Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Senior Ryder Cup Qualifying - 2018 Team

Dec Dunn (Club Captain), Ryan La Rose and several of us on the 2017 team have had a number of discussions re how to field the best possible Whitevale team each year, and what alternatives we may have going forward. With 100 clubs from Ontario, New York State and Michigan in SRC now and growing by 20 or more clubs next year, this is becoming a prestige event and Whitevale should be represented by the best team possible.

 The revised plan is to use this 2017 Senior Club Championship as promoted to create the core team, and then complement it by a 2-day qualifier in May of 2018. There, those not eligible for this year's qualifying could attempt to qualify and those from 2017 Senior Club Championship who wish to improve their position could attempt to score better. As SRC is a gross match play event, gross scores will be the determining factor. Super Seniors (65 and older) may qualify from white tees if they choose. Super Seniors who play Blue tees may qualify for both Senior and Super Senior

 A team of 4-6 Super Seniors and 10-12 Seniors should be registered. 

 The note below was received from SRC Executive on July 9th.

 The Board of the SRC has discussed the age eligibility for players - now states May 15. We have determined that to include as many senior players who wish to participate the guideline will be as follows beginning in 2018:

"To be eligible to play an SRC match a player must be 55 years of age and must also meet the playing qualifications set out by his club. For example, a player who turns 55 in late June could play for his SRC team in the month of July. But to be eligible for SRC playoffs or Championship all players must have played at least one divisional match."

Walt Lemon

Team Captain

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