Thursday, May 28, 2015

Scarborough District Foursomes

Scarborough District Foursomes is a great event, open to all lady golfers with a handicap of 40 or less. The format is Quota Points, which tends to favour the higher handicap golfers a little more than the lower handicappers, so having a high handicap should not be a deterrent.

For anyone interested in playing in any or all of these events, they must submit a scorecard, (signed by the Proshop prior to their round), and indicate on the card which SDF event they are submitting for. Hand the card into the Proshop after your round and tell them it is for the Scarborough District Foursomes and which event. After the cut-off date, the top four "quota point" scorecards will be selected as the team for that event. 

Everyone is encouraged to submit a card for each event date, as the team can, and does, change for each event. At the event, you will be put into a grouping with three other golfers – one from each of the other clubs – and will play your round with them.  Again, the round is based on quota points and at the end of the event each club adds up the quota points from their four players and the clubs are then ranked one through four and given points.  After all four events are held, the top team then goes on to a final event where they play against the winners of the other groupings in Scarborough District. 

The grouping that we are in this year is, Granite, Wyndance, and Sleepy Hollow. Each club will host a competition, and the schedule is as follows: 

Granite           -  Monday         June 22     -     cut off June 14
Whitevale       -  Monday          July 6       -     cut off June 30
Wyndance      -  Thursday        Aug 6       -     cut off  July 29
Sleepy Hollow -  Wednesday    Aug 26      -     cut off Aug 18

If anyone wants more information or has any questions, they are more than welcome to contact Margaret Chew at 

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