Thursday, July 4, 2013


Blair must be using bigger cups on the Par 3's because we had 2 Holes in One this week!

John Liska aced the 14th Hole on June 29th. Witnesses to John's second Hole in One were Peter Lambrinos, John McCormick and Pat Lamanna.

Evicting John from the parking spot was Craig Baxter who scored his Hole in One on July 4th also on the 14th Hole. No! He isn't a new member, in fact Craig has been a member since 2002. Joining Craig for Ace were members Ron Johnson, Jeff Madeley, and Craig's guest. (Craig is the one in the black shirt)


We now have a new spotter down on the 14th Hole! This young lady was hanging around on Thursday afternoon hoping to see another Ace!

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