Sunday, April 30, 2017

Men's Opening Field Day

What a way to bring in the first event of the men's season then with blustery winds, cold temps and threatening rain. Even with all of those factors against us 66 brave men took on Whitevale in an attempt to become the champions on the Opening Field Day. The team of Brad Haley, Mark Crerar and Colin Dunne played extremely well considering their task and won with a final score of 55.5. A job well done gentlemen!

1st - Brad Haley, Colin Dunne & Mark Crerar (55.5)
2nd - Tim Filer, Tom Bermingham, John Liska & Wes Brown (56.0)
3rd - Peter Lambrinos, Dennis Matton & Stephen MacDonald (60.7)
4th - Dec Dunn, Brandon Wieser, Gabor Karl & Tom Kelly. (61.1)
5th - Wade Brackenbury, Jerry Kimber, Darryl Cooper & Wayne Carpenter (61.5)
T-6th - Mark Brewer, Doug Bruce, Walt Lemon & Tom Budgen (62.0)
T-6th - Michael Woolgar, Paul Dunphy, Art Pingree & Greg Haley (62.8)
8th - Bob Nebel, Mark Doyle & Kim Blake (62.8)
T-9th - Rob Connors, Ken Oley, Bob Grandmaitre & Tim Packer (63.8)
T-9th - John Trimble, Wayne Rossall & Bill Getz (63.8)
11th - Howard Cooper, Al Swartz & Brian King (64.1)
12th - Clayton Spahn, Don O'Brien & Peter Wieser (64.9)
13th - Steve Campbell, Gerry Lawrence, Brian Guenther & Gord Lee (65.3)
14th - Chris O'Brien, Michael Cann, Alex Maggiacomo & Dave Whiting (65.4)
15th - Fred Calvert, Bernie Docking, Al Billington & Don Hobb (65.8)
16th - Jim Glover, Paul Cormier, Dave Convery & Nigel Rennie (66.8)
17th - Bob Doyle, Peter Laeney, Stephen Stuart & Damian Leach (69.3)
18th - Brendon Allman, Brian Fee, Jay Petroff & Tony Iordanis (72.0)

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