Friday, July 15, 2011


Summer is OFFICIALLY here!

The weather has been spectacular and the golf course is in terrific shape. As much as it is meant to be enjoyed there are limits - specifically - TIME LIMITS!!

The Course is busy with activity especially on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. The Leagues have been incredibly successful but there have been a few complaints about slow play. Our Course time par is 4 hrs and 26 minutes. This means that playing nine holes in 2 hours and 45 minutes is too slow. Please, League players keep the Pace moving.

This weekend is the start of our Club Championship stretch and we will once again be using the timing policy that has been in effect the last few years.The Senior Men's and Women's Championships will be held this Saturday and Sunday and the timing outline can be found in the latest Sideline 30 on Page 5. Our Captain has published this so all players can refresh their memory as to what is expected.

Enjoy the Course, enjoy the weather and lets keep the Pace of Play moving so all players can enjoy their round!

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