Monday, May 30, 2011

Big Break Whitevale

This past weekend we held the Big Break for the Juniors up on the driving range. The weather cooperated and it was a great day. Congratulations to the winners of each event. The winners have been documented and we are going to post the results of the big break, and the Junior Opening tournament as they related to the Junior Cup (our version of the FedEx Cup) which runs season long. The winner at the end of the year will get a handsome prize and of course, bragging rights.

The point of the Junior Cup and the Big Break is to try to genuinely increase participation in

events. I say genuinely because having parents force their kids to play may get them out is not a

recipe for success (unless you are a Tiger Mother)

The first event held was the infamous glass breaking. Juniors had 60 seconds to hit as many balls as they could to try and put as many through the window as possible. The winner was Brad Haley with an impressive 5 broken windows.

The second event was the Flop Wall. An intimidating shot with a 8 foot tall by 8 foot wide white wall blocking your view of the pin. While under construction some were worried this task would prove too formidable for the youngsters, I wasn’t worried at all. The Juniors dominated this event. We had a two way tie for first, and a 10 way tie for second.

The third event was the ‘obstacle’. A giant wedge in front of the players forcing them to hit a

cut or draw around it at the pin. This proved to be a good test for the Juniors. The winner was Ryan Brewer hitting a draw around the obstacle to 8 feet, narrowly edging out Mark Wodz who hit it to 8 feet 6 inches.

Finally a putting competition was held on the putting green. An incredible point total of 25 was achieved by Daniel Brunato.

We hope everyone had fun playing these events. It wouldn’t have been possible without the help from Captain Debbie Couch, and her husband Chris Couch. Junior and logistics professional

Luke Tanfield. As well as Volunteer dad Wade Brackenbury and flop wall erector Peter Garvey and Paul Dobneras well as the entire Pro-shop Staff that day.

See everyone at the Junior clinics - Every Saturday in June

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