Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Opening Day

A few more days and we will finally be open for the 2014 season. It sounds like the excavation for the clubhouse will be finished for Friday. This is great news as we currently have dump trucks running around like mad finding new locations to dump the fill created.

We did take advantage of having the heavy equipment on site to create a new path for the season. This will lead members from the parking lot, behind the temporary trailers and to the first tee. We have been able to make it large enough to allow power carts to travel on it. However, this is a temporary path and we may have to repair it at times throughout the season.

When the snow finally left us we thought the new range tee, all 2 acres of it didn't make it through the winter. The good news is we see some life.
Look close but you can see the germination has started.

The two practice greens on the North side of the entrance road look great.

For those coming to the club this weekend, please remember the bridge in the village is closed for the season.

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  1. I take it these 2 new practice greens are bent grass and were covered this winter? Just think had we had bent grass with covers the other 18 would look like this. It's perhaps time to consider bent everywhere for the future.