Thursday, July 4, 2013

Canada Day News and More!!

Canada Day is always a busy but fun day at Whitevale! Members get into the spirit of the day with their Red shirts, hats, and some with Flags on their bags and carts. (We didn't have Kevin Ashe styling his Canada Day pants this year!!)

The Annual Women's Flag Day event was won by Kandice Brackenbury. This Event sees the players add their handicap to the course par and once they have used up all the strokes they plant their Canada flags on the course. Second place went to Karen Parsons, third was Julie Pingree, forth was Sandra Milner-Docking and Barb Rogers and Ann Griffin rounded out the prize winners.

The Men's Four Ball was also held on Canada Day. For the second year in a row the winning score was an amazing 13 under par score of 59! This year's Champs were Steve Flude and Tom Kelly.
 They edged Pat Scanga and Al Billington by one stroke! Craig and Pat Burrell fired a 61 to finish in 3rd place. Peter Brandt and David Dean shot a score of 63 to finish 4th one ahead of Rob Connors and Gerry Dickie.

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