Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Everyday more changes

Well each day I arrive at the club seems we have more and more activity happening. It's exciting to say the least but the stress level is building as I get pulled in 5,6 or 7 directions at one time.

So what's happening today?

The demo crew is getting ready for the removal of the asbestos. Tomorrow a crew in full hazard gear will be pulling down the material located on the exterior of the men's locker room.

 The propane company arrived to haul the tank away.
The upper parking lot has slowly disappeared. 
As the crew grind up the asphalt

 The previous ground up asphalt that was on the lower parking has been moved to the new road entrance.

 Getting the new parking lot ready for the weekend.
 The pipe to control the water run off from the new parking lot, arrived. This pipe caused many a sleepless nights. But we got it done and the install is underway.
 Tee deck on the left, new road in the middle, parking on the right.

Oh, and the new practice bunker looks great.
 This is the view from what will be the entrance in 5-15 years. Note current clubhouse behind the trees, the new clubhouse will be in full view as you arrive. The work on the range is looking great, in fact I think it looking better then planned.
 AND - we are poking holes all over the golf course today.
 That's Blair himself poking holes on #6 fairway
 Murray top dressing #6 green
The turf crew have been working from first light to sunset. Come Friday we will have an exhausted crew on our hands. If you see them on the weekend, feel free to buy them a coke, they will need the sugar kick.

Stay tuned, who knows what will be happening tomorrow!

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