Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hole in One - do we give him a parking spot?

In perfect conditions, Craig Colquhoun walked up to the tee on #12, tossed some grass in the air and watched it slowly float left to right. He pulled out his 8 iron and without a practice swing jarred his first hole in one.

The "patio" was buzzing as Craig sat back and enjoyed his beverage of choice.

Congratulation Craig, now I guess we need to find him a parking spot!

The work on the range has been moving along at a great pace. Tonight they started putting down topsoil on the range tee deck.

While the demo crew worked on removing the snack bar/patio and banquet room.
 All that remains tonight is the pro shop and the showers from the women's locker room. Demo should be completed by the end of this week or early next week. Then we need a few stars to line up for us so we can start on the foundation of the new clubhouse.

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