Friday, August 14, 2015

Women's Member-Guest

This year's Women's Member-Guest was absolutely fantastic for so many reasons. Zona & Lori did a great job on making this event so special for the 124 women who participated. The weather always plays a big part and we received maybe the best day so far this summer with sunny skies and warm temperatures. The theme was white and the effort put in by numerous groups and their outfits made everything that much better. Not to be overshadowed were the winners of the event, congratulations to Barb Rogers, Gloria Sinclair, Jeanne Beaith and Pam Kilmer with a score of 64.

2nd Place: Jackie Dunne, Anne Trimble, Bonnie Worboys & Cindy Elliott (score: 69)
3rd Place: Susan Diclemente, Lina Fennell, Sheila Psek & Bernice Wainberg (score: 70)

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