Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Women's Shot-Gun

On Monday we held the women's shot-gun event and what an event it was, we had tremendous support from a number of sponsors which made the day extra special. We had 51 players which included a number of guests from various clubs around the GTA. A special thank you to Michelle Miles for all her efforts in making this day one to remember. We did hand out a few prizes and here are the results for the day:

1st - Chris Denysek, Meghan Bennett, Marianne Goss & Kelly Hathway (score 58.9)
2nd - Anne Trimble, Jodi Crerar, Lynne Crocker & Cindy Elliott (score 63.0)
3rd - Ann Griffin, Kandice Brackenbury, Josette Bell & Regina Wordtmann (score 64.6)
4th - Suzi Snow-Liska, Norma Columbus, Joanne Leier & Lauren Giles (score 65.7)
5th - Patty Davis, Terri Toms, Kathy Labelle (score 67.6)
6th - Michelle Miles, Lisa Brewer, Sandra Docking & Diana Packer (score 69.0)
7th - Margaret Chew, Joanne Kajganich, Anne Marie Fitzpatrick & Gloria Ryan (score 69.7)
8th - Linda Briggs, Lynne Sage, Melissa Van Vald Huizen & Rosemary Fisk (score 71.3)
9th - Susanne Sambleson, Anna Lindsay, Sue Dickinson & Marie Grant (score 71.6)
10th - Zona Pereira, Jane Moser, Barb Wolfe & Teri Courchene (score 73.5)
11th - Cindy Alexiou, Liz Holt, Jan Speers & Linda Vysoki (score 74.8)
12th - Kathy McGilton, Estella Prosser, Connie VanDusen & Aileen Davis (score 75.0)
13th - Maureen Cormier, Veronica Raos-Dunn, Donna Bremner & Carol Retter (score 76.1)

Weekday Yellow Ball Results

Yesterday was the weekday men's yellow ball and we had a total of 42 players for the event. Congratulations to the winner's of the better ball and yellow ball competition:

Yellow Ball
1st - Bill Harbaruk, John Toman, Al VanDusen & John Elia (score 68)
2nd - Mike Harris, Gary Reeves & Tom Kelly (score 76)

Better Ball
1st - Luiz de Carvalho, Ray Northey & Stan Steinwall (score 54)
2nd - Dan McConnachie, Doug Bruce, Dave Leonard & Frank Winter (score 57)

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mixed Haig Results

This year in the Mixed Haig the team of Ann & Ed Griffin came to play and did they ever shooting a 59 and winning by six shots over their closest competitors. We had a total of 26 teams this year, thank you for the support. Here are a list of the final standings:

1st - Ann & Ed Griffin - 59 ($80/each)
2nd - Sandy & Bernie Docking - 65 ($60/each)
2nd - Kandice & Wade Brackenbury - 65 ($60/each)
2nd - Lynda Lennon & Kevin Hughes - 65 ($60/each)
5th - Yvette Fulton & Gerry Lawrence - 66 ($32.50/each)
5th - Anne & John Trimble - 66 ($32.50/each)
5th - Susan & Mike Doria - 66 ($32.50/each)
5th - Bonnie Cartwright & Dave Wallace - 66 ($32.50/each)
10th - Veronica & Dec Dunn - 68
10th - Jacque & Pat Burrell - 68
10th - Lisa & Mark Brewer - 68
10th - Zona Pereira & Dave Myrvold - 68
13th - Julie & Art Pingree - 69
13th - Jodi & Mark Crerar - 69
15th - Lucy Blais & Peter Brandt - 70
16th - Norma Columbus & Nigel Rennie - 71
16th - Meri & Terry Calder - 71
16th - Kathy & Jim McGilton - 71
19th - Darlene & Bob Doyle - 73
19th - Jan Pugh & Stephen Robinson - 73
19th - Josette & Ron Bell - 73
19th - Debbie & Chris Couch - 73
23rd - Michelle & Brad Miles - 74
24th - Anna Lindsay & Mike Lindsay - 76
25th - Dawna & Dennis Matton - 78
26th - Lisa & Glenn Mackie - 81

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Men's Night Shot-Gun - June 22nd

It was a great day at Whitevale and another well attended men's night shot-gun, close to 100 players came out and enjoyed good weather, great course conditions and excellent food. A big thank you goes out to Nigel Rennie and his company AllTurf who sponsored today's event. Congratulations to the winner's and the support from our men's section:

