Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Women's Shot-Gun

On Monday we held the women's shot-gun event and what an event it was, we had tremendous support from a number of sponsors which made the day extra special. We had 51 players which included a number of guests from various clubs around the GTA. A special thank you to Michelle Miles for all her efforts in making this day one to remember. We did hand out a few prizes and here are the results for the day:

1st - Chris Denysek, Meghan Bennett, Marianne Goss & Kelly Hathway (score 58.9)
2nd - Anne Trimble, Jodi Crerar, Lynne Crocker & Cindy Elliott (score 63.0)
3rd - Ann Griffin, Kandice Brackenbury, Josette Bell & Regina Wordtmann (score 64.6)
4th - Suzi Snow-Liska, Norma Columbus, Joanne Leier & Lauren Giles (score 65.7)
5th - Patty Davis, Terri Toms, Kathy Labelle (score 67.6)
6th - Michelle Miles, Lisa Brewer, Sandra Docking & Diana Packer (score 69.0)
7th - Margaret Chew, Joanne Kajganich, Anne Marie Fitzpatrick & Gloria Ryan (score 69.7)
8th - Linda Briggs, Lynne Sage, Melissa Van Vald Huizen & Rosemary Fisk (score 71.3)
9th - Susanne Sambleson, Anna Lindsay, Sue Dickinson & Marie Grant (score 71.6)
10th - Zona Pereira, Jane Moser, Barb Wolfe & Teri Courchene (score 73.5)
11th - Cindy Alexiou, Liz Holt, Jan Speers & Linda Vysoki (score 74.8)
12th - Kathy McGilton, Estella Prosser, Connie VanDusen & Aileen Davis (score 75.0)
13th - Maureen Cormier, Veronica Raos-Dunn, Donna Bremner & Carol Retter (score 76.1)

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