Thursday, September 19, 2013

Today is a BIG day!!!

At 11:45am today we received this:

I always felt like I had the best job in the world but today was better then most!

At exactly high noon, the demolition of the Whitevale Golf Club Clubhouse commenced.

Leading up to this day, I have been asked numerous times, "who will take the wrecking ball to the clubhouse?" Well, turns out Blair is the only one who knows how to drive this thing. Blair was a little rusty at first but wait for the 40 second mark for some real action.

After that Blair made way for the expert:

Men's Locker room - first to go.

 The course will re-open on Saturday. We will have some routing issues as you get from the new driveway and parking to the 1st tee

Please stay away from the demolition site, it is unstable and not safe.


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