Thursday, May 31, 2012

Draft Night - Men's League 2012

The Men's League draft took place on Wednesday night following the Men's Night Shot Gun.

Before the draft took place the 2011 Champions were honoured.
The Champions were presented with a mug recognizing their victory. The mugs will hold a place of honour at the bar for the whole season and you will see the Champs using them all summer. At the end of the season they will get to take the mugs home and next spring the 2012 Champs will be presented with their glassware.

The Captains were hard at work selected their potential championship teams. A big thanks to the Captains who "volunteered" this season. They are Rich Hughes, Steve Hewitt, Bernie Docking, Craig Ferns, Kevin Ashe, Steve Campbell, Kim Blake and Ed Griffin.
A total of 108 players have signed up this season and with the new changes to the League we are anticipating a consistent turn out, tight competition and of course lots of FUN!

The Captain's will be contacting their teams shortly to provide an updated rules and information sheet.

Gentlemen - best of luck and have a great season!!

Men's Night Shot Gun

The first Men's Night shotgun of the season took place on May 30th and it was a huge success.
There were 128 players who were treated to some excellent weather,  great food, good company and a number of on course events that made it a special day.

A special thanks to our sponsor for the day - Mr. David Martinko from CIBC whose generosity make the day the a success.

Congratulations to our winners, Tom Duckworth, Paul Cryne, John Toman and Paul Lacour.

 Second place went to the team of Luiz deCarvalho, Manny Da Costa, Brian Murdoch and Mike Bryant.

Third place finishers were Peter Schuch, Ed Griffin, Jim Glover and Rick King.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Number 4 on 4!!

The coveted parking spot has changed owners yet again! The newest holder is June Atam who recorded her 4th Hole in One on the forth hole on Saturday afternoon.

Phyllis Burgan was the witness to June's great shot.
Congratulations June!

Big Break hits Whitevale!

The 2nd season of Big Break Whitevale kicked of this past Saturday as part of the Junior Opening. Twenty six juniors tested their skills at the four stations and congratulations go to Alexander Murphy who had the high score of 44 pts. Second was Aidan Dunphy with 40 pts. Luke O'Neill and Mac Aicken were tied for 3rd with 23 pts.

A Big Thanks to the Junior Committee headed by Nick Iordanis, Chris O'Brien and Meghan Dove who did a great job organizing the Event.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Sick Driving Range Cart!

Our regular driving range cart has suffered a major engine malfunction (the joys of a 2nd hand vehicle!!).
While it is being repaired, Scott the Club mechanic has converted a turf cart for us to use.


As a result - we will have to close the range briefly from time to time to allow the staff to collect the balls and restock the hitting area. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we try to ensure the safety of our employees.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mizuno Demo Day - May 23rd

Mizuno will be the first Demo Day of the season. Times are from 12:00 to 5:00.

Our Mizuno rep (Jerome) was in the Shop the other day giving the staff a product knowledge session.
His presentation was very informative and I thought that it would be great for the Members to hear his explaination of their product line. So I invited him back and recorded some of his presentation so we could share some of what you can expect at a fitting and why he is so passionate about Mizuno.

Please contact the Pro Shop if you wish to book one of the fitting times.

Spring Derby 2012

The Derby weekend was a great success highlighted by the amazing weather we had and Dave Wallace making a Hole in One on the 4th hole on Saturday. It was once again a tight race to be crowned Derby Champions and the results are as follows:

Overall Results

1st -Kevin Hughes, Rich Hughes, Shirley Hughes and Al Kershaw - 48
2nd -Dave Wallace, Peter Garvey, Jim McGilton and Steve Robinson – 44.5
3rd -Ann Griffin, Ed Griffin, Peter Schuch and Barb Rogers - 41
4th -Clayton Spahn, Bob Spahn, Steve Campbell and John McCormick – 40.5
5th -Paul Lacour, Manny Da Costa, Luiz de Carvalho and John Toman - 39
6th -Sandy Milner-Docking, Bernie Docking, June Atam and Kevin Duda - 35

Day Winners

Day 1

1st -Ann Griffin, Ed Griffin, Peter Schuch and Barb Rogers
2nd -Fraser Cartwright, Peter Cross, John Doyle and Peter Richardson
3rd -Heinz Dahn, Suzi Snow-Liska, John Liska and John Eales

Day 2

1st -Rich Hughes, Shirley Hughes, Kevin Hughes and Al Kershaw
2nd -Dave Wallace, Peter Garvey, Jim McGilton and Steve Robinson
3rd -Wayne Carpenter, Bob Grandmaitre, Will Harris and Heinz Dahn

Day 3

1st -Dave Wallace, Peter Garvey, Jim McGilton and Steve Robinson
1st -Clayton Spahn, Bob Spahn, Steve Campbell and John McCormick
3rd -Kevin Hughes, Rich Hughes, Shirley Hughes and Al Kershaw

A special Thanks to Al Kershaw for volunteering his time to run the “check in” table.

