Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ice Storm Update

I'm sure all members are anxiously waiting for a report on how the course fared the ice storm. With apologies to all,  my family and I were out of town until Sunday night.
Monday morning I arrived to the ice which had trapped the chain and lock on the front gate.
I spent the day trying to get sand and ice melter onto the driveway, parking areas and walk ways to the trailers/office.
By the time three or four hours had passed I realized I needed help from some "Big Guns".
After another hour the phone I finally found a snow plow contractor who agreed to bring down his truck and sander/salt spreader. He insisted on cash up front. While I waited for him to arrive I toured the course to assess damage.
Most everything had between 1/2 and 3/4 of an inch of ice.
Weak trees, especially Silver Maples which we have far too many of, received the most damage. This large Silver by the 7th tee is typical of the damage sustained to all weak species, mainly Silver Maple and Willows.
Not a lot of Chines Elm's left on the property, but they also are weak and many upper branches were lost.
Silver Maples on right sd of 5. 
Looking into the valley from 4 tee
Not all bad news. 6 newly spaded trees at 8 were unharmed
I would have bet the spruce beside 15 green would have lost the top half....but no damage at all
Strong species such as this Sugar Maple......
....and the Oak behind 4 stood up to the ice with very little problem. There's no question we have a big clean up ahead of us, but at least we were not trying to open the course the next day.
I will be submitting a special request to the Board of Directors to purchase a wood chipper as renting one for the length of time it will take to complete this clean up task  will cost so much we may as well invest in one for the future. I still have significant ice layer on the driveway and parking area to deal with once Christmas is over. Whitevale, the last time I checked is still without power.
Now.............I need to get back to the family.
Merry Christmas all!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pre Christmas Update

I have high hopes that the start to this winter is proving a return to consistent winter weather for us. The last few winters fluctuations in high and low temperatures along with rain events rather than snow falls gave us some challenges to keep the turf healthy as we went through this part of the season.
 Early cold weather put frost in the ground and a recent blanket of snow is absolutely perfect for the golf course. The early frost also allowed us to get the large tree spade on the property to plant 6 new maples on the left side of the 8th hole last week.  As you know these trees replace Ash and Austrian pines that were removed as they were dying off from disease and insects.
Dropping the first of 6 significant sized new maples on the left side of 8
All 6 were successfully installed before the latest snow fall
Not completely spectacular without leaves, but I am confident they will be fully appreciated next season when the leaf breaks from the bud on all these new additions.
As mentioned in an earlier Blog we stripped the back of the 7th green to stop water from pooling which will also cause significant ice buildup making the grass prone to winter kill.
Poor surface drainage leads to pooling of water as seen here on the Putting Green after a summer rain. This leads to saturated soils and if left long enough, death of the turf during the growing season.
The same pooling of water in the winter over frozen soil is a much bigger job to remove before it freezes. In this file photo we are using a shop vac to suck water up from the greens surface.
This photo shows how we remove the sod with the sod cuter and meticulously reshape the surface by hand with a shovel. This project was about 75-80% complete when the snow shut us down completely. There is no concern for us getting it finished and sod back in place for opening day 2014.
With Christmas around the corner I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   I look forward to spending time with my family over the holidays and hope to see all of you at our AGM in January.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Winter Golf School

As mentioned in the last Sideline 30, Kevan Goble and Steve Rodriguez will be operating a winter golf school. Originally called Active Golf and scheduled to open on December 1st, their location will now be known as Better Golf and the new opening date will be January 10. Better Golf will offer Whitevale members a location to take lessons until the new range opens.

Below is an article on Better Golf submitted by Kevan and Steve.

Teaching Philosophy

Better Golf’s teaching philosophy will be based on the twin pillars of technology and physical fitness. By utilizing today’s latest technology, golf lessons can be more productive and dynamic than ever before. We also believe, in conjunction with the Titleist Fitness Institute, that the true potential of a golfer’s swing can only be attained when his/her body is in optimum condition. Do you have to be ripped like Tiger Woods or as malleable as a gymnast? Of course not. But even a moderate improvement in your strength and flexibility will directly enhance your ability to hit great golf shots.

Screening Process

When first arriving at Better Golf, we encourage students to take a screening test designed by the Titleist Performance Institute to help determine their current level of strength and flexibility. The screening will help enable us to determine the best course of action to follow for each student’s situation. After the screening, you’ll also have the option of consulting with one of our sports fitness and injury experts who can create a program for you ensuring your body becomes stronger, more flexible, and less susceptible to injuries.

