Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Greens update

We have reached a significant mile stone this week. Some greens are now both mature and dense enough we have begun to lower the height of cut and begin grooming. Until the turf stand makes it to a level of maturity that can stand up to this process, there is just no reason to begin even talking about when we might be able to open them for play. Each week the recover is gaining speed, so improvement seen this week happened faster than the week before, and will be better and fast next week . Who was it that said "A photo is worth a thousand words"?
Here is the 1st green at the end of April when only the faintest sign of any germination was found by crawling on you belly

And here is number one at four O'clock this afternoon, after it had been brushed and mowed.
Not all greens have bounced as well as the 1st green, but all are healing with significant seedlings at different stages of development. The slit seeder and mini tine aerators have been seeding and           re-seeding. Thin areas have been hit over and over again.
We are relying more on hand watering so we can make sure moisture is high on the young seedlings, and we can skip over watering the more mature areas which will help promote deeper rooting, something that is imperative before the real summer stress arrives.

Just like an Olympic athlete, you can't tell a couple years ahead when they will be ready to compete, it's not possible to tell you how many weeks away from opening these greens we are. I am every bit as anxious to get this golf course back in play as you are. Thanks for you continued support and patience.

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  1. Don't rush opening them. We can't afford going backwards by allowing play on them too soon.