Sunday, August 14, 2011

Royale Cup Reciprocals

The Royale Cup will result in closure of the Whitevale golf course for member play from Monday August 22nd to Thursday August 25. During this period, all A, B and C members will have the opportunity to play a game of golf at one of the many golf clubs that have offered us reciprocal tee time privileges.

To view a list of the tee times that are available, go to your Home Page in the My Bookings tee time area and click on the Royale Reciprocal Button.

During the initial period (until midnight, Wednesday August 16), reciprocal requests are made online.

Each A, B and C member may be included in only one request. A request may include 2, 3 or 4 players, but not guests or juniors. Please be careful in making a request because there is currently no means of updating requests once they have been submitted.

The Pro Shop will perform a draw on Thursday morning, and the results of the draw will be posted as soon as they are available. Priority will be given to those people who are volunteers in the Royale Cup.

Once the draw has been posted, the Pro Shop will accept phone calls to assign open spots and to assign tee times to those members who do not yet have a reciprocal.

Beginning Saturday morning, the Pro Shop will accept second requests and requests that include junior members. All juniors must be accompanied by a senior member.

Further Considerations

Please obey the Whitevale dress code at all courses (no cargo shorts, soft spikes, no hats inside, etc.) and respect any restrictions that the club sets forth.

Some courses will require you to use a power cart, at your expense.

Many courses prohibit cell phones.

Both St. George's and Oakdale require unaccompanied guests to use a forecaddie (for a fee).

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