1st Place - Brian Murdock, Luiz de Carvalho, Norm Woods & Rick Johnston (score 194)
2nd Place - Sean McCullough, Pat Scanga, Don O'Brien & Andrew Jackson (score 198)
3rd Place - John Trimble, Kim Blake, Dennis Matton & Bob Nebel (score 202)
4th Place - Charles Miller, Wayne Carpenter, James Munroe & Neil Downs (score 203)
5th Place - Walt Lemon, Russ Plawiuk, Dave Leonard & Emil Hanzelka (score 204)
6th Place - Peter Leaney, Grant Barrett, Nick Desimini & Kevin Hughes (score 205)
7th Place - Ryan Robillard, Steve Campbell, Ghost Player & Ghost Player (score 205)
8th Place - Harry Cummins, Chris Cummins, Clayton Ricketts, Ghost Player (score 206)
9th Place - Mike Harris, Will Harris, Tim Packer & Mike McGarragle (score 206)
10th Place - Brian Fee, Ed Griffin, Michael Woolgar & Al Kershaw (score 206)
11th Place - Dec Dunn, Derek Retter, Paul Cormier & Paul Dobner (score 207)
12th Place - Dan McConnachie, Wayne Bourgeois, Don Dwyer & Scott Baldwin (score 207)
13th Place - Joe Beninato, Sam Beninato, Ken Oley & Aris Medeiros (score 207)
14th Place - Nello Mariani, Joe Dotchin, Mike Berry & Dan Harnett (score 207)
15th Place - Pat Lamanna, Peter Lambrinos, Leon Lok & John Lyttle (score 208)
16th Place - Joe Macina, Tom Hart, Richard Hart & Tom Bermingham (score 208)
17th Place - Dave Whiting, Bill Grant, Gerry Lawrence & Steve Kelleher (score 211)
18th Place - Mike Shea, Greg Shea, Brian Sharp & Mike O'Callaghan (score 211)
19th Place - Ken Josling, Mark Doyle, Josh Hewitt & Craig Ferns (score 212)
20th Place - John Toman, Paul Lacour, Tom Markakos & Bob Tennyson (score 213)
21st Place - Howard Cooper, Larry Valianes, Frank Steinhausen & Randy Chew (score 213)
22nd Place - Nigel Rennie, John Alpaugh, Rich Butler & Jason Crawford (score 216)
23rd Place - Bryan Newth, Chris Ewart, David Gervais & Joe Svanda (score 217)
24th Place - Don Davis, Glenn Davis, John Higginson & Ron Bondar (score 222)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Winning Raffle Ticket Number's

If you purchased raffle tickets yesterday to support the Longest Day of Golf here are the ticket number's for the unclaimed prizes:

Small Bottle Jackson's Maple Syrup - 3792982
Small Bottle Jackson's Maple Syrup - 8283506
Large Bottle Jackson's Maple Syrup - 8406396
Boston Pizza Gift Card - 8406395
Moxie's Gift Card - 8406265
Fashion Gift Basket - 8406199
Body Shop Gift Basket - 8283652

To claim your prize please visit the main office with your matching ticket. Thank you to everyone who supported yesterday's event.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Matt Billington Qualifies at U17

On Wednesday June 15th Matt Billington shot 71 at Timber Ridge Golf Club and finished 2nd to qualify for the U17 Ontario Summer Games event. The tournament will take place between August 10th - 12th at BraeBen Golf Club in Mississauga.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Whitevale member's in GAO events

Last week two of our member's had excellent finishes in GAO events, both Gail Pimm and Brendan Dunphy did Whitevale proud.

Gail Pimm finished T-2 (78-77-77) at the Ontario Women's Senior Championship held at The Briars Golf Club, an event that she won last year.

Brendan Dunphy shot 68 to finish 1st at the GAO U19 Boys qualifying at Hidden Lake Golf Club. In the same week Brendan also won his first CJGA event with rounds of 72 & 78.

Congratulations to both of them and good luck with your upcoming events!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Club Trade In Event

On Wednesday June 15th we are having a club trade in day from 11 am - 3 pm. On that day member's can bring in clubs that they don't use or want anymore and receive the value of them in pro shop credit. The event is run by a company who deals with more then 60 clubs around the GTA giving people the chance to turn old clubs into pro shop credits. With the event only 1 week away now is a good time to go through the basement or garage and see what you have collected over the years.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Phantom Tournament Results

Yesterday was the Phantom Tournament and is one of the more challenging formats on the calendar. With not knowing which holes each person counts on the pressure is on everyone to perform. Congratulations to our winning team and all of the other participants:

1st - Al Swartz, Steve Rodriguez, Andrew Jackson & Walt Lemon (93 points) $75/player
2nd - Kandice Brackenbury, Wade Brackenbury, Debbie Couch & Chris Couch (84 points) $45/player
3rd - Nello Mariani, Chris Dennis, Mike Berry & Padraig Darby (83 points)
4th - Art Pingree, Stephen Stuart, Brian Guenther & Peter Wieser (82 points)
5th - Dave Wallace, Wayne Carpenter, Jim McGilton & Will Harris (73 points)