Day 1 Winners - Peter Schuch, Barb Rogers, Ed Griffin and Ann Griffin

Great Round to Steve Campbell - recorded 6 birdies on Day 3                              

Day 3 - Co Leaders - Steve Robinson, Dave Wallace, Peter Garvey and Jim McGilton               

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What a way to Celebrate!!

Dave Wallace sure knows how to celebrate his Birthday. He recorded his first ever Hole in One on the 4th hole.
 His Derby Team of Peter Garvey, Jim McGilton and Steve Robinson witnessed the fine shot!

Howard Kirke at least got to use the parking spot for a couple of days.

Congratulations Dave!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Have you ever let someone play through, only to watch them struggle as they rush to get through the hole? Well Howard Kirke, our own VP-Director of Long Range Planning was asked to play through on hole #12 today. No struggle on Howard's part, he promptly stepped up to the white tee, with a pitching wedge in his hand and just wisp of wind in his face and jugged a....


"This is my first HOLE IN ONE in over 47 years of playing golf" Said Kirke, enjoying a ice cold free beverage in the Clubhouse after his round "I think I owe it all to the new lighter golf bag I just picked up today".

Congratulations Howard, your parking spot already has your name on it.

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Touch of Class!

I received a nice note the other day from the winners of the Assistant's Team Championship that was held at Whitevale on May 1st.
It was a classy gesture from the Champs that was worth sharing!

Hi Tony,
I just wanted to thank you for all that you and your course did last Tuesday in the two man scramble event. Working in the industry you realize just how much work goes in behind the scenes to get ready for tournaments and how its not always easy to talk members into giving up your course for the day. Rush and I thoroughly enjoyed the day out there, and were amazed at the conditions of the course. I think my members here at Oshawa are actually tired of hearing me talking about how good the changes and condition was at Whitevale...
Thank you, and hope you have a great 2012 season!

Jake Patte/ John Rushnell
Assistant Pros - Oshawa Golf Club

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Men's Opening Field Day 2012

The Men's Opening Field Day was held on Sunday May 6th. The turn out was fantastic with 152 players enjoying one of the best days of the spring season so far.

The winning team of Glenn Davis, Bob Grandmaitre, Stephen Stuart and Art Belanger shot a sparkling 61 for a net score of 57.55. They were 2 strokes clear of second place finishers Fred Calvert, Nick Desimini, Peter Brandt and David Hulme who shot a 59.45. Following closely in third place was Craig Ferns, Ed Griffin, James  Munroe and Hein Ludwig who fired a 59.625.

Brad Hewitt ripping one out there!!

Mike McGarragle providing some chipping advice!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Women's Opening Field Day - 2012

The Women's Open Field Day took place on Saturday May 5th and the 50 players enjoyed some beautiful weather.
The Team of Barb Rogers, Jane Livingstone, Janet Martinko and Theresa Arbuthnot had a score of 64.60 to win the day. Second place went to the team of Lisa Mackie, Mary Charlton, Connie van Dusen and Judy Calder who fired a 66.65. The third place team shot a 67.82 and was made up of Melody Robinson, Susanne Sambleson, Rose Hulme and Dawna Matton.

Friday, May 4, 2012

What's in a Name??!!

Can you name this valued and popular Pro?

Actually the question should be, can you name him correctly?!

It is a great source of amusement for his fellow staff members to hear some of the creative "butchering" of his name.

So far he has been called:

Now I ask you - does he look like a "DUBLIN"?

Thankfully he has a wonderful sense of humour and doesn't get too offended.

For those of you who are still confused - his name is:


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ontario PGA - Assistant's Team Championship

Whitevale Golf Club was proud to play host to the Ontario PGA Assistant's Team Championship for the second year in a row. The Event featured 112 Ontario Assistant's who kicked off their tournament season with a Team scramble event.

The 2012 Championship was awarded to the team of John Rushnell and Jacob Patte. They are both Assistant's at the Oshawa Golf Club. Their score of 63 tied them with the team of Jim and Ron Kenesky. It took a playoff to decide this years event with Jacob Patte hitting a wonderful iron shot in the a difficult pin on the 18th hole.

The players were absolutely blown away by the condition of the golf course and the Association wishes to extend a big Thank You to Blair Rennie and his staff for preparing the Course. Winner, John Rushnell was especially impressed with the condition of the greens.

Our local talent couldn't seem to figure out the greens (so much for local knowledge). Steve and Kevan finished with a 5 under par 67 and Dustin and his partner (Rob Black) recorded at 1 under par 71. Like the Leafs - next year!!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekday Men's Opening Field Day

The 2012 golf season officially kicked off with the Weekday Men's Opening Field Day.
This scramble event had 38 players and the scores were as close as we have seen for this format.

The winning team of Pat Burrell, John McCormick, Tom Kelly and Garnett Graham finished with a total of 62.68
2nd - Paul Lacour, Roy Hamilton and Brian Murdoch had a score of 62.73.

Just a reminder that the Men's and Women's Opening Field Days are this weekend and are open to A, B and C members of the Club. Sign up on line or ask the Pro Shop for more details.