Friday, July 29, 2011

Club Championship - ONLINE

The Club Championship scores will for the first time, will be available live and online.

Go to:
Click on the 2011 Club Championship Banner and the results for all the Flight's will be available.

The results will also be streamed on the big screen in the Lounge.

The results for the Junior and Weekday qualifying rounds are now available.
We hope you enjoy the updates.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Senior Women's Club Championship

The 2011 Senior Champion is Ann Griffin.

The overall low gross of the field was Angela Colm.

Senior Division

- Low Net - Dawn Faller

Diamonds Division

- Low Net - Tie - Phyllis Burgan & Barb Rogers

The Championship is a Net is best Event.

Senior Championship Weekend

The Men's Senior Club Championships was held on the July 16th weekend.

The Men's Senior Champion was Kevin Hughes.

2nd Gross - Jim Glover

The Overall Net Champion was Peter Schuch.
2nd Net - Grant Barrett

55 - 64
Gross - Bob Nebel (there is always a story!!)
2nd - Dec Dunn

Net - Dave Williams
2nd - Steve Hewitt
65 - +
Gross - Al Swartz
2nd - Peter Leaney

Net - John McCormick
2nd - Ron Charlton

Hole in One Vale!!

Ed Manchul was getting used to the Hole in One parking spot. He retained the spot for over a month,which is unheard of here at Whitevale, especially in the summer months.

Sorry Ed, But all good things must come to an end!

We have had 5 - Yes - 5 Hole's in One in twelve days.!!

Some of these players didn't even get to use the parking spot!

Congratulations to:

Jeff Russell - # 4 - July 10th

Matt Avison - # 14 - July 15th

Judy Calder - # 4 - July 19th

Anne Trimble - # 4 - July 20th

Craig Burrell - # 12 - July 22nd

Friday, July 15, 2011


Summer is OFFICIALLY here!

The weather has been spectacular and the golf course is in terrific shape. As much as it is meant to be enjoyed there are limits - specifically - TIME LIMITS!!

The Course is busy with activity especially on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. The Leagues have been incredibly successful but there have been a few complaints about slow play. Our Course time par is 4 hrs and 26 minutes. This means that playing nine holes in 2 hours and 45 minutes is too slow. Please, League players keep the Pace moving.

This weekend is the start of our Club Championship stretch and we will once again be using the timing policy that has been in effect the last few years.The Senior Men's and Women's Championships will be held this Saturday and Sunday and the timing outline can be found in the latest Sideline 30 on Page 5. Our Captain has published this so all players can refresh their memory as to what is expected.

Enjoy the Course, enjoy the weather and lets keep the Pace of Play moving so all players can enjoy their round!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

McGarragle Wins!

The Senior Invitational was held at Whitevale on Monday July 4th and Mike McGarragle became the first, two time winner of the Event.

Mike shot a fine round of 73 to capture the tournament. Bob Nebel placed second overall with a score of 74 and if you have a few minutes Bob will take you through his last four holes!

Gross Scores

Barry Catterall finished first in the 1st flight with a 77.

Bob Nebel finished first in the 2nd flight with a 74.

Net Scores

Overall - Tony Reffle with a net 66

Prem Agrawal finished 1st in 3rd Flight with a score of net 70.

John Pullam finished 2nd in 3rd Flight with a 74.

John Eales finished 2nd in 4th flight with a 72.