Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Whitevale Wins

2015 Men InterClub Champions

On Tuesday, August 25th, the Whitevale team emerged victorious in the annual matches against Cedar Brae, Meadowbrook and Oshawa Golf Clubs. Over the four matches, the 14 man team from Whitevale amassed 286 points to best Oshawa’s 251.5, Meadowbrook’s 241.5 and Cedar Brae`s 229 points. The 2015 team was led by Coordinator Walt Lemon, and was comprised of a Pro for each match plus 12 man teams. The core team was Al Swartz, Paul Dobner, Terry Calder, Steve Flude, Ed Griffin, Jerry Kimber, Tom O`Connor, David Bird, Tom Markakos, Wayne Carpenter and Dan Clancy, with Doug McIntyre, Pat Lamanna, Peter Schuch, Fred Calvert, Ron Bell, Mike Raptopulos, John McCormick, John Mikula, Steve Cooper, David Bird, Padraig Darby and Kim Blake filling in as required over the summer. This is Whitevale`s 9th win since inception of the competition in 1990. Pros Ryan, Charlie, Ray and Kevan added skill and experience as they competed against Pros from the other clubs.

The winning team on August 25 from left to right in photo was Pat Lamanna, Charlie Doherty, Peter Schuch, Al Swartz, John Mikula, Walt Lemon, Fred Calvert, Wayne Carpenter, Terry Calder, Tom O`Connor, Tom Markakos, Steve Flude Ed Griffin and Doug McIntyre. Well played, gentlemen!

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Walt Lemon

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