Saturday, June 3, 2017

Phantom Results

For an event that is based on quota points and nobody knows who counts on what hole it sure does make for an interesting format. This year we had 13 teams competing for the title and the winners at the end of the day was the team of Padraig Darby, Michael Berry, Chris O'Brien and Dan McPherson who finished with 100 points.

1st - Padraig Darby, Michael Berry, Chris O'Brien & Dan McPherson (100 pts.) $96.00/each
2nd - Mark Brewer, Steve Thompson, Barry Catterall & Dave Walker (95 pts.) $72.00/each
T-3rd - Wayne Carpenter, Will Harris, Jim McGilton & Ian Vaudry (91 pts.) $36.00/each
T-3rd - Donny O'Connell, Craig Ferns, Anthony Sgovio & Dan McConnachie (91 pts.) $36.00/each
T-5th - Art Pingree, Brian Guenther, Brandon Wieser & Peter Wieser (90 pts.)
T-5th - Ed Hogan, Heinz Dahn, Suzi Snow-Liska & John Eales (90 pts.)
7th - John Dimopoulos, Wade Jamieson, Jeff Maddeley & Stephen Speirs (87 pts.)
8th - Walt Lemon, Dave Leonard & Mike Raptopulos (85 pts.)
T-9th - Dave Myrvold, Pat Burrell, Jerry Kimber & Tom Kelly (84 pts.)
T-9th - Bryan Ramsey, Gerry Dineen, Bryce Percy & Derek Boate (84 pts.)
11th - Tim Charlton, Mary Charlton, Bill Fox & Don Pickthall (83 pts.)
T-12th - Elmar Moser, Art Belanger, Rod Roblin & Les Pereira (79 pts.)
T-12th - John Lyttle, Peter Lambrinos, Kim Blake & Dennis Matton (79 pts.)

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