Friday, October 14, 2011

Women’s League Closing

The Women’s League finished off the season with a closing party, attended by 40 players from the various teams. Janet Martinko and Michelle Miles gave out some fun awards:

Highest participation was won by Kandice Brackenbury and Joan Store of the Birdie Babes with 100% participation!

Low Net Average Award was won by Zona Pereira of the Chicks with Sticks (35.71)

Lowest one day Net score was won by Joanne Kajganich of the Birdie Babes

Lowest Proficiency at 20% was “won” by someone on the Chicks with Sticks (I won’t use a name by her initials are KL)

Highest Net score (58) was also won by someone on the Chicks with Sticks (Congratulations PC!)

And finally, the winners of the 2011 Women’s League were the Chicks with Sticks Captained by Lisa Brewer.

Thanks to Janet and Michelle for all of their organization with this league and for the fun prizes. Also thanks to Kandice for the prizes she donated.

I would like to thank all of the women who participated in the league. I for one can’t wait until next year’s league starts up!

Debbie Couch
Club Captain

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