If you are only interested in golf lessons, you may choose to bypass the screening and/or the option for a fitness program. That’s entirely up to you. Bear in mind, after consulting with the sports fitness and injury expert, you may find some of their services are covered by your health insurance.

Our Technology

Simulator: instead of hitting balls at a busy dome or into a net, the simulator enables you to enjoy watching your shots from start to finish, with true-to-life graphics.

Launch Monitor: reveals all the characteristics of your ball flight including distance, roll, sidespin, spin ratio, ball speed, and smash factor.

Head Measurement Technology: measures the characteristics of your clubhead during a swing, including clubhead speed, swing path, and face angle at impact.

KVest: a 3 dimensional tool capturing the biomechanical movements of your body. From a teaching perspective, it allows us to measure the efficiency of your swing. Bottom line: efficient swings are more important than pretty looking ones.

Tomi Putting: calculates swing path, tempo, and clubface data during your putting stroke.

Lesson Packages

Screening Consultation: $90.

One hour process designed to determine your current level of strength and flexibility as well as clarifying your objectives for taking lessons. Upon completion of the screening, we’ll recommend a program intended to help you realize your goals. Both Steve and I have been certified by TPI to perform these screenings.

*Screening is complimentary for Monthly and Winter Technology lesson packages.

Technology Lessons

One hour sessions taking full advantage of the technology we have at our disposal.

1 lesson: $90.

Monthly Package: 4 lessons, includes complimentary screening: $320.

Winter Package: 12 lessons, includes complimentary before and after screening: $875.

Old Fashioned Lessons

Half an hour long. Use of video included.

$50 per lesson.

Monthly Package 4 Lessons: $180.

Winter Package 12 lessons: $425.

*Junior Lessons: 25% off all above listed prices.

Fitness Programs and Services

Through our association with qualified health and fitness experts, you will have access to services such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, spinal decompression, massage therapy, and acupuncture. As mentioned previously, the cost of fitness and health programs may be covered on your health insurance. The fitness programs are designed to work in conjunction with the golf lessons.

Location and Contact Numbers

Better Golf will be located at 1101 Kingston Rd (at intersection with Dixie Rd), Pickering, Unit 104. It’s conveniently located between the Whites and Liverpool Road exits on the 401.

Kevan Goble can be reached at: or 416-873-6984.

Steve Rodriguez can be reached 905-767-2110, Twitter@Roddy_Golf.

If you have further questions regarding the winter lessons, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Wishing everyone a great holiday season. Look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Kevan Goble, Whitevale Teaching Professional.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Migrating south for the winter?? I wish!

