Thursday, November 6, 2014

Racing against the weather.

Everyday it seems we are in a race right now to beat the weatherman. 

We started this week with the trusses on the cart barn. 

 Today they will have both the south and north side boarded up. This board will be painted to resemble the cape cod boarding of the clubhouse. 

 Also, this week the huge retaining stones arrived for the west side of the building

 The landscape crew made great progress this week. If the weather holds they me be finished with the west side of the building tomorrow. 

The big one, the event we have been pushing so hard for happened today.



This has taken more effort, more negotiating and more time then we ever thought possible. But, we did it, we got them in before winter, now our fight starts with the base coat of asphalt.

Blair's crew has been busy this week getting the old 1st tee stripped and sod ready to be placed on the new tee when built. We hope to start work this next week..........

Weather pending, of course.

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