Monday, June 30, 2014

Holy Cow

Last night we receive an email from WGC member Ed Griffin with a subject heading "Two golfers miss tee time". I read the email and thought it was a really bad joke.

Here is the email:

On our way to Whitevale Golf Club this morning we saw what we thought were two deer walking down the middle of North Road. As we slowed down as not to spook them we realize it was two Jersey bull calves. We stopped the car and corralled the two protecting them from any traffic travelling by. Ann called 911 and they dispatched a couple of Durham region squad cars. I used a tow rope from my vehicle and tied them to a guard rail while the two police vehicles canvassed the area farms to find the owner. After about an hour and a half the owner was located and came to retrieve the two fugitives.
Finally on our arrival at Whitevale Golf Club we were asked if we wanted to play the back nine, I replayed no, I wasn't in the Moooood!

Then we get a second email today, with pictures. This was no joke, this is one bizarre year.

What else will be in store for Whitevale members in 2014. 

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  1. Maybe you can save our greens as well.