It's not uncommon for Ontario golfers to think that once the course closes for the season, the turf department brings in the flag sticks and tee blocks and goes home for the winter.
 Nothing could be further from the truth.
 It took us almost a full week to bring in, clean, inventory and put away all of our course furniture, and then our winter work has just begun. It took another two days to fully winterize the irrigation system. We have also leveled low sprinkler heads, added, removed and relocated other heads and valves to better suit the layout of the newly added range and practice facility. Additionally, we aerified our sand greens with ½ inch hollow tines to continue removal of the organic layer, and all 18 greens were then deep tine verti-drained and top dressed. A final dormant fertilizer was also applied to all greens.
Course clean up of leaves and branches continued through last week from the significant number of weak and messy silver maples we have across the property.
The new driveway has been marked with T-bar to help keep snow removal equipment off our new practice facility. Snow fence has been installed to help snow drift onto the new greens and range tee which will act like a blanket, keeping the cold, desiccating north winds off our tender seedlings.
I have put significant time and effort into preparing the 2014 capital and operations budget. Properly building the  budget requires me to detail the time, equipment, supplies and labour required to complete every task we intend to perform next season in the most economical way possible, while providing the high level of course conditioning expected by our members. It's never an easy task.
Construction of a new path has been completed for better access to the first tee and parking lot area by power carts. We are also enlarging the 12th black/blue tee deck. With the amount of play this par 3 tee receives in a season I’m proud that we were able to keep any turf on the deck at all. When complete this project will double the overall tee surface, improving this area significantly. In addition, we have stripped the sod off the back of the 7th green so that we can re-grade to establish better surface drainage to allow water to escape without pooling. The early arrival of snow and freezing temperatures have put the brakes on these last two projects (and allowed me to stay in the office long enough to finally do a Blog entry), possibly until spring arrives. But that does not mean we get to put our feet up.
Fill being placed at the back of 12 tee
 Jobs on the to-do list:
I have been working diligently to prepare for the Ontario Government regulated public Integrated Pest Management (IPM), meeting which requires us to compile all pesticide applications and detail where, when, and why they were applied. We also report the total active ingredient of each product we use over the season and put it into a presentation for the general public. Once completed, I prepare for the follow up audit mandated by the IPM Council of Canada which confirms all our reporting is accurate. In all, a tedious and costly program.
Perhaps the biggest job of all is safely completing all the tree work required. Winter is always the season to evaluate the health of our trees and execute a plan for pruning and if required, removal. This winter may mark the most significant tree work in any single year in Whitevale's history. This is due to a number of reasons. First, any tree that is a safety concern or hazard must be taken down before it comes down on its own. At no time will we take a chance with the safety of our members, their guests or our staff.
To the untrained eye this tree looked solid, but inside significant rot made it a hazard
Second, any tree that is either dead or in significant decline will also be removed. This accounts for a significant number of trees which must be dealt with. Austrian pines have been killed or are near death due to a disease called Diplodia. We have slowly been removing these pines for the last 8 years, but this winter we have many more that must come down than in previous years. Emerald Ash Borer is a devastating insect that is killing ash trees all over southern Ontario. This will be the most noticeable of the removals to members, with trees on the left side of 8 and right side of 15 being removed.
Lastly, but most significantly, are trees that cause shade to our putting surfaces. While we all have attachment to trees for different reasons, I cannot let a tree that is causing turf decline on any of our putting surfaces take priority over the health of our greens. Trees that were not an issue 5 or 10 years ago have grown significantly and now need major pruning or removal. It is clear that plantings undertaken for the first 40 year of the club's life were not done with the consideration of the size of the tree at maturity, or its location with regard to the morning sun. The sun is in a different location in the sky depending on what season we are in, and this needs to be taken into consideration when we are talking about shaded green sites. Some trees cause significant shade this time of year but are not an issue during the growing season, and vice-versa. In the 30 years I have been managing turf grass, I have not once regretted the removal of a tree I have cut down with my trusty chain saw. Safe to say, I have never met a chain saw I didn’t like. We continue to strategically plan tree variety and sites requiring trees, and are planting new trees yearly. In the years after course renovations were complete, we invested over $100,000 in new plantings around the club, and this will continue with a capital commitment of $13,000 in new plantings during 2014. Tress are an asset, but only if the right species is put in the right location.
Significant shade on a sunny day wont even melt off the lightest layer of snow by mid day
In conclusion, here's an update of Whitevale’s practice facility. I owe everyone involved a big thank you; from Thomas McBroom, to the Vergeer boys to my staff. Everyone put in a committed effort to complete the job within our fair weather window. When this area has had a chance to mature, I have no question it will be the envy of almost all private clubs in the GTA.

A sneak peek at the chipping green when we removed the tarp to apply winter fungicide and fertilizer shows significant green fuzz! We have seen great germination across all seeded areas and anticipate an explosion of green growth as soon as soil temperatures jump in the spring. I know the spring will bring a flood of members asking the same question……..”When is the practice facility going to open”? Of course I have an answer for you right now….”Not until its ready”! The best the winter can do for us is to give us frost in the ground and a layer of snow and stay cold, so far exactly what we have got. The worst would be no snow cover and significant cold temperatures and wind which would cause desiccation and the ultimate death of some of the tender seedlings. Mother Nature cannot be controlled, but as always the turf department is at the ready to respond to whatever comes our way.

One last note, I have decided to start “tweeting” on Twitter. While there may not be a lot for me to tweet about until spring, if you’d like to follow me, you can find me @BlairWhitevale.

Hope you enjoy the winter; I’m heading to sharpen my chain saw.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Niilo Schonfeld - 369 Yard Drive!!!!

Whitevale member Niilo Schonfeld represented Canada last week at the International Long Drive Challenge held in Mexico. He finished with a drive of 369 yards helping the Canada 1 team to a 1st place finish in the event and came 2nd in the individual competition.

