Tuesday, August 13, 2013

IT BEGINS..............................

So there's no need to tell you we are in a "Go for full throttle" position on our practice facility. The fill permit is now in hand so the practice facility and the parking lot construction can move full steam ahead. Silt fence will be completed before the end of this week. And the stripping and stock piling of top soil has begun. Once all top soil has been stock piled and saved outside of the actual construction zone the major earthworks begin. Currently the northern most parking lot is the highest point of land we have. This area, along with our current (or former) tee deck will drop in elevation just over a full meter. When the entire R2R process is finished, the new clubhouse will be on the highest point of land which promises to be a spectacular site. For the many member who have been with us for 8 or less years you probably have no idea of what Whitevale Golf Club was like before the 2004/2005 renovation.
So here we have the 4th hole as we all know it today. Many say our signature hole, I say one of our 18 signature holes. But upon my arrival to Whitevale in 2004 it looked MUCH different than it does today.

Here we are in the spring of 2004 looking down the same site line on 4 as the previous picture. For most member this may seem alien. The huge oak tree between 4 and 5 is there, you just can't see it from all the cedars all the way down the left side. You could almost just about run and jump over the pond. I think everyone would agree that what we have is a huge improvement over what we had. But, keep in mind it took a while to go from one......to the other.

Here's what we had mid construction. Lots of dirt, heavy equipment, and a closed golf course. And this is exactly what we are going to have on our practice facility and clubhouse for at least a year. There will be dirt. There will be dust. There will be parking shortages..........and the list goes on. If we all accept what the short term pains and inconveniences will be, and keep an optimistic and positive attitude, we will all be happier and this will be relatively painless................and in a year from now we can post what the range and clubhouse USED to look like. So from here we go hammer down, pedal to the metal, full speed ahead, full after burner...................well...........................you get the picture.

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