Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Winter Golf School

As mentioned in the last Sideline 30, Kevan Goble and Steve Rodriguez will be operating a winter golf school. Originally called Active Golf and scheduled to open on December 1st, their location will now be known as Better Golf and the new opening date will be January 10. Better Golf will offer Whitevale members a location to take lessons until the new range opens.

Below is an article on Better Golf submitted by Kevan and Steve.

Teaching Philosophy

Better Golf’s teaching philosophy will be based on the twin pillars of technology and physical fitness. By utilizing today’s latest technology, golf lessons can be more productive and dynamic than ever before. We also believe, in conjunction with the Titleist Fitness Institute, that the true potential of a golfer’s swing can only be attained when his/her body is in optimum condition. Do you have to be ripped like Tiger Woods or as malleable as a gymnast? Of course not. But even a moderate improvement in your strength and flexibility will directly enhance your ability to hit great golf shots.

Screening Process

When first arriving at Better Golf, we encourage students to take a screening test designed by the Titleist Performance Institute to help determine their current level of strength and flexibility. The screening will help enable us to determine the best course of action to follow for each student’s situation. After the screening, you’ll also have the option of consulting with one of our sports fitness and injury experts who can create a program for you ensuring your body becomes stronger, more flexible, and less susceptible to injuries.

If you are only interested in golf lessons, you may choose to bypass the screening and/or the option for a fitness program. That’s entirely up to you. Bear in mind, after consulting with the sports fitness and injury expert, you may find some of their services are covered by your health insurance.

Our Technology

Simulator: instead of hitting balls at a busy dome or into a net, the simulator enables you to enjoy watching your shots from start to finish, with true-to-life graphics.

Launch Monitor: reveals all the characteristics of your ball flight including distance, roll, sidespin, spin ratio, ball speed, and smash factor.

Head Measurement Technology: measures the characteristics of your clubhead during a swing, including clubhead speed, swing path, and face angle at impact.

KVest: a 3 dimensional tool capturing the biomechanical movements of your body. From a teaching perspective, it allows us to measure the efficiency of your swing. Bottom line: efficient swings are more important than pretty looking ones.

Tomi Putting: calculates swing path, tempo, and clubface data during your putting stroke.

Lesson Packages

Screening Consultation: $90.

One hour process designed to determine your current level of strength and flexibility as well as clarifying your objectives for taking lessons. Upon completion of the screening, we’ll recommend a program intended to help you realize your goals. Both Steve and I have been certified by TPI to perform these screenings.

*Screening is complimentary for Monthly and Winter Technology lesson packages.

Technology Lessons

One hour sessions taking full advantage of the technology we have at our disposal.

1 lesson: $90.

Monthly Package: 4 lessons, includes complimentary screening: $320.

Winter Package: 12 lessons, includes complimentary before and after screening: $875.

Old Fashioned Lessons

Half an hour long. Use of video included.

$50 per lesson.

Monthly Package 4 Lessons: $180.

Winter Package 12 lessons: $425.

*Junior Lessons: 25% off all above listed prices.

Fitness Programs and Services

Through our association with qualified health and fitness experts, you will have access to services such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, spinal decompression, massage therapy, and acupuncture. As mentioned previously, the cost of fitness and health programs may be covered on your health insurance. The fitness programs are designed to work in conjunction with the golf lessons.

Location and Contact Numbers

Better Golf will be located at 1101 Kingston Rd (at intersection with Dixie Rd), Pickering, Unit 104. It’s conveniently located between the Whites and Liverpool Road exits on the 401.

Kevan Goble can be reached at: kevangoble@gmail.com or 416-873-6984.

Steve Rodriguez can be reached steverodriguez@outlook.com 905-767-2110, Twitter@Roddy_Golf.

If you have further questions regarding the winter lessons, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Wishing everyone a great holiday season. Look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Kevan Goble, Whitevale Teaching Professional.

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