Photo: Nilo Schonfeld runner up on the left and Ryan Winther- champion on the right
Nilo Schonfeld runner up on the left and Ryan Winther- champion on the right

Niilo recently competed as well in the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship held in Nevada and despite bombing a drive of 389 yards was eliminated in the 3rd round of that competition. A bright future seems to be in store for Niilo in the world of Long Drive.

Special shout out to Dave Myrvold for bringing Niilo's accomplishments to our attention.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Demo Done, Range Done, Building Permit?

We haven't had much in the way of news for the R2R. The demo is done, the contaminated soil has been removed (the unofficial count is just under 1,500 tons) and the hole is partially filled.

We brought in a crusher to crush all the concrete left over from the demo and we will using this as the base for the road, round about and parking when the time comes. The demo crew filled and compacted as much of the hole as possible but the remaining soil was wet and couldn't be used for this purpose. The plan will be to fill the hole with the material used from the clubhouse excavation.

The range is 100% complete and the good news is we do have some seed popping. The area has stood up well to the few rain storms we have had which is great news. A warm spring will help us get this open as early as possible next season.

View from behind the tee deck, you can see the green in the middle of deck

View from West side of tee, germination has started
Practice chipping/putting green, we have some life
Now for the clubhouse. The permit drawing are in, we had a meeting with the building planner last week and the best case scenario for a building permit is Mid-November. The city has really been working with us (in fact the head planner has personally taken on our permit process) but the permit has to go through the process. This will delay our construction schedule but depending on the winter, we may be able to make up time during construction. 

As soon as we have new news we'll post it on the blog. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Grip Sale!

Fall Grip Sale
Planning on going down south this winter to play some golf?  Give your tired set of clubs a quick tune up with some fresh new grips.

All in stock grips are 10% off and if you have a full set done you will receive an extra 5% off if you have 10 or more grip done!

Pure Velvet grips
Reg: $9.95                                     Now: $5.50each
Assorted Mix and Match Grips
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Putter Grips:
All in stock putter grips now 15% off

Ask Dustin and Steve in the Pro Shop for details

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Derby 2013 Final Results!

The Fall Derby had a mix bag of weather. Two great days booked ended a challenging Sunday which saw wet and cold conditions. This didn't hold back the winning team of Ann and Ed Griffin who were paired with Peter Schuch and Barb Rogers. They ended up with a three day total of 43 points.

Second place went to the team of Larry Aicken, Fred Calvert, Glenn Davis and Jim Glover who finished the weekend with 37 points. A surprising Third place finish was captured by the team of Peter Richardson, Fraser Cartwright, Peter Cross and John Doyle who had 34 points.

The  points are based upon the number of teams that you beat and are accumulated over the three days. The number of teams competing was up slightly from 2012.

The Day 3 results saw the team of Barry Catterall, Dave Walker, Jody Bevan and Cam Hreljac win the day with a score of 205. Congratulations to Cam on firing an amazing round of 67!
There was a tie for second place between the teams of Peter Richardson, Fraser Cartwright, Peter Cross and John Doyle and Peter Garvey, Dave Wallace, Jim McGilton and Steve Robinson. who both had scores of 206. (Peter's team didn't have much confidence in their ability as no one placed a parimutal wager on the team!!)
Closest to the Pin winners for the three days went to Suzi Snow Liska, John Lyttle and on day three - John Liska.

Congratulations to all the players on a fine weekend of golf.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 1 - Derby Results

The weather was outstanding and so were the scores.

The team of Ann and Ed Griffin plus Barb Rogers and Peter Schuch won the day with a score of 109 quota points. They were 2 shots ahead of Larry Aicken, Fred Calvert, Glenn Davis and John Higginson.
In third place was the team of Steve Hewitt, Pat Burrell, Jerry Kimber and Tom Kelly who had 106 quota points.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

That's a hole in the ground

Yesterday we got to the bottom of the pit. We have finally reached the edges of the contaminated soil.

Today they have started some back filling of the hole and trucking the contaminated soil off site. We don't have firm numbers on the amount but an eyeball estimate is it's over 1,000 tones. This has turned out to be an expensive hole.

On the positive side we have received some comments back from the city as it relates to the site plan. The comments are minor in nature and we are prepared to submit our working drawings this week. Cross your fingers that the process moves along quickly, we would really like to have a foundation permit in hand next week (although with the short week that may be a tad optimistic).

I'll update with some pictures on the range tomorrow but the seed will be going down this week.   

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

We Found Oil

But not the good kind.

