Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Men's Night Shotgun

140 Men all played hooky from work on Wednesday Afternoon and spent the day goofing.....I mean golfing in our 2nd Men's Night Shotgun. A special Thank You to Nigel Rennie of
ALL TURF for sponsoring the event. Those who won a prize owe Nigel a pint when you see him, without these sponsorships these events just wouldn't be as successful. So if you're interested in sponsoring the next men's Night, speak to Tony or Alex.
Yes - That's Nigel the sponsor for the night on the left - as you can see I don't think Nigel has a serious bone in his body.

Beverage cart OVER HERE........Beverage Cart hey..hey...Over here

I had about 20 wise cracks for this picture...but really does anything need to be said?

What you looking at chump?

Clearly Bernie has been doing some curls for the girls....unfortunately only Ferns is impressed.

Hey, where did it go...where did it go...anyone see it..

Tim is exited - he knows he has the closest to the pin locked up for the night...anyone else notice our President Kevin and Ron on the right of this shot? I took the liberty of photo shopping for my own amusement. Straight ahead 20's probably not....but I found it funny.

$20 says James will save this as his screen saver.

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