Thursday, June 27, 2013

More Winners!!

The Club has been a busy place the past few days and we have a few winners to acknowledge.

The 2nd Men's Night Shotgun of the season took place last night. Once again Carriage Auto (Geoff Mitchell) stepped forward and helped sponsor the Event. Guest Jack Owen of Outlook Eyewear also donated product for our Prize table.

The weather was outstanding and so was the winning score. A team lead by Peter Leaney with Mike McGarragle, David Cicchelli and his guest Ryan Caley had a score of 122.

 Second place went to Robert Campbell, Bill Harbaruk, Nick Desimini and Paul Cryne who fired a 127.
There was a 3 way tie for 3rd place with the Teams of Kevin Hughes, Moe Mallon, Jim Nye, Dave Walker and Larry Aicken, Kevin Ashe, Guest Jack Owen, Fred Calvert plus Doug Bruce, Craig Colquhoun, Paul Lacour and John Toman all recorded scores of 128.

Also taking place this week was the Annual Weekday Yellow Ball Tournament.
In this Better Ball Event each group is given a "yellow ball" and it is used by a different player on every hole. This may be the first year where all the teams finished with there yellow ball.

In the Yellow Ball event there was a 3 way tie with scores of 71.
Tie 1st
Kevin Hughes, Tom O'Connor, Greg Shea, John Carter
Steve Flude, Moe Mallon, Iain Bain, Ed Simmons
Robert Campbell, Ted Addie, Brian Murdoch, Wayne Wellman

In the Better Ball Event there was a 2 way tie for 1st place with a score of 54!
Luiz deCarvalho, Brian Sambleson, John Elia and Stan Steinwall
John Toman, Gary Reeves, Manny DaCosta and Peter Cant

Congratulations to all!

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