15 years ago the club removed an old oil tanker that was buried outside the women's locker room. When they removed the tank it looked good, no cracks or leaks but still removed 95 tons of soil and replaced it with clean fill. What they couldn't do is remove the soil that was against the foundation of the building as this would have compromised the structure. As part of our environmental assessment, we had to sample this soil that was abutting the foundation to ensure it was not contaminated.

No problem we thought, a half day of work, we'll scope out a bucket see it's clean and we move on.


We already have 250 tons of contaminated material. What does a 250 tone hole look like?

 It's so deep, the the excavator had dig a platform 6 feet deep, just to get to the bottom of it. We are hopeful that the contamination stops before we hit the trailers to the east and the putting green to south but right now we don't know how much bigger this is going to get. Obviously we have no choice but to deal with the problem but it will be a significant expense that we didn't anticipate.
We had planned to take all the concrete from the old clubhouse and bury it in the range. We did have a budget for this but since we already have a huge hole that is outside the clubhouse footprint we should be able to just push all the concrete back into the hole. Mind you, we will need to test some more fill to top load this but at least we have small victory in all this.
 The range is almost ready for the seed, the view from the pitching and putting green is outstanding.
 The tee deck should be seeded next week.

Stay tuned who knows what will happen tomorrow.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Closing Field Day Weekend

The weekend kicked off with the Men's closing Event. The weather was perfect and the numbers were up from 2012!

The team of Mark Burrell, Ron Stoneburgh, Mike McDonald and Bob Store captured first place with a net score of 57.8.
In second place was the team of Ken Josling, Josh Hewitt, Greg Shea and Peter Weiser who fired a 58.5.

Third place finishers were Mike McGarragle, Steve Spiers, James Munroe and Tom Budgen who shot a score of 60.8.

The Women's Closing Field Day was held on Sunday and the Teams enjoyed an awesome day to play golf.

The winning team of Angela Colm, Linda Briggs, Mary Charlton and Judy Calder shot fine score of net 65.0.
Second place went to the team of Josette Bell, Terry Hosford, Joanne Kajganich and Maureen Cormier whose score of 68.8 narrowly edged out Lori Sheffield, Donna Power, Dee Steinwall and Julie Pingree who shot 68.9.

A big thanks to Andrew and his staff for the great BBQ lunches.

Don't forget to sign up for the Derby which will be held on October 12, 13 and 14th.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Women's League Closing

The Women of Whitevale would not let this stop them from celebrating their league closing party.

Special thank you to Michelle Miles, who arranged for the party at the Harp & Crown.
Congratulations to Playoff winners "Who's Your Caddy" lead by Team Captain Kandice Brackenbury. "We had a great team of ladies, who played for fun, winning is just an added bonus" was the rumoured quote by Captain Kandice.
Regular season winners, "Chicks with Sticks" lead by Team Captain Jan Pugh had a great season. "I took my role as Captain very seriously" said Captain Pugh with a wink in her eye.

Congratulations to:

Gail Pimm, who won low gross and low 9 hole average
Low net was a tie between Suzanne Sambleson and Veronica Raos.

Congratulations to all participant's and to team Captains:

Kandice Brackenbury - Who's Your Caddy
Patty Davis - Iron Ladies
Sandra Milner-Dockering - Par-Tee Girls
Jan Pugh - Chicks with Sticks

Lets hope next year's end of season bash can be held in the new clubhouse. Speaking of new, we are looking for new Captains for next years league. If you are interested, please contact the Pro Shop. Ask this year's Captains and they will tell you, it's not that much work and really is loads of fun.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


