Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ice Storm Update

I'm sure all members are anxiously waiting for a report on how the course fared the ice storm. With apologies to all,  my family and I were out of town until Sunday night.
Monday morning I arrived to the ice which had trapped the chain and lock on the front gate.
I spent the day trying to get sand and ice melter onto the driveway, parking areas and walk ways to the trailers/office.
By the time three or four hours had passed I realized I needed help from some "Big Guns".
After another hour the phone I finally found a snow plow contractor who agreed to bring down his truck and sander/salt spreader. He insisted on cash up front. While I waited for him to arrive I toured the course to assess damage.
Most everything had between 1/2 and 3/4 of an inch of ice.
Weak trees, especially Silver Maples which we have far too many of, received the most damage. This large Silver by the 7th tee is typical of the damage sustained to all weak species, mainly Silver Maple and Willows.
Not a lot of Chines Elm's left on the property, but they also are weak and many upper branches were lost.
Silver Maples on right sd of 5. 
Looking into the valley from 4 tee
Not all bad news. 6 newly spaded trees at 8 were unharmed
I would have bet the spruce beside 15 green would have lost the top half....but no damage at all
Strong species such as this Sugar Maple......
....and the Oak behind 4 stood up to the ice with very little problem. There's no question we have a big clean up ahead of us, but at least we were not trying to open the course the next day.
I will be submitting a special request to the Board of Directors to purchase a wood chipper as renting one for the length of time it will take to complete this clean up task  will cost so much we may as well invest in one for the future. I still have significant ice layer on the driveway and parking area to deal with once Christmas is over. Whitevale, the last time I checked is still without power.
Now.............I need to get back to the family.
Merry Christmas all!

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