Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sprnig Derby - Day 1 Results

The Spring Derby is always a great event held at the beginning of the year and we had over 70 players today trying to win this years' event. The Day 1 format was a quota points based scoring system and after round 1 this is how the teams stand:

T-1st. Kandice Brackebury, Wade Brackenbury, Josette Bell & Ron Bell (score 109)
T-1st. Brad Haley, Nic Iordanis, Luke Tanfield & Seam McCullough (score 109)
T-3rd. Barry Fairhurst, Mike McGarragle, Peter Leaney & Steve Flude (score 105)
T-3rd. Norma Columbus, Nigel Rennie, Barb Rogers & Peter Schuch (score 105)
5th. Heinz Dahn, John Eales, Lisa Mackie & Suzi Snow-Liska (score 104)
6th. Adam Hudson, Al Billington, Pat Scanga & Paul Stephenson (score 102)
7th. Wayne Carpenter, John McCormick, Tom Fennell & Kim Blake (score 101)
8th. Pat Lamanna, Al Swartz, John Lyttle & Michael Woolgar (score 100)
T-9th. Tom Bermingham, Brian Fee, Steve Rodriguez & Steve Pawson (score 99)
T-9th. Dave Wallace, Jim McGilton, Stephen Robinson & Peter Garvey (score 99)
11th. Lisa Brewer, Mark Brewer, Debbie Couch & Chris Couch (score 97)
12th. Jackie Dunne, Colin Dunne, Sandra Milner-Docking & Bernie Docking (score 90)
T-13th. Dave Myrvold, Tom Markakos, Joan Store & Tom Kelly (score 88)
T-13th. Craig Ferns, Mike O'Callaghan, Dan McConnachie & Donny O'Connell (score 88)
15th. Don Davis, Glenn Davis, Steve Hewitt & Fred Calvert (score 87)
16th. Walt Lemon, Gabor Karl, Doug McIntyre & Bob Spahn (score 85)
17th. Julie Pingree, Art Pingree, Lucy Blais & Stan Lam (score 83)
18th. Don O'Brien, Wayne Rossall, Paul Dunphy & Bill Getz (score 78)

Closest to the Pin - #3 Walt Lemon
Closest to the Pin - #13 Nic Iordanis

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