I learned a long time ago that refusing to try something new means staying right where you are, and usually falling behind. Think about it, architects would never come up with new building styles, vehicles would never improve, there would be no cell phones, microwave ovens or stereo equipment, and………no new clubhouse for Whitevale Golf Club. The human race has thrived, for the most part by constantly making changes and improvements for the betterment of tomorrow.
Closing the golf course for 5 days to complete all the  aerification was a massive commitment to making improvements. The 5 days of closure coincided with the grinding and removal of our original parking area and the construction and finishing of both the new entrance road and parking area. The timing to complete all this work was perfect and could not have been accomplished while the course was open.We could not have known the exact outcome or all the benefits of the aerification without golfers present unless we tried it. I am happy to say we learned a lot, and found many benefits.
We found we were able to aerify all the greens and the entire fairways in just two days. Compare that to only getting two fairways done in a day with golfers present in past years. This does not include other steps such as top dressing and clean up. But the productivity was easily doubled compared to previous timing. The following 3 days were used to complete top dressing, brushing, level lawning, over seeding, fertilizing, core clean up, tee and approach aerification, and mowing. Best of all, there were no unexpected damage or machinery malfunctions connected to rushing.
An unexpected benefit was with the upbeat morale of the staff. Even our part time staff who were working 10 hour days with the full time crew working 12 to 14 hour days between Monday and Thursday were all in high spirits. Friday we managed to get everyone out of here with a 9 hour day. This is an ideal time for me to thanks my staff for their commitment and dedication to their jobs; Awesome job gang thanks!
 Even with these long days everyone was in a great mood, and after discussions with many staff they all commented how great it was to be able to accomplish the tasks they were given without disruption or having to stop and wait on anything; focus and attention to detail was the payback for having a positive, engaged staff during a tough, long process.
We  also completed a new process called 'Drill and Fill' to the 5th and 13th greens which have some of the heaviest soils and poorest drainage on the golf course. With two machines on site it took over 6 hours to complete the 8,000 sq ft. This process removes channels of soil 12 inches deep, and then fills them with sand. This process improves drainage and turf health dramatically. These two greens also received the traditional aerification with the 5/8 inch tines. We also drill and filled the weakest collars. (front of 4, 5 and 13). Have you noticed how much better the front of 5 collar is? As I said last year, regular aerification, top dressing and time are needed to improve this area, and it has. And it will continue to get better with these treatments.
 Here is a great comparison photo of the Drill and fill and traditional coring tine.
The Drill and fill is an awkward looking and slow moving unit.
 After the drills are raised sand it automatically poured into the open holes
And the finished product after the soil has been removed from the green surface.

When golfers did return Saturday, we were able to put all staff  back onto regular course conditioning tasks, which we were able to ignore over the previous 5 day. In the past we have had to neglect jobs such as bunker raking to keep the aerification process moving. You may have noticed almost all divots had been filled when you returned. We were also able to edge all irrigation heads and yardage monuments. The only damage sustained was some lifting/tearing in weak areas in fairways where the soil is stickier and tends to hold onto the tines. Most of these areas were sodded or seeded before members returned.  

We continue to mow greens in the early afternoon when the green are dry to reduce sand being picked up by the mowers which causes them to dull  and give a poor quality cut. Each day the quality of cut improves and the bumpiness to the greens surface diminishes slightly. Scott is constantly re-sharpening and adjusting the mowers to improve the cut.

It is unlikely that any of us will be pushing for a full 5 days of closure next season, but we already have some ideas for improvement to the full process which will be discussed with the greens committee and the Board with the plan to make next years event faster, less disruptive to play and precise. This year made for a good trial to gain information.

Unfortunately we don't own all the equipment required to properly complete the aeration process. Fortunately I am able to access some needed machines from local colleagues. The equipment I had to borrow, demo or rent to complete the weeks work was:

-Two Toro 648 greens aerifiers
-Bannerman greens top dresser
-Toro workman heavy duty utility vehicle
-Core pulverizer
-Core sweeper
-60 HP Kubota Tractor
-60 HP John Deere loader
-4 Cubic yard sand delivery trailer (which weighs 11,800lbs)
-Buffalo debris blower
-30 HP Kubota tractor
-PTO driven fairway aerifier
-Two Drill and fill machines
and a flat bed trailer to move much of this equipment on site.

Once again I would like to thank the members and Board for their support and vision in helping us complete an invasive, but very necessary process for the long term benefit of our playing surfaces. Enjoy the Fall conditions as we hope for an extended, dry golf season.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hole in One - do we give him a parking spot?

In perfect conditions, Craig Colquhoun walked up to the tee on #12, tossed some grass in the air and watched it slowly float left to right. He pulled out his 8 iron and without a practice swing jarred his first hole in one.

The "patio" was buzzing as Craig sat back and enjoyed his beverage of choice.

Congratulation Craig, now I guess we need to find him a parking spot!

The work on the range has been moving along at a great pace. Tonight they started putting down topsoil on the range tee deck.

While the demo crew worked on removing the snack bar/patio and banquet room.
 All that remains tonight is the pro shop and the showers from the women's locker room. Demo should be completed by the end of this week or early next week. Then we need a few stars to line up for us so we can start on the foundation of the new clubhouse.