 24th

On Friday February 24th from 6 pm - 8:30 pm Taylor Made will be at Whitevale with there new M1 & M2 products for the 2017 season. Last year the Taylor Made M1 driver was voted as the #1 driver in golf and we are offering members a chance to get fit or demo the 2017 line before spring arrives.

Appointments can be booked by emailing Ryan ( and will be approximately 30 minutes in length. This is a great opportunity to try some new gear as well as seeing our indoor simulator which uses Trackman technology; used by more then 350 of the top players in the world. A Taylor Made master fitter will be onsite providing product knowledge and feedback for each member. For more information on the 2017 Taylor Made line up please visit their website (

We look forward to seeing you February 24th and please contact Ryan with any further questions.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mid-winter turf report

     Winter arrived early back in December with 5cm on the 5th, followed by another 15cm on the12th. This forced us to lay off staff sooner than we had anticipated. Now we reach  Mid-January, and it feels like early April, Just try and figure out the weather patterns in Southern Ontario!

     All the important pre-winter preparations to all turf areas were completed before the snow arrived. The interlock parking pads at the two practice greens were completed, (other than sod installation) before the weather changed, however we did not get as much of the range tee interlock parking area completed as we had hoped. Once the weather breaks in the spring it won’t take too long to get the interlock for the range tee deck installed.

     The warm weather and rains that we recently received are not at all what we had anticipated or hoped for in January (Just over 3 inches, or over 75mm rain fell here in January). Last week we had 7 greens with snow and Ice cover, while all others were 100% clear. Kyle and I spent Friday pushing snow off these greens with both heavy equipment and hand shoveling.
     Our efforts paid off and all greens are now 100% free of snow and Ice. The long-range forecast is predicting a cooling trend, which will put frost back into the upper portion of our thawed soils. This trend is perfect for the health of our turf.  It’s too early to guarantee what spring holds, but we are now half way through winter and on a steady course to having a strong opening day.

     We did lose one White Pine to the left of the 11th green during a storm after New Year’s, but I am confident had I not mentioned it, not a single member would have noticed it missing come opening day.

Other tree work to remove dead/dying and potential hazards is also being completed. Most of these removals will not be noticed. The exception to this may be one very large ash immediately west of the club storage. We had hoped to turn this into a center piece for the entrance to the club, but it just wasn’t to be, and it must be removed for the safety of everyone.
      Winter is a time for us to recharge our batteries after a long stressful season, but with that, I can assure you that Kyle, Scott and I are here 5 days a week preparing equipment, planning maintenance strategies, keeping abreast of new research and technologies and preparing to hire and train new staff for the upcoming season. These efforts are imperative to seamlessly execute maintenance scheduling to make the 2017 season one that we will all proudly boast about to anyone that will listen. Kyle and I spent most of last week in educational seminars to continue to expand our knowledge in the latest agronomic research.

     The membership surveys have again been a success this year, providing us with positive feedback, as well as identifying some areas of weakness or concern. Plans are already in motion for improvements for 2017, more details on this in the first addition of your sideline 30 for 2017, which is only weeks away.

   I hope all members are enjoying the off season. It wont be long at all before we welcome you all back.