Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Construction, sod and aerification..............Just a little busy!

The construction of our new practice facility continues to move forward at a very fast pace. The new road and parking areas are roughed in and ready for gravel. The range tee is shaped and ready for the root zone to be placed. The two new greens are being shaped into the sub grade, and next week the catch basins and drainage will be installed into the parking lot. Thomas McBroom has been visiting regularly and has made “tweaks” to the range tee and the target greens to improve sight lines and visual aesthetics. Temporary water and power hook ups are almost done to the temporary trailers and should be complete by the weekend. Demolition of the clubhouse should begin happening while the course is closed next week. We plan to have part of the new parking lot open when the golf course opens back up after aerification. (Watch for the September issue of Sideline 30 for details on next week’s aerification).
What might just appear to be dirt to some, is actually the new entrance road in the lower part of the picture, and the roughed in bunkers and chipping green in the center.
Also a view of the new entrance road behind 17 tee and the second practice green roughed in.
Sod arrived from Donalda last week and was quickly installed onto our prep’d areas. I expect by the end of this week we will begin a regular top dressing program to theses sodded areas which will help level them. We also found that the contractor who cut, shipped and installed the sod brought us a lot more than we asked for so we took that opportunity to strip and level out the area where the small chipping green is behind the 9th green. We now have a very large greens nursery where we can use at any time.
From what was the small chipping green.................................................

....................to what is the new greens nursery.
It does not require a close look to see how much healthier the sand greens are in the aerification holes. The hole provided (mainly) a big breath of fresh air, and the benefit of the aerification is very evident. A second large hole event will take place next week, and if weather cooperates we plan on another smaller hole aerification on the 6 sand green in early October.
The dots of healthy green are the holes made from the latest aerification. You don't need formal education as an agronomist to see the immediate benefits of the aerification. 

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