Friday, November 1, 2013

Demo Done, Range Done, Building Permit?

We haven't had much in the way of news for the R2R. The demo is done, the contaminated soil has been removed (the unofficial count is just under 1,500 tons) and the hole is partially filled.

We brought in a crusher to crush all the concrete left over from the demo and we will using this as the base for the road, round about and parking when the time comes. The demo crew filled and compacted as much of the hole as possible but the remaining soil was wet and couldn't be used for this purpose. The plan will be to fill the hole with the material used from the clubhouse excavation.

The range is 100% complete and the good news is we do have some seed popping. The area has stood up well to the few rain storms we have had which is great news. A warm spring will help us get this open as early as possible next season.

View from behind the tee deck, you can see the green in the middle of deck

View from West side of tee, germination has started
Practice chipping/putting green, we have some life
Now for the clubhouse. The permit drawing are in, we had a meeting with the building planner last week and the best case scenario for a building permit is Mid-November. The city has really been working with us (in fact the head planner has personally taken on our permit process) but the permit has to go through the process. This will delay our construction schedule but depending on the winter, we may be able to make up time during construction. 

As soon as we have new news we'll post it on the blog. 

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